View Full Version : minions faction/spawn

09-19-2016, 11:37 AM
I understand that players defending on whatever type of map are allowed to pick any hero they want so the game can always be balanced for the attackers and the defenders. But it bothers me a bit that the defending minions were always samurai. At least make them belong to the right faction (example: knight minions defending the citadel).

Perhaps you can also change where these minions spawn as now they just appear out of nowhere. For the defending minions, you can make them spawn out of sight on a wall and let them drop down into the area where they spawn now or let them spawn inside a room behind a gate and when there are enough of them temporary open that gate making them rush in (with a barrier for the players at the gate of course). For the attacking minions, you can make them spawn behind bushes or walls players can't see through or in some cases (like the snowy viking map in the alpha) make them spawn at the bottom of the cliff so they still have to climb up.

Last but not least, while playing player vs player dominion matches I encoutered a match where the enemy team were real close to spawntrapping us. We could still take another path to the battlefield but I can see that this might get annoying for some players. If u add archer minions on walls or behind bushes (so generally just outside the battlefield) near the player spawn that shoot at enemy players if they get to close, you can prevent serious spawntraps. Not sure if u can truly be spawntrapped as I've not yet seen enemies at the actual spawn spot, but just at the first gates and walls right after that.