View Full Version : I Loved For Honor but a few things really need a bit of work.

09-19-2016, 11:06 AM
So the Alpha is over and to a lot of peoples surprise, the game was fantastic, especially for an alpha. In fact it's probably the best and most polished alpha I've ever played.
However, despite the game being a really impressive and unique experience, it somehow felt a little bit unfair at times.

The Viking Raider: I can't help but feel that a lot of people will get sick of being picked and pushed across the map during a duel or thrown off the map. The latter was something that was extremely frustrating in the beginning but got used to near the end. I genuinely believe there are too many holes for Vikings to abuse this move that they have, you notice they are a bit weaker on a map like Citadel as there's nothing to throw people off -majority of the time anyway-

Revenge system: So the revenge system at first felt like the 'Pain killer perk' from Call of Duty, it basically made bad players stronger and gave them a pat on the back to tell them "It's ok you can play with the big boys now". However, after getting used to the game I started to stop ganking as much as I could so enemies couldn't abuse the revenge system. That's when I realised the revenge system happens even when you fight 1v1, that should never be a thing in my opinion. A 1v1 should be 'For Honor' and not "Blocking gets me revenge so hit me".

I also think you should only be able to get revenge once per life, it happened many times were an enemy would get revenge and then re get it 20 seconds after. You should only get it if you're getting ganked and not in a fair duel.