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09-19-2016, 05:16 AM
For Honor was, and still is, a highly anticipated game of mine. Over the course of these four day I have come to love this game for it's core gameplay and can't wait to try the people I plan to main. Though this alpha brought light to the issues of this game, leaving a repetitive taste to my mouth. Here are my general thoughts and opinions on the game.

Things that need to be changed before I even consider buying.

- Peer 2 Peer Connection
I know this is an alpha and they may have been using this connection system for the alpha, but this game needs dedicated servers. Whether it was migrating host or kicking me back to the main menu, peer to peer connection hindered my play experience.

- More Maps
This game, as far as I know, has only three maps for three modes. This makes the maps feel bland and dry quick and adds to the repetitive feel of this game. So I have two suggestion on how this could be fixed.
1) Add six more maps, two more for each fraction. This would amount to nine maps for three game modes which would be nice.
2) Have 3 maps for each game mode. I would prefer this much more as I find the current maps unbalanced and not designed well for 2v2 and 1v1.

- More Modes
As fun as I found each mode, as stated before, these will end up getting repetative, and it did in the course of four days. I would also like more modes to use feats in. Here are some mode suggestions. Mostof these would probably require their own map types.
1) KOTH - A king of the hill type game mode similar to basketball. A four or five person gamemode. The mode is 1v1 but when one person is defeated the next person steps up to the ring. The first person to 4 takedowns wins.
2) Siege - A sequential type objective mode where you have three objective to do before having to kill all defenders and have a time limit they must complete each task. Feats would be available.
3) Elimination - This can either function as last person alive wins, or a point system. The point system could be the person with the most points wins; 4 for last man alive, 3 for executions, 2 for kills, 1 for assist.
4) TDM - This is self explanatory. Feats would be available.
5) Tag? - A four person game mode where one person is given auto revenge and feats. When someone kill them they become the one revenged. The person revenged the longest wins.
6) Hardcore Free For All - The HUD is removed and its a FFA.

Things that I feel need to be added or changed.

- The ability to kick people off ladders.
- The ability to roll out of falling if timed right, and not out of stamina.
- Rolling and running cost minor stamina.
- End or beginning sequence that shows all heroes to showcase your character for all to see. Examples are Destiny's intros in matches or CoD BO3 win screens without the whole mlg kiddie stuff.
- Practice mode against a bot like in fighting games. Options to changed their reaction, which character, whether they block or not, if they are attack, etc.
- Better Tutorial.
- Better character information videos.
- Better movesets. (ie. The Conqueror's flail move, the Warden's parry, feinting.
- Loot drop rate needs to be increased.
- Fall damage needs to be toned down.
- Jump attacks need to do less damage and less range.
- Clans, clan logos, more places to put logos.
- A way to see orders during matches.
- Allow customization while matchmaking.
- Allow to leave the party while matchmaking.
- Private matches that allow custom settings.
- Local split screen 1v1. (perfect for parties and if you have friends over.)
- Orders should be allowed to be completed in both AI and Player matches.

Bug Fixes.

- Bots spawning in for a player that left can glitch out the game.
- Entering the game getting attacked.
- If customizing while host enters matchmaking you get stuck in matchmaking limbo.

Overall Thoughts.

I love this game and I can't stress it more. But for a $60 game it lacks content in areas I feel necessary and will cause this game to get dry and repetitive fast. I had times where I got bored during the alpha because I want more maps or modes. Overall though the core gameplay of this game is amazing. The connection issue need to be address also. If they fix that, add map, and modes, the I will for sure be buying this day one. If this game was $40 I would be willing to pay for the content it has now, but sadly it is not. I might end up buying this day one despite the fatal flaws because I feel this game is a game you have to get day one or be left behind.

I cannot wait for the next beta and hope the rest of the characters are playable. Until then, I shall be waiting for news on content updates for this game and a server fix from now until release.