View Full Version : Suggestions for new game modes

09-19-2016, 03:54 AM
I had a blast in Duel and in Dominion. This has probably my favorite melee combat in any game... definitely pre-ordering the game for my new PS4 Pro!

But if those are really the only modes I think the online play will get pretty stale quickly. I'm also a game developer and this game got my mouth watering w/ all its potential. I haven't done much research as to what other game modes there might actually be... these are just thoughts. I'd like to see more Faction vs Faction.

Elimination (1v1)
- Each player chooses a faction
- They battle 1v1 through all 4 classes
- Win a round and continue on
- Lose a round and that class is eliminated
- First to defeat all 4 of their opponents classes wins.
- This mode could be locked for players until all 4 classes have been recruited.
- This would like be the mode for elite players

Faction Domination (4v4)
- Basically the same as it is currently but each teams is comprised of classes from a single faction.
- Team members would vote.
- Map should be determined by the Defending teams faction.
- This just works better w/ the lore and feels like it would be a popular mode.

Body Count (2v2)
- Points are only scored from killing AI soldiers
- Basically a massive battle at B
- Killing the other players would be necessary to force them to respawn and buy more time to kill minions
- Minion soldiers could also be spawned from A & C to spread out the fight, create flanking waves of soldiers.
- This mode feels like it would cater to more casual players who enjoy the carnage, but aren't the best at PvP.

The Pass (4v4)
- This would require custom maps, long and narrow w/ plenty of edges to fall off (or get thrown off).
- Players would spawn, slightly staggered and rush the pass.
- Points are scored by getting passed the opposition to the end of the pass. Probably first to 10 or something like that.
- Kindofa brutal inverted Tug of War + Red Rover
- Heavy classes could be used to hold the line, agile classes could be used like runners... or teams could work together to push all the way and score multiple runners at a time.
- This feels like it would be great for casual and hard core. Plenty of funny/oh **** moments when guys go flying off the sides. Lots shouting "get him, stop him!"
- It would be kinda cool to see the players plant a flag when they score!