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09-19-2016, 03:01 AM
Played about 12 hours over the weekend and i love it!!


1. A 5 second clip at the end of a dual showing killing blow. Like that of a fighting game. This could be a montage of all deaths in DOMINION at end of match, imo the end cut scenes are disappointing .

2. 1v1/2v2 playable, vs party members option.

3. 6v6 with larger battlefield or 8v8.

4. Engraving option for blades.

5. Removable armor options. I want to see my character's face!

6. thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!! had so much fun.

Other Balancing Thoughts: The three things i have been seeing in regards to complaints about balancing are:

1. Ladders!! Dying from a fall off a ladder is sad T_T_T Perhaps making you lose all stamina and 1/2 life would be less harsh, we are heroes after all.

2. Revenge System is broken, 2v1 is broken! But they aren't, slight tweaks could make those the play of the game in Dominion. Making it take 15-20% more hits/blocks to fill the Revenge Meter, would really make it feel like you pulled off something great. Right now it happens close to the second hit from second opponent.

(Unless you get hit by a 3rd hero, then all bets are off, Instant Revenge!!!!)


3. Orochi is OP!!!!! :Sooooo...........I spent 90% of my time as Orochi........sry. He is the fastest character in the game, and also, IMO the absolute best Ninja in any video game! He Drips finesse, like a Bloodborne character with 3 stances instead of 2. But his stamina lasts way too long. Needs 8-12% more stamina drain on dash so all that finesse has a cost, i almost never ran out of stamina, unless i missed half the time and it took forever to make a kill.

ps: really wish i could play right now.....