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09-19-2016, 02:50 AM
I just finished playing the alpha since it closed about 50 minutes ago. I got to play all the characters and even managed to prestige the Orochi class after surpassing level 20. Now a few things I noticed were that the game has made classes very unique. YES this isn't real life and YES its just a video game BUT I can sympathize with the developers for their thinking. No two characters are the same because they went for a [I]sense[I] of realism. I believe they went for realistic weight to characters and their equipment. That's why i'd have to disagree with everything being the same. A Raider shouldn't have the agility of Orochi, and the Orochi shouldn't have the strength of a Raider. Every class has a pro and con to it which alleviates the copy and paste feel to them. There is definitely a small Rock,Paper,Scissors feel to the characters. Nobody can beat any class with the same effort. Each one has a different approach to it and can be handled accordingly. Now, does that mean that every battle is a loss if you just so happen to be the scissors to someones rock? NO. The most recurring complaint on the forums that iv'e seen is Orochi countering. Countering is can be both the bane of spamming and the infuriating pain the receiver feels when every attack they deal is countered. To avoid this, you have to switch your approach. Guard breaking has been the most effective way to handle this that iv'e seen so far. Stunning your opponent, then getting a quick shot or two can definitely turn the tables. HOWEVER, I do personally think that the countering window should be narrowed down to make it more of a challenge to pull off.Being a rather adept gamer with really good reaction time and motor function, I can sympathize with people who suffer the wrath of my counter combos. The damage it deals shouldn't be removed though. If i tried to lob your head off and you countered me, would you try to get a stab in or tickle me? Realism plays a heavy part in the game and it believe it should stay this way. Perks need to be added to or fixed so that passives can work together and actives don't have the power to completely change the tide of a match. On the topic of realism, SPRINTING should most definitely be changed. Last time I checked, every man on earth wasn't Usain Bolt back in the olden days. Combat sprinting should cost stamina and there should be a speed reduction for initial sprint period which should last 2-3 seconds. After that period the player would gain normal sprinting speeds. Out of combat sprinting should remain as an effective way to get from point A to point B, but have a minor drain to stamina if necessary.Sprint speed should be reduced for a short time after being hit just like a form of flinching in order to balance the fleeing issue. I don't expect you to run away un-phased after whacking you across the head. Ganking is a problem on the combat side of things but in the game mode itself, its a guaranteed failure since the pack can't be at all three places at once. In my 40+ matches iv'e only seen Ganking in maybe 6 matches. Most of the time two people would group up or i'd find myself in 1v1 situations with someone who ran across the map to my nearest point. I didn't encounter teams of the same one class either. I find that two or three raiders who want to grapple me of a ledge are dumb enough to to so in unison and end up pushing each other off after I dodge. If you're unlucky enough to be that lone wolf who went to capture C only to meet the whole enemy team, you have two options, run away and regroup or die. Sometimes popping revenge can make for a good way to escape. Try to stick with a buddy unless you're confident alone. If ganked, the help button is always available but that doesn't make surviving an expectancy. Your best bet is to run away if its not too late. A 1v2 takes skill to win (expecting everyone is at full health in these breakdowns). With good patience and tactical thinking your can win most times. Using the map to your advantage plays a big roll as well. A good stun and throw off of a ledge or into spike can make for a good rebound to get yourself back in the winners table of that fight. Don't expect to win a 1v3 or 1v4, and if you do manage to win somehow, the game is definitely broken because there is no Hercules class to date. Parrying and dodging play major roles as well. Playing linear just makes you easy to read so staying on the move or playing defensively can be a good way to mix it up. For me the same thing never works twice, and that goes both ways. If I die once from a crusader's infinite 1,2 stun combo, i'll learn to dodge during the build up gap between the strike and the bash in order to turn the tables and make the opponent rethink their strategy. I also learned that people can be just as smart and learn how to defeat my chains and dashes as Orochi. If you can't learn from your own mistakes or others on the field of battle, this game is not for you. That however, is just my opinion. I know that not everyone learns quickly or plays at a skill level near or higher than mine. That is why I feel that some changes should be made for the casual gamer who plays to have fun. I certainly haven't covered nearly every issue or all that I wanted to talk about, but I hope nobody feels as though I have any bias. These are all my opinions and suggestions, and I personally had a great time with the game minus bug issues and auto balancing problems when bots have to fill in the gaps. I hope that major balancing issues that people find will be corrected and that the game will be a great success by its release. Time will tell and so will the beta.

09-19-2016, 09:21 PM
Behold! Before you stands the mighty Wall of Text!

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Behold! Before you stands the mighty Wall of Text!

"Sink your metal deep, and make sure it holds before taking your next step. And if you fall, don't scream. You don't want that to be the last thing she remembers."