View Full Version : "Who is Honor and why does everyone fight for her?"

09-19-2016, 01:18 AM
"Who is Honor and why does everyone fight for her?"

Welcome to my first review of the For Honor Alpha.

Day one: 17.09.2016

And there it was noticing on Twitch
I just noticed for honor in the twitch library for games and was excited as in noticed, it well be a playable pc game too. Being a little bit nervous about the gameplay videos on youtube and other sources, i was not sure if it would be still a funny game as it looked a little bit slow.
But the gameplay looked swift and nice on twitch. just as some real action movies (not the super artistic china kung-fu movies)
So what should you do, if you see an closed alpha for a game you want to play?
Lets check for Giveaway Key!

A new warrior was born: 18.09.2016
Finaly at night i was able to play!
First of all. You can train against AI before fighting real player.
Its not that much helpful since some other player are just...amazing pros. but still. compared to chivalry or some other games you learn a little bit and can train your class.
why can't you stop or rewind in the guide videos about your class?

The graphics are amazing and it plays smooth and fluent.
Also the animations look nice and the finishers are just amazing :D
they are like "yea! i killed you!"

the classes seem to be balanced with pros and cons and counter parts.
but i didn't try every class and some may be more loved than others.
and we will still see other new classes too who look cool and interesting as well.

I played Orochi a lot because i loved the agility and fast attacks, but i may try to get into the warden too.

the gameplay it self...you have to learn it for a while but i was able to kill some real players too :D and i s#ck in pvp XD
But i like that you not only rush at each other every time..but wait and move..change tha stance... checking out each other..
but sometimes you still just chare into, like the rayder XD

about AI and npc
the minions seems to die by one hit. and the class especially the raider kills them on very different ways then other heroes. i like that idea. and i hope for more animations like that ones

but there are some moments i didn't like:

1. ladders:
Enemies can trow you of them...
one time i wanted to move down. but an enemy started to climb up, so i wanted to climb up again. an ally member was on top of me, making it impossible to climb up. so the enemy threw me off the ladder and instant killed me :/
now i take a look around before i climb down a ladder

2. your very own emblem.
is the base different for every faction?
can you change the faction to change the base form of the emblem?
also the emblem with its border looks off, on most clothes :(

3. colors and symbols
well on most armor parts, the symbols are hard to be seen. especially with patterns.

and now some side note:
its the first game there i didn't see at the first look, that the character was female XD
no bikini armor, heels and other stuff xD

Thank you for the experience.
It was a nice time fighting with duels and base wars :D
I hope for more different game modes too

09-19-2016, 03:32 AM
That moment you've been waiting since e3 2015 to play the game and the guy that just notices it on alpha gets a key. Feelsbadman :[
Glad you enjoy it though!