View Full Version : Thoughts on the game so far...

09-18-2016, 07:31 PM
First of all this is a really cool game! It is kinda crazy it has taken this long for a multiplayer sword fighting game (whatever you want to call it) to hit consoles. It features rather diverse characters that suit very different play styles and strategies. Each character has different feats or abilities and special attributes that are completely unique to that character. Once you really get into the game, you realize that it is actually quite difficult. In this game you are really going to have to invest time into learning each of the characters. What they can counter, whats unblockable, can they tackle you? Every battle is different and requires you to think quickly and be adaptive. To be good at this game essentially requires you to be good with each character and know them like the back of your hand, and that is both good and bad. Good, because it shows that this game is deeper than it seems, and it gives the player a lot to invest into and in doing so will reward the player for knowing how to properly fight a certain character. Bad because, Not all players have the time to sit down and learn that warden can counter your top heavy attack and then chain it with block breaks and more attacks, or the moves that some other characters can pull off. However, this is the way the developers decided to make their game, and so if you want to be better you have to learn the characters. Now some characters abilities are a little over powered. while some might say the Conqueror is OP, I disagree. He/She has amazing defense and zero offence, so the way the Conqueror thrives is when he/she is outnumbered. They build up their revenge mode and then are able to attack with way more damage. To defeat a Conqueror, a one-on-one is the best way to go. I do not have a problem with the Orochi, they are fast, weak (in health), and are not hard to take down at all. Just need to be patient. The only character i have a problem with is the Viking Raider, specifically the tackle. They can start it from a long distance and it always seems to connect. To only way to dodge it is if you get out of guard mode and roll away, which stops a whole fight and leaves you completely vulnerable. it also has a really quiet audio queue for when they are about to tackle you. It gives you no time to react and once you are down, you are pretty much dead. especially if there are multiple people. You just cannot do anything against it. I almost turned off the game because a guy was only tackling. I was minding my own business, fighting this Orochi and out of no where a Raider comes and tackles me off of a cliff that I was no where near. So my thoughts on this ability are to make it easier to react to (easier to dodge, block, hear) or take it out of the game.

The character customization surprised me as there is an impressive amount to do. From your armor to weapons to even gender!

The domination game mode is a lot of fun! The game isn't over until it is for this game mode and that makes for intense games and a lot of fun! Winning key fights can bring you back into the game, so there is always a chance for coming back.

Team balancing is a major issue. For example, I was in a game with five people and the way it set the teams up was baffling. I was completely alone with bots wile the other team was completely full and that is just unexceptionable. If this is going to happen scale the bot difficulty up higher. But please fix this, even one bot on a team could seriously decide the game. You need everyone working together and a bot is a very lacking place holder.

Only one server issue that I have encountered, so really no problems there (way better than the Rainbow-6 alpha).

All in all I am really liking this game. If you fix a couple of key things I will gladly buy it!