View Full Version : Bigger maps (battlefields) and a bigger player count? (WARZONE MODE)

09-18-2016, 05:10 PM
Dominion is a fun game mode, however the maps feel way too small for 8 players. you can easily get ganked by multiple opponents and the objectives are way too close to eachother which means that the game can quickly change into a small cluster**** or one team dominates very easily....

This is why i think either dominion should be changed or there should be a game mode added in.

Changes to Dominion:
Bigger maps, more ''lanes'' with minions. this due to the maps being too small for 8 players, it becomes a cluster **** way too quickly.
not more objectives but have the objectives a good distance away from eachother, so that players can find eachother in between and perhaps find minions aswell. this to make sure that the lifespan of each game goes past the 5 min mark (games end way too quickly) and make more intense fights between players (duels) and reducing the changes of getting ganked).

New mode ''Warzone/'':
Way bigger maps,(like half of a Battlefield map for example).
bigger player count and way more minions.
More objectives(capture points).

I don't know if this mode already exists, but it would be nice to have a mode where one team asssaults the other team's fortress.
where you go as the assault team from objective to objective (assaulting walls, ramming gates etc.) and then continue onward. All the while the other team is defending.