View Full Version : General "Quality of Life" Suggestions

09-18-2016, 04:49 PM
After putting a decent amount of time into the Alpha I am very impressed with the state of the game in the alpha stage. There are some bugs, and the server stability leaves something to be desired but it is pretty good so far. I do have a number of "Quality of Life" suggestions.

Loading seems to take forever (I'm on the Xbox One), there have been some rounds of brawl where the loading actually took longer than the game.

While you are searching for a game, as right now it can take a while, it would be nice to see what your missions are or to look at your character customization. As there are already menu options in the search screen I thought it was odd that the missions wasn't one that was just there.

The after game screen is great, but since you either have to ready up or leave to get into the next match there should be a more streamlined way of doing so. Since it already shows you what you received before the end of match screen, just put the XP and Iron on the same screen as the battlefield loot, then have the standard screen after be to ready up for the next round or leave. I have been in several games where it would time out because someone would forget to ready up for the next round or go AFK in the end game screen.

Overall this game is exactly what I was hoping it would be and am excited to participate further in the testing as well as to play the full game upon release!