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09-18-2016, 02:35 PM
I've played the alpha for 20+ hours. I've mostly played dominion and used almost exclusively the two knight classes and leveled up both of them to the point of getting the first reputation level (20+ levels with each of them). I played the game on PS4.

Here is a picture of my player performance in case someone is interested (and to brag just a little bit): http://i.imgur.com/9KVt6C6.jpg

The first thing I have to say is that I love this game and I've had a great time playing the closed alpha and I can't wait for the beta, but that doesn't change the fact that there are a number of flaws that have to be pointed out in order to fix them.

About the technical stuff:

I really hope most of these problems will get fixed before the release of the full game because I've personally encountered a ton of errors and connection issues (despite my internet working fine) that seem to just make the games end abruptly. I've also encountered really big and lengthy fps drops in some matches that often mean that a connection error is coming soon. Despite all of that I haven't encountered almost any problems with latency while fighting which is super important for a game like this.

About the maps:

All 3 maps are very cool looking and evocative, and they are all very well balanced, the only real flaw I've noticed is in the Citadel Gate map, the problem is that the ruin area leading to the point closer to the defender spawn is barely used due to how far away from the central part of the map it is placed, which is a shame because it is very well designed.

About loot and customization:

After all the time I've been playing I've not been able to even see any loot above standard level which is the most common, also there are only a couple of different items in terms of aesthetic for every part of your character so the customization was very lacking in the alpha in this aspect, the good thing is that there are a good amount of different color palettes and symbols which help make up for the lack of different looking loot. When talking about the different stats of the equpment I personally would have preferred something more similar to Team Fortress 2 where most items actually change your playstlye in a major way instead of just giving you some stats.

About matchmaking:

You really spend a lot of time in between games either waiting to enter a lobby or waiting for people to get ready. I feel like the main reason why it feels so lengthy is because matches are actually pretty short most of the time so there is too mch waiting for how much time you actually spend playing the game. I came up with the idea of dominion matches being a best of 3 rounds series instead of just being one match to make games more lenghty and make all the waiting seem less time-consuming in comparison. There is also no way to kick afk players.

About balance:

I personally feel like the game is overall well balanced and there are only some classes that I think need to be addressed, these classes are the Orochi being so fast and so damaging, he is by far the hardest hero to fight against, the way that I would fix this is making the Orochi have less health so it becomes a more high risk high reward hero, the Raider, who also seems just a bit too strong with how much time it can make you spend in his arms when he charges at you, this is especially annoying when you just got your revenge only to get charged by a Raider making you waste the time of your revenge in his arms, also his unblockable attack seems very strong and pretty easy to execute, and the Berserker, who seems too weak especially when you compare him with the Orochi who is the other playable assassin. Some people complain about how common ganking is in this game, it is definitely common but you can totally win fights in which you are outnumbered by playing defensive, using the terrain at your advantage, trying to not get completely surrounded and minding the distance between the enemies and you, you also have to remember that Dominion mode is not about who gets more kills and if for example you get ganked by 3 enemies, that means that there is only 1 enemy doing something else in the rest of the map so your team can take the advantage and capture points while you make those 3 enemies waste their time and maybe take down one or even two of them with you.

FHL Team sbt
09-18-2016, 02:46 PM
Great Reveiw dude really well done

09-18-2016, 02:55 PM
good review but noooo berserker isn't weak you just have to get into the "berserker dance" to see their beauty. I was a main Orochi but then tried out berseker and now I'm probably going to main berseker. Berserker is king of relentless attacks and throws(deflect + free throw).