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09-18-2016, 12:50 PM
Hello ForHonor Community! :D

With this I would like to share my suggestions with you and wan't to know what you think about them!
So please suggest your suggestions to my suggestions? eh.. well lets get started :D

NOTE: I know that this game is currently in Alpha-State and they're maybe already covered some of the following suggestions internally already.


Recruting System
What I mean by this is basicly if you go into an online match and you're winning, an random amount of Soliders will enter your "Personal-Squad"
and if you're loosing you may loose a couple of your people because they died. So your "Personal-Squad" will always grow and sink, so you'll always have a healthy amount of Soliders in your "Personal-Squad" (otherwise Castle-Sieges won't make any sense if you have People in your squad)

Castle Sieges (First Steps of PvE in For Honor?)
Up to 4 or more Players trying to Capture a Castle that is guarded by a horde of NPCs and an Boss
and by a "horde of NPCs" I mean something like this :


And by Boss I don't mean an Oversized-Humaniod with a Big Sword :D, Just an Heavier Armored normal Fighter. Faction/Class of the Guarding NPCs and Boss depends on which Castle they're captureing and where it's located.

The Players should also have an Army/Horde of NPCs but an Army that they're assemble on their own by recruting NPCs in online matches
(See "Recruting-Feature" one above) the more NPCs the Players can assemble togehter the higher the Level of the Castle and the amount of guarding NPCs.

This Feature could well play with the Progression and Ranking-System (see below), The more Castles you capture, the higher your reputation/fear.
Captureing Castles could also give extra rewards like special Colour Palettes, Cosmetic Armor or Swords.

Normally it's hard to display a lot of physicalized and dynamic reacting meshes/controllers/pawns but I think the brains at the Development Studios can figure something out to the get something like this working properly.

Progression System (Ranking, Leveling)

I personally like the overall idea with where the leveling is going at the moment (Prestiges etc.)
and there will be more levels/prestiges in the future, for sure. But in my opinion you're not very getting anything out of your level.
For example: It would be cool if your character is learning new Executions for every X Level or even every X Prestige.
Or to make it even more varied you could gain different Move-Sets for your class.

Ranking / Reputation
Same thing as normal online-play but at the end of the Game you will earn "Ranking-Points" or whatever you wanna call it.
So basicly the same things as in all competitive Games out there, it's an proven concept of "long-time motivation" and would be nice to have in ForHonor.

It would be cool if your current Rank displays in Co-op or Multiplayer Games like:

where the [R] is the current Rank-Image you have.

Then it's up to the developers what you can get from your "Ranking-Points" they can make great stuff out of it with "Castle-Sieges" or whatever.. my brain is not in the mood to get Ideas about what to get from the Points :D

Different Move-Sets
As the title here says, a couple of Move-Sets for all classes. Espacially in 1o1 it would be cool to have this feature beacause one moveset can be effective against Class X etc. (don't get me wrong, I really like the current move-sets, they're awesome but it is always good to have some sort of variation ^^)

It's alpha, I know but here are some of the Game-Modes I personally would like to have

10 vs. 10
15 vs. 15
20 vs. 20

Faction vs. Faction
Basicly just like normal Game-Modes (5v5, 10v10...)
but just one Faction against an other.

in which if there is a 20 vs. 20 match is going on, the Maps must be much bigger, otherwise it wouldn't make sense because one team can just Bubble togehter and bomb them over ^^ so maybe a Map Sections/Player Lanes System would be an idea to think about (just in big matches e.g. 20vs20) etc.

10vs10 would still be nice to play and possible with the current Maps

Much people maybe said this already but in my opinion the UI and Effects are way to overloaded for example if you get a bit of Healing or an Level-Up it nearly covers the whole screen and in my opinion it isn't that immersive if there's always something popping up.
(I'm personally not an UI artist/designer so I don't know how it would be possible to fix this but I hope they can figure something out anyways)

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(first of all I'm sorry for bad indentation and bad grammar, I hope you're still able to read all important information I wanted to talk about)

Thank you for reading my suggestions and as I said, I really wan't to know what you think about those.
If something I suggeset is not clear, just ask and I'll try to answer properly and in time.

Thank you! Again..