View Full Version : Colour and Unlockables.

09-18-2016, 09:48 AM

So, i played the game for some hours now, and i gott to say, i like it. The combat is skill-based and even the tiniest mistakes can kill you. Thats really nice, but i have a different issue to adress here: the colour section and the unlockables.

My issue here is, why cant i choose my OWN colours? I understand the colour choice on DOMINION, so you can easily decide whos friend and whos foe. But in a Brawl, you could just put an ICON next to your teammate. It takes a lot of customization depth, just think about all the creative creations of all the different players! If you could colour your cloth parts seperately, maybe a bit the armor...it is extremely moivating and creates a lot of depth. Another thing that is kinda strange, in my opinion, are the unlockables patterns. I love playing the ward, but the pattern i want the most is unlocked at level 15; why do i have to rank up, to choose the pattern i want the most? Its something basic and it was quiet a let down, when i realized, that i can only choose this and this pattern...but for me the coolest one is out of reach: its just a pattern. To make these things unloackable is like unlocking all the different motives for your embles. Other games showed that this isnt a good idea.

Overall, the game is interesting, and i love the combat! But you give us some really cool customization options, with armor, weapon parts...please, creating your own colour would be the cherry on top. Think about Halo; you were able to customize your character in different ways, and in the earlyer games, you could choose more than 3 colours for your avatar. And in a team battle, you get the all-well-known blue against orange colours.

I hope, the devs might read this and write down their opinion!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day -
Raphael (Cronoss95)