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09-18-2016, 04:57 AM
First off, I only got my Alpha code today at 5 PM. What the f*ck is up w/ that Ubisoft? Second, why is the tutorial practically non-relevant in actual game? Like, whenever I do ANYTHING against real people like the tutorial shows me I just get punished and insta-f*cked. That's gotta change. The learning curve is so steep that I'm pretty much already done with this alpha so far. These controls are so incredibly clunky coming into this game that it's borderline impossible to do well as a newer player, the Darksouls franchise has a better KB/M setup than this does. I know this is alpha, but PLEASE, PLEASE try and make an attempt to make the game MUCH more noob friendly for the beta or open launch. I've lost every single game I've played all save 1 vs someone who somehow was worse than i was. I don't even wanna take the time to learn right now because consistently getting your *** beat has it's own special way of totally ruining any kind of pleasant user experience.

09-18-2016, 12:35 PM
Hello I would like to try this game, therefore I want to ask, if you can invite me to game as friend? :)

FHL Team sbt
09-18-2016, 02:06 PM
thats is your alpha tester responce to constructive feed back?

Moan moan moan its too hard there for its crap moan moan moan the learning cruve is to steep.
mate i spent around 4 hours on 1v1s getting RECKED i won like 2 games out of maybe 30. i took a break
i came back and won around 40% of my next set of 10-20 games. i watched the "how to play videos" 3 - 4 times.
i now win around 80% of all my 1v1s and normaly go around 12-13 kills and 4 deaths on dominion. practice and learn

09-18-2016, 02:47 PM

The learning curve can be a little tricky but that's mainly because this is a game heavily dependent on player skill and understanding of their chosen class.

First thing to figure out is what kind of character/playstyle interests you? For a brief explanation: there are 4 "archetypes" that all have a a certain role they tend to be made for which will net them the most renown(renown is the "XP" that levels you up and gains you access to your feats tiers 1-4).

Heavy - Defensive, get more renown whenenver they revive and whenever they assist other teammates.
Vanguard - Balanced, get more renown when killing soldiers on the frontline and when they are outnumbered
Assassin - Offensive, get more renown when killing other heros and fighting in 1v1.
Hybrid - not out yet.

Then watch each hero's "How to play" Basic and Advanced videos to give you an idea of how that hero is supposed to play.

Then take a look at each "moveset" for each hero because you will notice a couple of things: There are movesets that's common for the archetype. For example, Assassin archetypes don't have a permanent block, instead they have a deflect that remains for a second and allows some kind of counter.

There are movesets specific to each hero such as a favor for a directional attack, or using some kind of chain system like Orochi has a special up light attack, Berserker has an infinite chain attack, Crusader counters with their heavy attacks, etc.

Play a few Dominion vs AI matches so that you can get a feel for each of the heroes.

Once you have picked a hero to "main", make their moveset muscle memory by practice practice practice. Once you've played a few games and feel confident in your chosen hero, then play other heroes to understand how they can affect you so that you can understand how you may counter it.

This game is one of those easy enough to understand and pickup, but definitely room to master.

Don't give up, it's definitely hard in the beginning, but then you'll start performing well and having awesome fights in time.