View Full Version : LFG/clan for challenging and heroic incurrsions. xbox1

09-18-2016, 02:45 AM
Hello I am looking for people to play with. I'm tired of sucky randoms who get murdered.

While I don't have a complete set yet, I do have 2, 268 final measures and a variety of gear. I can have 550k toughness, 28k skill power or 220k dps I usually run with 350k toughness 190k dps and 22k skill power. I am looking to collect 240 pieces to complete all my gear sets. I have completed numerous DZ6 runs, done all the incurrsions on hard and falcon lost on challenging.

One of the issues I have with randoms is that on Dragon's Nest no one has dps high enough where are group can melt stuff. Group dps is average, (which is fine) but no one runs final measure. On challenging I end up running 550k toughness and end up picking people up. They go down if a little bit of fire hits them or the cars. I can usually tank through the cars, but when I take this role my dps suffers. I want to run with players who have the gear. Even if players don't have good gear I feel like two piece final measure is a must.

GT Agent Chaos360