View Full Version : Questions about Gameplay

09-18-2016, 02:20 AM
I have been playing the Alpha for about 2 days now, and the issues I have ran into are (1.) When playing "Dominion" in a "Friends Group", there has been a lot of network drops with in the loading screen. (2.) Since its still in Alpha I understand that some functions aren't allowable, but I was wondering if the Faction option can change after you have committed to one in the beginning. (3.) The ability to customize each character is an awesome concept. I really like the idea of adding Icons to the Armor. I haven't been able to play with either of the Vikings yet, but the "Orochi", and the "Vanguard-Knight" are a lot of fun. The playable mechanics really are something you have to get use to. The block function to counter the opponents attach is a neat idea. (4.) Over all the models look amazing. The models rig's seem flawless in context of sword fighting. Even when you get nocked back the rig counter moves just like real life. The different abilities for each character is an awesome addition to the gameplay. (5.) When playing "Dominion" I also noticed that if there isn't enough people playing in the current game, you will be teamed up with AI bots. This is good, but if you aren't able to get more people, and you keep the same playing with the same people you get placed back into the AI bot group. I think it would be good to change the teams up along with switching sides as well. Like changing from "Defenders" to "Attackers", and vice versa. Thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thanks for an awesome game, hope my feedback helps.