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09-18-2016, 02:05 AM
This is my dream way to play for For Honor.

I call It Fight Club for reasons that will become obvious.

It is a 16 man lobby hosted by 1 person who sets up the custom rules for the lobby.
Everyone in the lobby is in a voice chat that fighters can turn off in lobby or the quick chat menu.
(Ideally all the members are in an arena or mead hall or something watching the matches in game)
People in the lobby and spectators can spectate from either player's view, an overhead free cam view or their characterís view if the whole arena setup is workable.
Host sets gamemode, relevant options and round count when creating the lobby.
(Host could either participate and run or open up his spot to another and still retain privileges.)
(Any number of people can spectate, and perhaps vote or cheer)
(host can kick or mute people)

There are 3 Gametypes in Fight Club

Fight Club
Anyone in the lobby can invite anyone else in the lobby to fight, the host approves the matchups as they come up and sets the que.
Personally I really want this for people who want to train and dissect the combat of the game, because I am one of them.
This is the core function. Everything else here is icing on the cake.
(Having the ability to do 1-4v1-4 in any combination would be a really good tool for training.)

King of the Hill
Everyone in the lobby is queued up ďgot nextĒ style by arrival or at the hostís discretion.
If you win you get to take on the next challenger.
If you run the lobby you have basically won the game and give up your position and the next 2 challengers fight next to reset the game.
(It would be really cool to do rewards and stuff but I see the exploit potential soÖ w/e)

This is the reason for the 16 man lobby. 16 people lets you do a real tournament bracket for 1v1, a decent 2v2 and allows for a 4v4 even if itís anemic.
(single and double elimination bracket options would be sweet)
(same rewards issues as KotH)

Thatís basically it laid out simple as i can. Lots of other cool stuff I imagine but thatís the core of the idea.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.
Support to let the devs know people want this would be amazing. Everyone I've told about it before this does bu I have no idea about the rest of y'all.
I personally would pay DLC $$ for this down the road. +1 if you would too.