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09-17-2016, 11:22 PM
You don't understand me,
I am the pride of my family,
A roach to my enemy,
Dash, dash and strike,
The Creed of my clan,
To strike like a mantis,
With long claws of steel,
Steal a man's wit,
So fast and so swift,
Give him a death,
That god won't forgive,
With mask of a demon,
I'll rally the troops,
Attack when its right,
In the face of death,
Still put up a fight,
I am the sword,
I am the edge,
I am the danger,
Lurking by the ledge,
And those who escape,
Be on alert,
You don't know pain,
You haven't yet hurt,
destined to die,
destined to kill,
For fame and renown,
For glory for honor.