View Full Version : More Color options

09-17-2016, 10:10 PM
Realize that in the grand scheme of things this may not seem like the most important of things to suggest, and honestly? It isn't in many ways. However I feel like it can be a nice little option that's simple enough - just use the same palette tool already in the Alpha / game and change the colors - to implement. The Blue / Orange and Red / Orange theming for the palettes is... Very repetitive? There's maybe one or two palettes that actually are different to any noticeable degree.

I understand having simple models for minions of each faction and the like, but I think that something like this can add a bit of variation to the game. The model details are beautiful as is and I'd love to experiment and fiddle around to make my character pop. The color options given in regards to the shield profile icon would do well, I think (well, maybe remove the glaringly bright neon-like options, as to avoid breaking any sense of flow / consistency to the world).

Minions can appear as the player's color choice, and the players themselves would see eachother in their own distinct color - again since it's just a matter of palette fiddling and painting the blue out with purple or what have you.