View Full Version : More convenient customization?

09-17-2016, 09:04 PM
So far I'm loving the game, but of course there are a few issues.

Between matches there is no way to customize gear. Having to quit to see what you've earned is a bit annoying, especially if you've found a good match-up.

Also, this is a game of swordsmen. Why isn't there a practice mode with a practice dummy that you can lock-on to? I know that you can set up private matches and fight bots, but that would be cool. Also, we need to be able to practice with handicap. Considering the gang type dudes on here, that might see you as a challenge but don't like challenges and swarm you. Maybe a 1v2-4 type practice would be supplementary toward becoming better at dealing with this. Practice 1v1-4 dummy or 1v1-4 bots with feats activated.

With the dummies, place them in tactical positions. 1v1 = 1 position. 1v2 = 1 to the left and right or behind. v3 = an arch. v4 = corners. This would be for getting combos in and figuring out the best way to utilize the locking mechanics.

Maybe the same could be done vs bots as well, except in motion. Meaning that they follow you in a tight pattern. Also, being able to adjust the difficulty. Meaning frequency of attack, because it can get pretty relentless in PvP. Complaints are getting crazy about this (Getting jumped), but I don't know what they expect from most people. Maybe, they need to be shown what is expected from the game itself. Fight/train hard/smart, increase skill, gain results.