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09-17-2016, 06:39 PM

I know we are in Closed Alpha, but you ask for suggestions and feedback, so...

Here is some good things:

- Nice looking combat style.
- Nice combat system.
- Nice Graphic.
- Nice maps. (I will return on this in the bad things list)
- Nice characterization.

Here is the bad things:

- I'm okay with the three factions, but... Only 6 classes?
Vikings had also warriors with spears, with shields and spears/axes/swords,Samurai also used other weapons and of course... Knights too. I know that more weapons = more animations; but, you want a game that will last only 4-5 months like The Division? I don't think so.

- Orochi's Backstab attack is too over powered. Seriously. I fought with a Orochi (TheRedR0gue) in a duel, I had a kill streak of 5 victories and when he started to use that skill... I was unable to do anything. An Orochi can easily stay on defence and only spam that attack to win (He didn't, lucky me).

- Only 3 maps.

- Poor Loot

- Bad Matchmaking.

Now, I repeat: I know that's an Alpha. Ubisoft, you will probably add things I know that. But the question is, how many?
I'm an old player, and I have a good eye.
Honestly I don't think you will add more then 3 weapons, but of course I hope you will.

If I will play this game at the launch? If there will be the same things of the alpha, no.
If you will bring more contents, with pleasure!

Sorry for my english! :)