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09-17-2016, 04:25 PM
hi there, I have 3 questions

1- I tend to play with and against my sister in split screen in games - Will I be able to duel her with only one ps4 ? ( I mean in split screen)
2- will the game have more than 3 maps ? - i feel like there should be 5 for a variaty - So the maps and views wont get dull after time
3- can you add more game modes because without dominion all of your modes are just "kill them/him/her"

please add those

09-17-2016, 09:37 PM
Hey :)

Well sadly the first point is currently a big problem. I also want to do duels with my girlfriend but the game in its current state dont feature that. With other words: You can group up with your friends very well, but you wont be able to challenge them for a duel.
I think the splitscreen Idea would be a nice thing, but I cant say if we will have such a feature in the game once its out :(
Games like How to Survive 2 are showing a cool way to make such things possible, you can play with mouse and keyboard and at the same time, a friend can play together with you on the same pc with a gamepad. Maybe Ubi will implement such things as well but as said above, I cant say for sure D:

But one thing really needs a change and thats clearly number 1:

WHY on Earth im not able to challenge friends xD ?