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09-16-2016, 11:13 PM
first: thanks for the invite! (sry for my rly bad english)

i played the game now 2 days and i think this game needs probably more time until publication.


There are some reasons.
1. The atmosphere is boring. You are not hearing anyone crying or any noise of the war (someone screaming or what ever)-> No arrows flying in the backround (although attacking a castle?) why i am not seeing any stone of a catapult hitting the wall? Why i am not hearing steal against steal? Itīs like: ok now i have to kill him and then him oh here is a playing i could try to kill him too...thats it.
2. You take the checkpoints to fast, thatīs my opinion (no challenge)
3. The balancing needs more attention, cause there are to opinions: either you win or lose high...no excitement.
4. You guys made such a good trailer but you dont flow in into the game...I mean the earthquake. Why you cant include that into the game? For example a little earthquake is happening and you cant move for 3 seconds and you controller is shaking in this time, for example...
5. I didnīt see any emotion of my character (he/she could say for example: The battle has begun!, I suppose to win. Damn what do i give now for a beer! Next time i am going to kill him! What a sunny day today. What ever...i mean they should talk a bit with the player.