View Full Version : DEAR UBI - URGENT REPLY NEEDED - WHITE FOR HONOR LOGO instead of black.

09-16-2016, 05:54 PM
My friend is already losing a day - almost 2 - NOT playing the alpha with us.
Now comes the tricky bit.

He managed with some proof of me (that I invited him but he didnt get a mail) to get a beta code.

Now all of a sudden he has to download 25 gigs instead of 12 gigs.
He just finished downloading and voila - he is not able to play with us or play online AT ALL.

His logo is FOR HONOR in gold and background white.
And me and my friends have FOR HONOR ALPHA in gold with a BLACK background.

What is going on?

Different version?
TGS version?
Previous or newer?

Please someone share some light on this subject.