View Full Version : Spectator mode, execution previews, in-game access to opening cinematic, and gallery

09-16-2016, 07:31 AM
Thanks for accepting me into the alpha. Hope to get into the beta. This is the 2nd alpha I've ever gotten into so I really appreciate it.

Some bells and whistles to consider:

- You obviously did a lot of research and design tests, consider an unlockable gallery and/or model viewer along with everything else that shows us the history of what we've found, maps we've fought in, armor, weapons and such
- When looking at executions to unlock we can't preview them to know if we want them or not, it would be nice to see an animation
- If I'm streaming and I want to cycle back to the title screen to show the opening cinematic (which I think is pretty cool) I can't. There's no way to see it in menu either. I have to close the game and stream and open it from scratch.
- Spectator mode could be awesome once the PVP netcode is strengthened. I think it would be great to move the camera around mid-battle sort of like halo's theater mode

Will offer more soon,

- IronUnderdog, XBOX One