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09-11-2016, 05:25 PM
Hello Heroes,

there are some good mods you could try to improve your H7 experience.
All the mods are compatible with the newest version of the game 2.1.
Don't be worry about the localisation, these mods do not contain any text!

New Heroes for Duels (by Libertad)
Libertad has just finished his work on a brand new mod massively improving duels in H7.
Instead of 2 original heroes, you can enjoy duels with 6 heroes per faction - one per each class.
If you enjoyed H7 duels before as I did but you missed more possibilities from heroes to choose from, this mod is perfect for you.
Download the mod here: http://www.hommdb.com/mods/heroes7/a-new-heroes-for-duels-by-libertad/

New Arenas Mod (by Romansen)
Do you want to see even more combat maps in H7?
Try Romansen's new mod adding 10 new combat maps (available for duels and from the adventure map).
Download the mod here: http://www.hommdb.com/mods/heroes7/new-arenas-mod/

Scaled creatures (by Mr3LioN)
Are you disappointed with creatures scales as I am? Do you think some units should be bigger compared to each other?
Mr3LioN improved the scaling in his mod - for example, no more small dragons!
Donwload the mod here: http://www.hommdb.com/mods/heroes7/scaled-creatures/

The list will be updated later with new information/mods. This list contains only the mods which have already been finished. The community is still working on new mods :)

09-26-2016, 05:06 PM
As far as I know, these mods should be compatible with 2.2 version too.