View Full Version : [XB1} Looking for Australian Ranked/Competitive Team

09-11-2016, 02:09 PM
I am looking for a Ranked/Competitive team that will compete in tournaments in the future. Currently, I don't have many good friends who are good at ranked (I am friends with a couple, even 1 community cup player for TSR), and at the moment I only want to play ranked with a full squad, but every time I end up going like 12-2 whilst everybody else dies and we lose. I need a team that can:
A: Allow a 14 yr old to play in tournaments
B: Help me move towards higher ranks
If you don't want to risk me ruining tournament chances etc, feel free to hit me up so we can play a few games. I usually am online most of the time.

How I play:
Attack: Ash/Sledge/Thermite/Blackbeard

Your typical tactical player who holds angles and has good reactions. I usually call the shots on attack and decide where we attack.

Defence: Jager/Bandit/Smoke/Valkyrie/Pulse

Currently, I play as Jager and run to the other side of the map. I usually pair with a valkyrie and I tell her where to place her cameras. I then sit and wait and come back and flank with the carbine. I love Jager's carbine as it enables me to be effective at all ranges. I am a very vocal player, but I think I am mature enough and have the ability to play with older players, typically as a shot caller, and I hope I can see you in a game soon!