View Full Version : [PS4] Vanilla & S1 Diamond Ranked player looking for a team. Leagues/Scrims/Ranked

09-10-2016, 05:31 PM
I recently came back to Siege and am performing better than ever, but the squad I used to play with is disbanded. My stats are posted below. I was Diamond in Vanilla Siege and Black Ice DLC, but stopped in Mid-March and didn't come back until recently.


I'm looking for players ages 24+ who are evenly matched in skill, like-minded (love competition and don't get butt hurt when you lose matches) who would be interested in playing in Siege Leagues as well as weekly/nightly Ranked Matches and even Customs against other league teams in the off-season or for scrims.

My philosophy is that strats are important, but the most important things in this game are solid communication, superb map knowledge and the ability to handle yourself in any situation.

PSN = YoungChrisMott