View Full Version : HDR & 4K for Consoles

09-10-2016, 02:29 PM
Excited to hear it announced that Steep will be PS Pro (the new console) compatible. Personally I want to get the very best out of this game.. without buying a PC (got in ahead of you there ;)).

Interested to see which features the Developers will be able to lock in? PC gamers can 4K their experience if they can power it.. but good to know Scorpio and Pro owners with the right tv will get in on the action too.

I hope we'll all get to benefit from HDR (perhaps the most exciting feature from the new wave), and Annecy will be able to enable it for existing PS4s as it demands little extra processing, just the right tv. I feel HDR will be HUGE for this game. It is especially good at stopping colours getting washed out or flattened, and for a game that's almost all whites and snow.. it should look truly amazing with this on. Much more detail on the ground, easier to navigate and pick out contour.

Other than that maybe we'll be getting a 60fps option on the new consoles? Would be great to get it that silky at 1080p..

09-12-2016, 06:42 PM
For me as a PC gamer this is actually very good news! It means they will not just publish the PS4 version to the PC, but really have versions that can make my 980 sweat in terms of texture, details, framerate and so on!