View Full Version : Your feedback to the upcoming patch in September

09-08-2016, 10:06 AM
Best Champions,http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0038/forums/headers_banners/feedback_link_en.png

in this thread you can give us your feedback on the upcoming patch (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1490080-Preview-of-the-upcoming).

How do you feel about the changes and improvements?
Is there anything else you noticed that should be fixed?

We are looking forward to hearing your opinion.
Your CoA Team

09-09-2016, 06:49 PM
The upcoming patch will fix pretty much any problem I had so far. You could also probably check the Kalen Daark bossfight. Sometimes the direction of the iceshards are not shown on the floor causing Oona and Nusala to die quick on hard mode. Otherwise the game is pretty cool, love it.