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09-08-2016, 10:05 AM
Dear Champions!

The next patch will be released in September. The team is working on several improvements and fixes for the released game and the demo. We will give you the exact release date of the patch and the full patchnotes as soon as possible.

We want to give you some first information about what is planned to be included in the patch (the team is working on more topics). Please continue to provide your feedback: The support and community team always forwards your opinions to the developers.


Missions & Adventures

Pathfinding - Improved AI pathfinding in narrow corridors.
Allies will now wait and not run around the map to reach an unreachable enemy.
Enemies will now attack a different target within range if they can’t reach their highest agro target.

Action queue
Fixed an issue with champions losing their action queue when being blocked by another unit.

Spy Extraction missions
Now enemies stop spawning when the spy reaches the exit point.

Fortification missions
Fixed a possible crash in “Fortification” missions after loading a previously saved game.

Fixed Champions getting stuck after teleporting on the Desert maps.

Goliath pathfinding
Fixed an issue where the Goliath unit was going under a bridge if the path is blocked on certain maps.

World Map

Randomization improvements
Improved the algorithm that is choosing the mission type. In the future, randomized repetitions of obectives in neighboring territories are kept to a minimum.

Technical Topics

Black screen
Intro Screen: The image was incorrectly scaled after a hardware exchange, which caused a black screen during the intro screen.
Secondary monitor: Changing the game resolution to full screen mode could cause a black screen on the second monitor.

Game Launch
Fixed a crash on launch caused by wrong graphics buffer initialization.

Fixed rare cases of Particle flickering.

Fixed the recognition of certain monitor resolutions.

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Your CoA Team