View Full Version : What happens when I start a new game on Unity?

09-07-2016, 07:29 AM
Before I go on, I know that you can simply go to the progress tracker and replay memories from there. But I just want to play the game from the very beginning again. I'm perfectly fine with grinding to buy all of my weapons and armor again, I'm perfectly fine with exploring Paris again and climbing up buildings to sync with all of the viewpoints, I'm also okay with finding the legacy chests. Only thing I'm not okay with is doing all of the Helix rift missions all over again. I got Altair and Thomas' outfit around the time I had nothing to do in Unity. So I decided to find all the artifacts and solve all 18 riddles. But now that I got them and there isn't anything else to keep me occupied again, I wanted to restart from a clean slate. I know that when I do so Thomas' outfit will no longer be available to me as soon as I reset the progress, no surprise there. But I was wondering since I did have an Assassin's Creed Companion app account and it's synced to my console that maybe the the outfit would carry over to the new save. (Although I didn't find the artifacts there.) I looked all over but no one has given a clear answer to it and I know this might be a silly thing to ask. But if somebody knows if it's safe to start a brand new save and not sacrifice the artifacts then it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me! Thanks for taking your time in reading this. :)

09-07-2016, 08:12 AM
Wish I could help but seems to be something you have to try to understand what would happen.

Maybe this helps?