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09-05-2016, 07:00 PM
I had and best dead kings then deleted the dlc, haven't played in a while. Wanted to use the g.gun but it said I needed to redownload the dlc so I did.. But now it doesn't let me use the mortar, how do I unlock the use of the mortar explosion? Oh and how do you use the mortar, I forgot lol.

09-05-2016, 09:53 PM
You can buy mortar ammo from merchants (marked by the Livre currency on the map), from looting bodies, and/or from the Assassin Cache skill.

First you select the mortar from the toolbar:
use the d-pad
on PC I'm guessing it's either the mouse wheel OR the number keys

ps4 controls: press R1 to quickfire highlighted target. Hold L1 to aim, press R2 to fire.
xb1 controls: press RB to quickfire highlighted target. Hold LB to aim, press RT to fire.
PC controls: not sure about the quickfire button but if I were to take a guess RMB to aim, then LMB to fire? :p

You should be able to find the controls in the database/e-manual from the pause menu.