View Full Version : How the @#$#*&^ do I move an object

09-05-2016, 06:33 PM

I downloaded a custom map to play. However, there is a dead end in it that I need to fix. All I need to do is move an object from one place to another. That used to be a very simple thing to do--but now!

I have looked all through the MMH7 map editor and cannot find a tool to use to move an object. I'm sure it's somewhere but where? I tried the Help documentation but could not find any way to search for how to move an object. I do not feel like reading the whole Help file to try and find that info--especially with no way to know whether or not I'll find it. I tried searching the internet but could not find that info. I searched this forum but could not find that info.

Can anybody please help?


09-05-2016, 07:02 PM
First, you need to move off the terrain painting tool. Pick Heroes, Towns, Adventure Objects, something on the left most icons.

Then, select translate object on the top. The icon is a box surrounded by 4 arrows.

Last, you click on the object to move and you'll see 3 arrows pointing out of the object. Click on the arrow to move it within the respective plane.

Save it and you're good.