View Full Version : If I buy a game from Steam, give me the Uplay only option as well.

09-05-2016, 12:47 AM
Buying a game from Steam means that you have to have Steam and Uplay opened at the same time.

Buying a game from Uplay only requires Uplay.

Suggestion: If I buy the game from Steam and redeem it on my Uplay account, give me the Uplay only version to my Uplay library as well. This way I have the option to play the game with or without Steam.

This doesn't break any DRM or anything, since you can already buy the game from Uplay and play without Steam. This would fix a lot of issues that people have from being required to use Steam and Uplay at the same time.

CD Project Red does this with all the Witcher games. If you buy any Witcher game from Steam, you can also redeem the key on GOG and play the games without ever using Steam.

I personally hate having to run both Steam and Uplay since I take a performance hit. I only like to open the DRM for the game I'm playing. Uplay for Watch_Dogs, Origin for Battlefield, Steam for Counter-Strike.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback Brandon.