View Full Version : I think I've got a great idea for PVP.

09-01-2016, 08:06 AM
what about real PvP? I know a lot of people wants it?
I mean it lets you choose once you enter DARK ZONE just call it PvP right now (with NPCs and without NPCs)

Dark zone --> classic
Dark zone --> PvP --> with NPCs (supply drops included) - you must get it before round finishes or before all players are dead.
......................... |__--> no NPCs

So it will be taking place in some small closed areas from DZ lets say DZ1 = area1 , DZ2 = area2 and so on (these are sort of maps). I would even suggest to cut them even smaller. Each DZ to two parts or even smaller.

So you got here 10 rounds, once you are dead you are dead. no re-spawns until next round. (round timers are included and its that everybody is manhunt in the begging which is dropping down its level every 60 seconds), once everybody not rogue fight stops. team who has more players alive won (draws are possible). server will try to balance the teams. I mean if there is group of 4 then servers will be looking for group of 4 against you, if group of 2 then servers will be looking or group of 2, if solo then solo. you do not play new round against the same team (or at least in theory :-D)

after your group won all 10 and only (not lost a single time) you get some small reward, I don't know 15 phoenix credits.

what community thinks of that? I mean such players like myself and my friends who goes to DZ just for killing other agents would be probably happy and others who wants calm DZ will be happy as well. we want PvP and challenge but NPCs wont give us this challenge no matter how hard you buff them! I think this opportunity or possibility will somehow free DZ for those players who wants to play classic DZ and extract in peace (sometimes) :-D

PS: deliver this to developers for consideration please and how to add a poll here so that people would vote?
thanks in advance.

09-01-2016, 09:35 AM
Great. Now post it in the Ideas & Suggestions thread.