View Full Version : What is going on with the laggiong?????

08-30-2016, 08:39 PM
The past few days have been a nightmare! i literally cannot play the game since the last update, it is lagging so much i am constantly rubber banding, EVEN WHEN I AM JUST STANDING IN ONE SPOT! I will be facing up at a window and the next minute i am facing the other way and i am 6 feet to the left!

I run max setting and my current setup is:
Intel i7 4790k CPU
MSI Armor 1080 GPU
8GB Corsair vengeance RAM
and a Gigabyte motherboard

My setup has been running max setting perfectly fine until you brought out your last patch and i have had nothing but issues!

When will Ubisoft actually sort this game out once and for all instead of just messing the game up for different people each update...