View Full Version : Game broken, once again... Ubi plz

08-28-2016, 10:20 AM
So I was playing ranked matches with a full team of 5. When it was 3/2 for us (which means if the enemy wins, we enter overtime), I got a blackscreen during loading screen. After about 2 mins of Alt+F4-ing, Ctrl+Alt+Del and all that fancy stuff, Uplay said something like "OOPS, THE GAME CRASHED!". So I wanted to send the crash report, but that would take ages to finish (as if it's like 1GB large), so I just cancelled it to re-join me team. Yeah... pfff. A random could already join so that I was blocked from re-entering. After that I was banned for 15 minutes. G F*CKING G! Funny thing is that exactly the same happened the day before that, except that this time, I was able to re-enter. Fortunately. Fix or ban Ubi.