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08-28-2016, 07:34 AM
How much versatility could we get out of a set of sequels/spiritual successors/what have you each focusing on an individual faction? Imagine playing a knight and having free pick of whatever weapon or armor you want. My brother brought to my attention a new game in development called Mordhau (http://mordhau.com/). One of its big selling points is the extensive variety of weapons with unique strengths and weaknesses in as realistic a fashion as is still gameable. Using the Art of Battle system and a custom fighting style/move set for each weapon type I think you could get a really spectacular game!

08-28-2016, 10:50 AM
I've pondered on this before and every conclusion I came to was making For Honor the game into For Honor: the template.

For example you could take all the factions people repeat "romans, spartans, Macedonians " and make it their own game or 3 tribes and make it it's own game or as I suggested even a futuristic "mechs, aliens, humans" trifecta. Hell, why not werewolves, vampires, and humans? The thing is directional attack/block mechanic is a solid gameplay feature. It works for many games, mount and blade, chivalry, mordhau, kingdom come deliverance, etc etc. Pretty much tried and true; albeit appealing to a niche crowd. For example you could take any of these games and compare it to your run of the mill first person shooter and see that the fan bases vary drastically in number.

The thing that would have to be addressed in those situations would be adding gameplay mechanics. Give it a purpose. In a fighting game for example; I don't much bother with which character uses which weapon (some fighting games don't use weapons at all) it's which character's moveset I enjoy playing the most. I might be bad at explaining this but if we stay rooted in the realm of low-fantasy historical influence we have a limited pool of weapons to use. What we would need are more interesting mechanics to accompany those weapons to make say a long sword feel different from a katana feel different from a club and so on.
Now this pool of melee weapons is pretty broad so it is plausible to accomplish more easily noticeably different weapons. A kusarigama would for certain play different than a spear for instance.
This is one of the reasons I don't see the appeal in chivalry because every weapon plays the same within the class. An axe has no meaningful different mechanics than the broadsword for the man at arms, just speed, damage, reach.
This is a plus in For Honor in that the different weapons are wielded by different characters (like the fighting game scenario I mentioned) who have different mechanics; if you watch the E3 viking campaign they mention how the Shugoki is a hard hitting slow guy and you can see him knock the raider a good distance away when striking, the raider does not in turn do the same to the shugoki. He instead has things like his charge that he uses to push another enemy off a ledge in the video for example.

But as I mentioned the pool of available weapons is limited. The pool of possible mechanics that could be introduced to make them feel different is just as important and to an extent of balance is also limited to produce a good game.

Figured I'd get my rant on. :P
I think something Mordhau is doing in the right direction is the armor being meaningful and the weapons having alternative attacks (using the hilt/pommel of a sword to do more damage to an armored opponent) that's that MEANINGFUL mechanics idea I was getting at.