View Full Version : Battleye not working with Steam Overlay

08-28-2016, 04:52 AM
Battleye has been very effective at decreasing the population of cheaters in Rainbow Six Siege, but for steam controller users, it has created a problem. The Steam Overlay does not seem to be able to work with Battleye at the same time. If the RainbowSixGame.exe is used to start the game via Steam Big Picture mode, the Steam Overlay will work in game however, Battleye will not start up and joining a match will kick you right away. If the RainbowSix.exe is used instead, Battleye will start up like normal, but the Steam Overlay will not. I believe the problem may be that the Steam Overlay is not whitelisted on Battleye and Battleye will not allow the overlay to run in Siege. This is unfortunate, and while it does not affect everyone, I personally know many people who are unable to play because of this. I hope to see this fixed very soon, as it's affecting mine and my friends ability to actually play together and is currently wasting the money we spent on the game.