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08-25-2016, 10:51 AM

You know now that Update 1.4 will focus entirely on improving the core gameplay experience. As part of this effort, we want to make sure to fix as many bugs as possible; those listed in our Known Issues (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1450758-Known-Issues-amp-Exploits-Updated-August-18-2016) and many more! However, we want to make sure to focus first on the ones that you think are impacting your experience the most. After all, you have to cope with these every day, so who best could help us identify the ones that should be on top of our kill list?

In this thread, we would like to ask you to give us YOUR list of the top 10 most annoying bugs, based on your own gameplay experience.

Putting your top 10 lists together will allow us to draw a clear roadmap of the most pressing issues that we must make sure to look at for Update 1.4.

In order to keep this thread relevant and allow us to sort your answers efficiently, here are a few rules:

Make sure to only list bugs and technical issues. Balancing will be discussed in other topics
Please do not comment or debate on other members’ lists
Your top 10 must be listed in the answer (no link to another thread or video, etc)
One reply per member

Thank you all for your help!
The Division Dev Team <3

08-25-2016, 05:28 PM
DPS glitch with the shotgun, and also while playing in the game, you will get stuck sometimes on the ladder, the only way to get out of this is to either exit the game, or from a enemy shoot you, which is annoying.

08-25-2016, 05:29 PM
1/ Lags and delay, netcode and tickrate
2/ Server sync
3/ SLI profile
4/ Blocked / grayed skills
5/ Crash during incurstion (SLI related ?)
6/ Inconstant performances / memory leak
7/ Skill not deployed where aiming.
8/ Skills / talents that have different effect than description applying when shouldn't.
9/ Stats not correctly applied when switching gear.
10/ Fixing possible exploits.

08-25-2016, 05:32 PM
1. Getting stuck on ladders, behind doors and on geometry.

2. Map and UI lag + slowdowns.

3. Micro-stutters, especially in the Dark Zone.

4. NPC's shooting in the opposite direction but hitting you instead.

5. Heal delay, flashbangs destroying Smart Cover.

6. Skills not working and requiring a hard death to reset.

7. Random game crashing, especially during incursions like Falcon Lost.

8. Crowd control not working on NPC's due to lag.

9. Dark Zone - players glitching into walls with mobile cover and able to enter lower brackets to grief others.

10. Unable to join back on group after a disconnection/crash during Underground.

08-25-2016, 05:33 PM
These bugs relate to the PS4 release specifically

The UI becomes extremely sluggish when moving through menus and can only be temporarily fixed by spamming the map button.
On PS4, sound and rumble will slowly break over the course of a play session when using high RPM weapons
On PS4, directional audio is bugged when moving (my footsteps sound like someone running behind me in surround / on headset
Skills sometimes simply stop activating unless you hard die and are revived from a "dead" state.
It is sometimes impossible to be fully rezed by some members of your fireteam
Getting stuck on ladders
Sticky bombs blowing up friendly smart cover
In underground supply destruction missions, supply caches are sometimes invulnerable or not properly indicated by way points / not spawned, causing a failure of the mission.

08-25-2016, 05:37 PM
1. Server Lags
2. Delta Error
3. Grayed/Unusable skills
4. Glitching/Exploits
5. UI Metrics display (DPS, Toughness, Skill not always displaying the correct amounts based on the currently equipped gear)
6. Not able to open Stash, Restock or doors in checkpoint.
7. Stuck on Ladder
8. Unable to view/drop sealed caches in DZ.
9. Randomly changing Damage mount on weapons (various AR's)
10. Skills/Talents not applying.

08-25-2016, 05:40 PM
1° Healing (skills) Delay

2° Not deploying skills

3° PS4 controller setting death zone resetting every time

4° PS4 autoaim targetting targets behind or the ceiling randomly ...

5° Invisible sealed cache

6° tactician set bonus not activating when switching gear

7° NPC (server) freeze and rpm problem

8° runner won't get staggered

9° AI's smoke(gas) greande keep doing damage after dissipating fro 3 or more seconds

10° PS4 Sound issue

08-25-2016, 05:41 PM
1. Heal delay
2. 10 tic rate server is causing bad hit registration
3. Skills not deploying and are going on cooldown
4. Skills being used and not reciving its buff/talents
5. Controllers on pc aimasist snaps to the head needs to be fix
6. 45 sloth bagpack bug when you pack can hold 65
7. UI showing - amor on gear
8. Explosive rounds blowing up smart cover
9. agroing npcs are bugged
10. npcs shoting at you when not even looking at you

08-25-2016, 05:41 PM
1) disabled/ grayed out skills when too close to walls or near other deployed skills
2) heal skill not deployed at targeting location, can appear all over the place
3) NPCs getting stuck in rooms/behind doors on missions
4) Gear showing negative stats when close or over the armor cap when swapping gear mods/gear
5) Bugged cover and windows/walls in underground (can shoot through one side but not the other)
6) ladder animation bug/getting stuck on ladders/ropes/etc
7) Map and UI lag and slowdowns
8) Stats displayed in inventory UI, changes all over the place when gear/mouse is moved around
9) Gear Mods dropping off gear in inventory
10) Combat medic, Heal delay, flashbangs destroying Smart Cover.

08-25-2016, 05:42 PM
1. Getting stuck on ladders, behind doors and on geometry.

2. Map and UI lag + slowdowns.

3. Micro-stutters, especially in the Dark Zone.

4. NPC's shooting in the opposite direction but hitting you instead.

5. Heal delay, flashbangs destroying Smart Cover.

6. Skills not working and requiring a hard death to reset.

7. Random game crashing, especially during incursions like Falcon Lost.

8. Crowd control not working on NPC's due to lag.

9. Dark Zone - players glitching into walls with mobile cover and able to enter lower brackets to grief others.

10. Unable to join back on group after a disconnection/crash during Underground

08-25-2016, 05:43 PM
my top 10 bugs in no particular order:

- unable to use skills (only way to fix is to fully die and revive)
- skills overriding each other or canceling each other out (eg. two immunizer boxes)
- stuck on ladder glitch
- High Ends available to < 30s via Underground exploit
- lag on heal abilities
- heal abilities not appearing where you cast it
- Ballistic Shield as a whole
- M1A talents being stackable
- Scavenging
- getting stuck on debris in final section of Dragon's Nest after hitting switches and jumping down to final arena
- Smart Cover being destroyed by friendly Flashbangs
- Recalibration station in UG HUB

08-25-2016, 05:46 PM
1. Missions/Incursions cannot be started or re-started so you need to leave the team to make it work again

2. Heal Delay

3. Flashbangs destroying Smart Cover

4. Skills stop working - you need to die to make them work again

5. Stats not correctly applied when switching gear

6. Performance/lag issues in Dark Zone

7. "Unable to leave Dark Zone while in combat" = bug for me, happens even when the enemy is too far and not shooting at you

8. Invisible sealed caches

9. NPCs shoting at you when not even looking at you

10. NPCs getting stuck in rooms/behind doors on missions

08-25-2016, 05:46 PM
1. ladder bug!!!
2. skills not working having to die to fix it
3. first aid shooting not instant deploying when i only taped the trigger
4.still not being able see character full sometimes when looking at customisation mainly in safe rooms and BoO.
5.getting kicked out of underground recently and not even getting into underground
6.not sure if bug but not being able to start main missions in matchmaking.
7.support station not working probably on waste not directive when using ammo mod when reserve ammo is empty
8.support station not overhealing with the highend chest piece overheal talent.
9.Frame rate issues sometimes when alot happens in game.
10.blindgearset grenade drops when you dont kill target and sometimes dont see the grenade drop had to relog to fix.

08-25-2016, 05:47 PM
PS4 player, in no particular order...

1- Solo scaling: Hard is too easy, Challenging is impossible (across all game modes).
2- Appearance Items limit: We need to be able to discard items, or even 'donate' back to the BoO?
3- 4-piece Striker talent dropping when switching guns.
4- One is None talent: Can jam the gun.
5- Friendly fire killing Smart cover.
6- Ladder bug.
7- PS4 'blue screen' crash attempting in-game matchmaking, espcially in DZ.
8- Random Deltas, my experience is they are more likely to occur during hardest content, eg weekly HVTs, incursions, etc.
9- Underground GPS indicator: sends us 'all over the place'!
10- Inventory Sorting options on the console... Please!

08-25-2016, 05:48 PM
1. Xbox one micro freezing
2. Game performance on xbox one, game crashes
3. Skills not working at all
4. Heal delay
5. Skill bug one is none
6. Skill bug overlapping support station abilities
7. Skill bug ballistic shield
8. Skill bug mobile cover
9. Talents not working as intended, high end and player talents
10. Misions/incursions not starting, unable to reset

08-25-2016, 05:50 PM

1. Disconnection errors (Delta/Mike).
2. Sound stops working.
3. Weapon Jamming.
4. Skills stops working/greyed out (Dragons nest/Underground?).
5. In-game voice output on wrong players name..
6. Popping up from cover during first aid heal.
7. Mods un-equipping.
8. Damage readouts stops working in firing range (after friends join?!).
9. DPS/Weapon talent/stats not instantly applying, have to back out then back in for stats to refresh.
10. Missions not starting.
I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones that I recall.

08-25-2016, 05:52 PM
1, Heal Delay
2, DZ lag and stutters
3, Skill grey outs and having to die to get them back
4, Scavenging stats seemingly meaningless
5, Unable to continue to next phase of UG Mission
6, Getting stuck on ladders
7, The perfect aim of NPC grenades
8, Team members not able to use ammo station and other skills
9, Game lock ups and needing to reboot
10, Underground GPS is misleading

08-25-2016, 05:54 PM
That's a great initiative! Besides balancing (weapon, gear, gearset bonuses, player versus player and player versus AI) there isn't a lot of things I consider to be more than quirks of the game.

1. The networking and matchmaking, people all over the world are often connected to a suboptimal server.

2. Skills not working/working improperly under certain conditions (fail to deploy, deployed in an unintended place).

3. Invisible walls or otherwise shifted collisions, the biggest offender I can recall from the top of my head would be any kind of an escalator in the Underground, which appears to be shifted in relation to the visual model, making players sink into the ground.

4. Quite a minor issue of mine, the GPS, especially in confined locations. I'd much rather have the game highlight the destination, even through walls instead of putting breadcrumbs all over the level, often times making me backtrack or keep running in circles.

5. Audio cues (especially for players) appear to be inverted in their location (players in the front are heard as if they were behind)

6. Certain abilities can be destroyed by friendlies (e.g. Smart Cover disappears when hit by a HE round.)

7. Certain enemy attacks ignore line of sight against player deployed skills (e.g. APC mortar barrage can destroy a hidden Support Station despite no line of sight, player in the same location is not harmed).

8. Zoom amount and sensitivity isn't dependent on the sight type for the most part, instead if usually inherits the base weapon modifier.

9. Battalion vanity set isn't considered a set.

08-25-2016, 05:56 PM
1 - Rogue system (the Rougue time is to short, because of that a lot of rogue stay in front of Safe houses)
2 - Ammo Caches in other location at DZ (Not only in safe houses or entrances)
3 - Weapon color not consume Backpack space
4 - HVT dropped only Lone Star gear set
5 - Loot Problem (Heroic missions not underfound type) receving only itens 204 and 240
6 - Shotgun/Sentry Overpower (PVP)
7 - Marksman/Deadeye Bug Overpower (PVP)
8 - Enemy of DZ 6 (Lvl 35)need to much ammo to kill
9 - Lag in the DZ
10 - Weapons and Gear Lvl 229 Blueprints
11 - Trade System (Itens Could be trade with your friends anytime if not Used)

08-25-2016, 05:57 PM
1 - Heal delay (killer, literally, when soloing)
2 - Getting stuck on ladders
3 - Lag, lag, lag (Xbox One, especially in the DZ but also solo in PVE???)
4 - Talents not working even though animations fire and go into cool down (lag?)
5 - Sticky disabling Smart Cover
6 - Stagger not activating
7 - Infinite downed crawl of death - downed but don't die
8 - Downed but only one team member is able to pick you up
9 - DZ sealed caches not showing up (able to delete) in inventory
10 - Heal and Smart Cover firing off into the distance when only pressed to local

BoB BaRkEr187
08-25-2016, 06:00 PM
Here is my Top 10

1. Skills not able to be used (skills are greyed out and agent must die for them to come back)
2. Heal procing after agent is down (being in a DBNO state and seeing the green heal pixels around you)
3. Stat’s switching based on what piece of gear you are looking at (DPS can fluctuate depending on where your cursor is on your character screen)
4. Critical S&D missions not showing on map
5. Stick Bomb cancelling Smart Cover (both when an enemy in PVP or a teammate in PVP/PVE uses it)
6. Mobile Cover allowing agents to get into area’s that aren’t accessible otherwise
7. Riot Shield in general
8. Pulse not marking all enemies in range
9. Survivor Link not activating for all agents in party, when all agents are in the same area distance wise
10. Emote menu activating on it’s own and only way to get rid of it is to exit game

Love the approach you all are taking on this!

08-25-2016, 06:02 PM
1. Ladder bug
2. Skill not working
3. Ballistic Shield disappearing
4. First Aid delay
5. First Aid Station Heal but not getting you up (you have full health but are still down)
6. No Sound Bug.
7. Elevator not working after finishing phase 1
8. NPC not coming out from behind doors (can't eliminate enemies to complete Underground)
9. Not being able to heal downed player.
10. Being trapped in the Underground Map after group failure....

PS4 Player

08-25-2016, 06:03 PM
1. skills completely blacking out until dead and revival
2. smart cover destroyed by sticky
3. lag in all its forms (combat, running, menus, healing, etc.)
4. crashes, including during incursions
5. lose striker bonus when switching weapons/tacticians not working after switching around gear
7. skills not activating when being triggered (sometimes causing me to destroy my own smart cover or support station, as i have to hit the button multiple times to try to get it to trigger)
8. first aid gun not going where i'm aiming
9. catching on fire even though i'm inside an immunizer
10. ps4 sound issues/in game chat being so bad, must always use party chat

08-25-2016, 06:07 PM
Platform is XONE

* Lag/Stutter throughout game
* Delay when using skills, especially the heal it seems
* Loss of skill use for no apparent reason
* Unable to view sealed caches in DZ
* Inaccurate DPS calculation
* NPCs standing/staying/stuck in rooms or areas of the map during missions
* Missions that can't be started/reset
* Stuck on ladders
* Friendly fire that destroys deployed skills

08-25-2016, 06:07 PM
Top 10 Problems Priority

1) Micro Stutter/Lag on Xbox1
2) PVP Balancing - damage output, weapon limitations, abuse
3) Weapon Balancing - eliminate OP weapons, create balance
4) Incursions/Missions Not Starting - Huge issue with missions not starting when proced
5) Weapon Jam/One Is None- this skill still broken as it jams gun on reload
6) Healing Delay - Need to address delay on heal urgently
7) Player Glitching Through Walls/Obstacles - please eliminate options for players to breach walls
8) Rogue System Rework - too easy to go Rogue/not enough penalties for rogues/eliminate accidental Rogue syndrome
9) Vendors/Crafting Useless After 30 - give us expensive weapons to buy, new blueprints, make vendors useful again
10) Open World Map - give us more of a map to explore, PVP is only limited to small map need more things to do

08-25-2016, 06:11 PM
Skills missing overlay (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1475207-BUG-Skill-bad-overriding-(it-should-be-a-very-well-known-one-));
Ballistic shield stop working, impossible to change or use;
Skills stop working - you need to die to make them work again;
Smart cover (or support stations) exploding by mistake (lag, missing double tap) or bug (sticky bombs, grenades);
First aid disappears if you roll just after deploying;
First heal misplacing when you shot it to the ground;
Weapon jamming;
If you try to revive yourself with a support station and the SS owner dies in the meanwhile, you get stuck in the revive state;
Vanity items limit, can't discard old ones, can't get new ones;
Stats UI bugs. Sometimes you see negative/wrong armour values, you need to disconnect;

08-25-2016, 06:20 PM
1. Performance issues, like having very poor performance/fps drops on High-end PCs.
2. Server lag
3. Skill delay
4. skills deployed to the wrong spot/location
5. NPCs shooting to the opposite direction, still hitting you and sometimes through walls.
6. better hit registration, especially in pvp
7. wrong stats showing after changing items, sometimes even negative armor
8. bagpack bug, when for no reason it changes from the 60+ slots to 40
9. explosive rounds keeping you stun locked in pvp
10. Ballistic shield bugging out everything, including your skills and primary and secondary weapon.

08-25-2016, 06:33 PM

1. First Aid heal delay - It really ruins the experience.
2. Ballistic Shield does not work after using it for a while - We can't use a skill in the game, because it's guaranteed that it will get bugged.
3. Skills like Smart Cover and the Sticky Bomb do not work or you're unable to use any of your skills sometimes, because they're stuck on cooldowns - A major bug that happened to me alot.
4.Shock and Awe talent increases movement speed of the player even if NPC's supress themselves - Huge problem in the DZ
5. Incursion and Underground game crashes - You're automatically kicked from the session, if your game crashes in an Incursion or Underground mission. You also get disconneted sometimes.
6. Crazy lag in PvE and PvP - Sometimes, this game becomes literally unplayable due to huge lags.
7. Falling down the stairs - If you walk down stairs, you magically fall down.
8. Weapons floating in air - Your character will not always hold the weapon in his/her hands to shoot with it.
9. Annoying bug where players can reload forever everywhere or are stuck in the reload animation - I don't know if they're stuck in the animation or doing it intentionally. I see this bug alot.
10. AlphaBridge bug displays wrong DPS numbers - If you login or die and respawn, the 4th bonus of the AlphaBridge Gear Set will bug and will display you unbuffed DPS numbers. You always have to switch your first weapon with the second weapon that you have equiped and then switch the second weapon from the first slot to the second slot to get the actual buffed DPS numbers.

08-25-2016, 06:37 PM

Lag & Stutter in and outside DZ
Skill delay
Stats incorrectly being shown
NPC's shooting through walls
NPC's stuck behind doors
Stuck on ladders (UG)
Pulse not marking all enemies in range
Elevator not working in UG when doing more than one phase
Lack of Tools & Electronics (not a bug)
Lack of cover in UG (not a bug)

08-25-2016, 06:38 PM
PS4 Platform:

1. DZ sound glitch making players in front of you sound like they are behind.
2. Stuck on ladder in UG causing a reset.
3. Skills need to be tapped multiple times before activation leading to shooting health across map and double tapping smart cover causing it to blow
4. Multiple health bags being dropped cancel each other out and cause skills to lock up
5. First aid deploying after your death
6. Unable to fast travel to DZ entrance if your friends are not near the doors
7. Striker bug that kills the bonus when swapping weapons - completely killed that entire build
8. NPC's ability to constantly push you out of your map in social spaces
9. Greyed out/Locked out skills requiring a shock grenade or suicide to reset
10. Getting stuck in environmental objects usually because a teammate is close by.

08-25-2016, 06:46 PM
1) Heal skill delay. Standing in the dust for a couple seconds before it applies.
2) Lags and micro-stutters.
3) Delta errors.
4) NPCs shooting through solid metal doors and walls.
5) Game locking up or crashing right to Xbone home.
6) Audio foot steps in wrong location.
7) Gas and fire still effect you if you pass through the area a few seconds after it disappears from the screen (finished).
8) Getting stuck on ladders
9) Incorrect DSP/Toughness/Skill display, difference between having something highlighted and added/changed to.
10) Being pushed on top of restock box while restocking from another player, which leads to you being out of playable area for a couple automatic game reloads.

08-25-2016, 07:06 PM
1. Unable to use skills (only way to fix is to fully die and revive)
2. Tactician gear set bonuses not activating
3. Skills overriding each other, canceling each other out (eg. two immunizer boxes), or destroying eachother
4. Heal abilities not appearing where you cast it, or at all
5. Micro freezes of sometimes more than 1 second (Xbox)
6. Players being able to glitch through walls in the Dark Zone
7. Scavenging
8. NPC shooting through cover
9. Delta errors
10. Aim assist/quick scoping

08-25-2016, 07:19 PM
1. Wrong text for the weapon damage in weapon description tab for the Russian localization: e.g. "10,4 K6" instead of "10,6K". What the hell is "K6", I wonder for the whole five months?
2. Lags and all inconveniences it cause: NPC animation, crowd control effects not working on NPC, skills not working, etc.
3. Skills not working and requiring a hard death to reset.
4. Getting stuck on ladders.
5. Elevator between phases in Underground not working.
6. All Smart Cover Mods share the same stats (in oppose it was in the first month when it differ according the description).
7. Healing Station Mods override the effect of the other Healing Station Mod, considering that this effects can't be achieved by other means.
8. NPCs shooting through obstacles (including elevating doors in Underground, until it is fully opened).
9. Rare problem with backpack size decreasing to 45.
10. Escalators act like quicksand in the Underground.

08-25-2016, 07:19 PM

2: BETTER GEAR/LOOT for INDIVIDUAL PLAYERs (that really need it) Im stuck @ 222 GearScore ??

3:Getting stuck
4: Skills not working
5: . Random Crashes to Desktop (Anytime within 30 Min of gameplay) (GPU OR DRIVER related ?)

6: Inconstant performances/Micro-stutters / memory leak (RAM OR GPU Ram)

7: Skill not deployed where aiming.

8: UI Metrics display (DPS, Toughness, Skill not always displaying the correct amounts based on the currently equipped gear)
9: Stats not correctly applied when switching gear.

10:. Randomly changing Damage mount on weapons (various AR's)

08-25-2016, 07:19 PM
1. Overlapping stats. 163/182 have better performance than 204/229
2. Stuck on the ladder bug
3. The GPS leads you out of the map (see General Assembly, after they burn the gate lock - the GPS leads to the other side of the bridge). Also the GPS not knowing that some streets have full unscalable blockades and shows the way through them.
4. Various loot chests showing on the map but invisible in game (they do, however, represent a hidden wall)
5. Various crafting sites not having boxes to loot from or the boxes are facing the wall, thus making them impossible to loot.
6. At least in the Rooftop Comm mission there's an ammo crate that can't be opened. It sits next to the fenced area where you have to rappel down onto the bridge between the two buildings.
7. Sometimes there's no stash at the end of an Underground mission.
8. When having a Delta or Mike error while in an Underground mission, the game brings you back to that location where you were last spotted but the mission is already broken and all the directive intels are consumed.
9. Enemies aren't affected by sticky bombs stuck to walls. The sticky bomb also isn't registering enemies in its proximity while stuck to a wall.
10. Enemies shoot through walls and ignore the player's armor, hitting directly the health pool.

08-25-2016, 07:20 PM
1. Micro freezes, lag in dz ( deltas, Mike, shots don't register ect.)
2. Delay in healing effect(not full effect sometimes as well)
3. All skills not working (spamming button and nothing happens, greyed out skills)
4. Agents in dz brackets with too high of gs (227gs in 161-200 bracket)
5. Gear mods unequiped when first logged in
6. Stuck on ladders, glitch inside walls
7. Skills not being deployed where they are aimed
8. Match making for lower dz brackets and always being put in with 231+ bracket players
9. Talent bugs ( cover to cover damage increase stops working if c2c is interrupted at all. Sure there's more)
10. Micro freezes in dz (yes again) (Xbox one)

08-25-2016, 07:23 PM
1. Healing Delays (First Aid & Medkits)

2. Micro-freezes in DZ, Underground, and Open World

3. Skills becoming unusable (gray out)

4. Skills not activating correctly (can't throw first aid / smart cover), even though its available

5. Underground door not opening after finishing a phase

6. NPCs shooting me before I see them pop up out of cover

7. NPCs in the UG killing me while I am in the door opening animation

8. Boss spawning and stuck behind doors

9. Invisible flames or grenades that magically kill me when I don't see anything

10. NPCs teleporting a few feet, which makes it really hard to aim

(11. not sure if this is a bug, but I thought that agents were NOT supposed to be able to pop survivor link then cut someone's rope in the DZ)

08-25-2016, 07:28 PM
Skill Bug - Flashbang and sticky flashbangs destroy friendly smart cover.

Skill Bug - All skills graying out, unable to be used. If you let die and have someone revive you then you can use them again.

Skill Bug - Ballistic Shield is almost unusable, it bugs out sometimes and you causes your weapon to do no damage. Sometimes you have it out and it doesn't negate any damage.

Map Bug - Falling through the map, not a fan of suicide.

Map Bug - some terrain heals can not be used on it just fire in the ground and will not heal you. Other times you fire heals off and it activates meters before our in front of you where you did NOT shot it.

Map Bug - Underground elevator and doors do not work sometimes. Also some AI not leaving a opened spawning room and get stuck in.

Display Bug - Buggy stats and very inaccurate DPS display.

GAME Breaker - Skill use delay, Click your heal wait 1 to 2 seconds for it start activate. EXAMPLE - You click heal you see the skill activate then you die and heal still activate and it then heals others.

GAME Breaker - Lags, bad net coding and slow tick rate. This causes too much delay in game play. Kills PvP and even PvE game play.

I hope this helps, i see a lot of people might have listed these as well. Love the game please keep improving it!

08-25-2016, 07:34 PM
1. Agent talents and weapon talents not working as described. (multiple finds by reddit over the game's lifespan)
2. Skills going on cooldown without activating
3. Skill delay
4. Skill "auto aim" shooting skills in unwanted places.
5. Performance - Game spikes to 100% CPU usage and can't hold stable 60 even on LOWEST settings, and that's on a 4.4ghz 4690k.
With nvidia shadows disabled the shadows put even more strain on CPU.
6. DZ server transfer leaving all your dropped loot behind.

I haven't seriously played the game for so long I can't remember any more.

Make the damn crafting account wide, too. Both blueprints and materials.

08-25-2016, 07:47 PM
1. Sound glitch: the sound within the game will randomly cut out for a period of time, typically in the Underground.
2. Heal delay: when medkit or self-heal is used there's typically a lag between the visual and actual effect.
3. Enemies stuck in the walls or behind doors.
4. Visual shows character constantly reloading.
5. Visual shows floating gun above your head.
6. Dying, but not actually going down even when the red circle is out and also unable to be revived.. so just crawling indefinitely.
7. Skills becoming unusable due to getting shocked while trying to throw a skill.

Most other grievances are not actual bugs. Thanks, Massive!

08-25-2016, 07:48 PM
I don't have 10 items but these 9 bugs in my list have annoyed the group that I play with regularly:

1. The sticky ladder at the location shown in the screenshot has caused mission failure for us frequently. This glitch is particularly annoying when it happens in the last phase of a 3-phase underground operation.


2. Several times, players in my group have sailed down the rope and been dropped in the pit that is below. They usually respawn at the beginning of the map and have to run all the way through it to rejoin the team.


3. Skills being greyed out until you die and are revived.
4. Delayed healing with either a skill or medkit often resulting in agent death.
5. Skill refuses to deploy when you aim and hit the assigned key. Happens for me at times when deploying safe cover or a healing station.
6. Underground elevator will not open even when all objectives are completed, all enemies are killed, and all team members are standing in front of it.
7. Underground exit portal will not open even when all objectives are completed, all enemies are killed, and all team members are standing in front of it.
8. The player backpack inaccurately reports that it is full even when it should have room for +20 more items. It usually resolves with the next mission but will randomly show up again.
9. DPS, Toughness, and Skill values will randomly display incorrect values when you are comparing gear or weapons. Not a big deal, just inconvenient. Again it usually resolves on its own.

That's all that comes to mind. Thanks for looking,


08-25-2016, 07:49 PM
1) skills glitching out not working, this includes skills being delayed for as long as 10 seconds or even shooting thru floors etc.
2) lag issues being put on server in Australia or china when your from EU for example.
3) Anything that requires killing blow and does't work in places like group.
4) ai that can defy laws of nature shooting thru steel doors or bassicly anything.
5) the amount of sound glitches sound cutting out and back in again or even going completly deaf.
6) game freezing when using steam overlay / uplay overlay no other games on steam atleast giving me this issue, avoidable but annoying.

08-25-2016, 07:49 PM
Getting stuck on ladders
Map and UI lag + slowdowns.
Ballistic shield glitches
Heal delay, flashbangs destroying Smart Cover
Skills not working and requiring a hard death to reset.
Nomad 4 piece bonus not working due to lag..
Random game crashing, especially during incursions like Falcon Lost.
Crowd control not working on NPC's due to lag.
NPCs shooting through closed doors in UG (a clipping issue?)
Falling through the world (rarely happens)

08-25-2016, 07:53 PM
1. Game breaking - Infinite Skill Cool-downs. Using skills too quickly or certain combination of skills results in both skills being "grayed" out in a permanent cool down cycle.

2. Priority - Heal Lag - Popping a heal on the ground while fighting either results in A. heal is popped away from user or B. Heal does not take effect until seconds later or C. Heal does not trigger at all.

3. Priority - Ladder Glitch - When attempting to rush ladders, 50/50 chance a player will get stuck. This is game breaking on a solo play through.

4. Minor - UI Glitches - Stats do not reflect current load out.

5. Priority - Server Lag - Response time is slow on skills and damage done to enemies. Enemies are still able to down/kill players because the damage inflicted has not made it to the server side. Also, server lag is more noticeable during incursions resulting in many Delta error messages.

6. Priority - Vigorous glitch - Over heal is not applied to support stations.

7. Minor - Mobile Shield glitch V3 - Players are able to again go through walls and even underneath the DZ.

8. Minor - DZ sealed cache - They do not show up in contaminated inventory. They are not able to be dropped or crushed.

9. Priority - Sticky Bomb and Smart Cover - All variants of the stick bomb are able to destroy friendly smart cover.

10. Priority - Life Support Station Revival - During battles, Life Support will be unable to pick player up from down state. Other teammates are also unable to revive. Only the player who dropped the Life Support Station is only able to revive down player.

08-25-2016, 07:54 PM
-Skills bugging out/unable to use them
-skill delays
-emote wheel popping up disabling movement or any other control inputs
-smart cover busted by flashbangs, explosive bullets, other explosives
-missions not starting
-elevators unable to open between phases in UG
-unable to revive others
-shield bearing tank enemies not reacting to their ammo box exploding

08-25-2016, 07:58 PM
Healing Delay, especially in DZ
Mission not starting after fast travel to mission, while matchmaking (gates don't open)
Fast travel to mission, drops me and/or others in random locations. Select Fast Travel, end up somewhere else
Players glitching into wooden crates in DZ01 extractions points. Ps4. Last seen, today.
DZ caches not showing in inventory

08-25-2016, 08:00 PM
1.dz stutter
2.heal lag
3.manhunts dissappearing underground or glitching through walls
4.not being able to deploy skills
5.smart cover destroyed from friendly fire
6.items selected as trash disappear from inventory when you go to sell them
7. hit detection-i.e. being dropped from a flamer thats no where near me(even through concrete walls), taking damage from a axeman when im ten feet away from the swing.
8. staying on status effect even after status effect symbol has drained and gone.
9.being on status effect with no ui above my head on my game but group members see the status box above my head seperate from #8
10. landmarks not greying out after named dude has been killed but other npcs havent. dont know if its a bug. maybe it should be?

08-25-2016, 08:02 PM
1. Heal glitches (delay, shooting in random directions, etc.. the #1 cause of agent deaths)

2. All skills unusable (requires agent death to reset)

3. Loss of audio on PS4

4. Game freezes and/or crashes (esp. in Falcon Lost)

5. DELTA errors (most OP NPC in the game)

6. Inability to run/sprint in the DZ

7. Ballistic Shield glitches (completely unusable skill)

8. Being teleported back to start of a mission or incursion

9. DZ caches not visible in inventory

10. Glitching through walls

08-25-2016, 08:03 PM
Healing Delay, especially in DZ
Mission not starting after fast travel to mission, while matchmaking (gates don't open)
Fast travel to mission, drops me and/or others in random locations. Select Fast Travel, end up somewhere else.
Map GPS arrows in UG, hard to understand where I am to head

08-25-2016, 08:12 PM
1) Friendly Explosive Bullets, grenades, detonated deployed skill, Flashbang can destroy Smart Cover. Flashbang, Seeker Mine with Airburst shake screen of allies.

2) Skills don't deploy sometimes, you need to click 2-3 times. Happens once, almost always, after you cancel a deployed skill to re-apply it or right after disrupt/on fire effects end.

3) Explosive Bullets can stun-lock you in PvP

4) During deployment of a skill (Support Station, Smart Cover, Turret) if you get disrupted or set on fire, skills gray out until you die or relog.

5) Signature Skills go off without effect sometimes, also during combat roll, if you try to use Signature Skill or Smart Cover, the skill goes on cooldown without effect.

6) Tactical Advance passive talent stops working after 5-10 mins and you have to re-equip it, it also doesn't reapply with each cover-to-cover movement, there's some undocumented cooldown. Triage passive talent decreases cooldown of your allies' skills.

7) UG. Special Forces directive in the Underground with LMB enemies can cause your skills to be unavailable long after disrupt effect ends. You can click them, there's animation and sound but they go back to no cooldown with no effect. Also, when you open doors in the Underground, you're stuck in the 3-4 seconds animation, but NPCs can shoot through the openning door.

8) First Aid delay. Also when you target First Aid on the ground it can appear at a different spot.

9) Getting stuck on ladders, behind doors

10) Some weapon and High-End armor talents don't work. For example, Commanding weapon talent, or Inventive backpack tallent (x% Skill Power at full health), when you get shot and heal back to full health the effect disappears. Many, many other weapon/armor talents are underwhelming.

The Bongowloint
08-25-2016, 08:12 PM
These are all related to XBone.

1. Unable to save settings for Analog Dead Zone under Controls. Have to reset to lowest every time I log back in.
2. Complete game freeze/crash. Screen freezes and lose all audio/voice/interactions, must restart the game.
3. Unable to deploy skills. Holding skill button will cause character to point the "skill gun," but there is no indicator on the ground. Releasing skill button does nothing and skill displays as not being used.
4. Excessive delay in deploying heal skill.
5. Random micro freeze during gameplay. Similar to the reported micro-stutter in the DZ, but the short freezes last a bit longer. Doesn't affect audio. Seems to have shown up with the most recent update.

08-25-2016, 08:14 PM
1: Server lag
2: delay between popping healing and actually getting health
3: getting stuck on ladders
4: Underground challenging NPCs not scaled properly, going from purples to gold is fine, but not when it's 1-3 ranks higher
5: Scaling for solo play
6: requiring DZ crafting materials to make some level 31-32 items that aren't from the DZ
7: No items that are above level 32 to try and balance out the level 35 enemies
8: Share intel among ALL characters
9: Excessive amounts of re rolls to get the stat you want, 3 options is a bit too few when you consider the pheonix credit cost fro weapons
10: Increase pheonix credit crop rate among named enemies, bring it back to the old standard before the nerf
11: Increase the pheonix credit cap

I'm on PC

08-25-2016, 08:17 PM
1. Latency constantly over 300ms. Tickrate/netcode setup = shooting into ghosts, killed by invisible enemies I see too late.
2. Performance issues - my gaming machine is on the full load even with the lowest settings applied.
3. Delay in skills deployment, i.e dying in a green cloud or dying with healing gun in your hand.
4. Non-deployable skills (greyed out skills).
5. Non-deployable skills (skill is available but you cannot shoot/trigger it).
6. Mission won't start, doors/gates/etc. locked.
7. DZ sealed caches invisible while in the sack.
8. Cursor being positioned to the middle of the screen on PC. Even when alt tabing to other programs.
9. Menu navigation ignoring keyboard and having the item below cursor active. Having to move the cursor to use keyboard navigation.
10. Map sticking to the cursor when left mouse button is released. Resulting in left-clicking on the map, moving the map, releasing the button to reposition cursor, moving the map again backwards.

08-25-2016, 08:23 PM
On PS4:

1. NPC scalling
2. Getting booted during incurrsion and underground missions
3. Skill freezing - unable to deploy skills
4. Healing delay in all healing skills
5. Skill based number changing their own (DPS SHIFTING)
6. AUDIO glitches - loss of gameplay AUDIO and directional AUDIO in wrong direction
7. Down agent revival locking up
8. Players able to glitch into "unplayable" areas
9. NPCs getting stuck in unplayable areas
10. Agents getting stuck on invisble objects, behind doors, etc...

08-25-2016, 08:24 PM
The most annoying are the things that don't work as intended - skills, gear and weapon talents, or work in some strange way.

1. player skills (healing, ballistic shield, smartcover and so on) - all aspects of their work must be completely reviewed and fixed
2. gear talents and set bonuses (inventive backpack doesn't work in several healing variants, sentry marks remain on the player and so on) - their work should also be must completely reviewed
3. weapon talents and weapon mod stats (like initial bullet stability) - the same

btw there are many threads here about game bugs in the correspondent forum section...

08-25-2016, 08:25 PM
Platform = PC.
1. Negative armor values in the UI.
2. Directional sound bug (delay?) when you hear footsteps behind you when the guy running is in front of you.
3. Inconsistent values in "weapons" subcategory (DMG, CHC, CHD, range, etc.) under "character" tab in the inventory.
4. Heal delay and/or not appearing at the spot where you deployed it.
5. Skill/signature not deploying and going on cooldown.
6. NPCs dealing damage before looking at you / rising from cover / opening doors.
7. "Unable to leave DZ" when you don't pulse or see anyone on minimap.
8. Invisible sealed caches in DZ inventory.
9. GPS sending you all over the place in Underground.
10. Can't access any chat channel after walking from Terminal to BoO.


08-25-2016, 08:28 PM
1. Matchmaking regions. Stop putting me as a US player onto hongkong and Australia. They are ridiculously high pings when I get sub 50ms to all of your American datacenters and even sub 100 pings to Europe.

2. Heal delays from all the heals.

3. Items resorting in the inventory for no reason.

4. Dark zone map-outs letting people glitch out their manhunts.

5. incorrect stats shown on inventory page. Hard to choose gear because of it.

6. Set bonuses requiring you to unequip and re-equip.

7. Turret and seeker mine being completely useless DPS tools for a skillpower build. (not really a bug, just frustrating)

8. Missions failing to start sometimes at the correct difficulty.

9. Appearance item limit.

10. Player voice indicators not working. Don't know which guy to mute chewing chips :(

08-25-2016, 08:29 PM
1) Friendly Explosive Bullets, grenades, detonated deployed skill, Flashbang can destroy Smart Cover. Flashbang, Seeker Mine with Airburst shake screen of allies.
2) Skills breaking (grey) especially with imunizer bag
3) Micro-stutters
4) Skills don't deploy sometimes, you need to click 2-3 times. Happens once, almost always, after you cancel a deployed skill to re-apply it or right after disrupt/on fire effects end.
5) Voice graph is not accurate with the player that actually speaking
6) emote wheel popping up disabling movement or any other control inputs
7) Missions doesn't start
8) Matchmaking sometimes take too much times (we have to change server)
9) Unable to view/drop sealed caches in DZ.
10) Stuck on ladder in UG

08-25-2016, 08:30 PM

Getting stuck behind doors and on ladders and on top of ammo crates.

GPS leads me on a wild goose chase in the underground.

Rooftop Comm mission ammo crate that can't be opened. Mid mission. Not a big deal, but annoying.

Lag spikes and micro stutter - My PC is more than capable of running this game maxed.

Floating guns (both players and NPCs) Other teammates gliding across the room/street/ like on ice, NPCs not taking hit damage and general glitchy game play.

Weapon talents not displaying correct scores in my gear menu and if they are active or not.( I have to reload menus a few times to make them show)

Smart cover gets rekt by sticky bombs, etc

Fast traveling to a daily mission is a lottery where you land and asks me to constantly join the group mission I'm in.( via match making at a safe house )

Unable to start daily missions ( fast travel directly to mission start , not in a safehouse but from the "street" ) and have to exit squad completely and try again - After half a dozen times , I swap to another mission and try later.

PC player. Bugs in a random order.

08-25-2016, 08:31 PM
#1 Loot rewards don't feel very rewarding.
#2 Healing delay
#3 Lag in the DZ
#4 Skill not deploying
#5 PS4 - the sound stops
#5 Mission / Incursion doesn't start
#6 unbalance PVE & PVP
#7 Better DPS/Toughness/Skill in game calculator.

--Not bugs but my own issues with the game
I have too much money and there is nothing good to spend it on.
There is nothing new or good to craft
I feel I get nothing when I have 2000 Phoenix credits or 999 DZ tech. It goes to waste
I have a few million of credits and I can't use it. I have nothing better to re-calibrate

Playing HVT doesn't reward. I have intel that doesn't get use.

The game used to feel rewarding and fun. Now it doesn't feel like a good use of my time.
Thank you for your hard work. I really love the game.

BLC Elder Zimm
08-25-2016, 08:32 PM
1. Lag/Delay or other issues with first aid, has literally killed me more times that I'd like.
2. General stutter/lag spikes, again has literally killed me in the DZ. XBOXONE specifically.
3. Skills locking, becoming unusable, or animations firing and going on cool down without actually working. Such as first aid or smart cover. Total lock requires dying and being revived.
4. Friendly destruction of smart cover, specifically with flash ang sticky.
5. Support station issues, being unable to deploy where you should. Them being destroyed too easily. Immunizer not working properly etc.
6. Glitches on missions starts, Lexington exterior encounter not populating requiring a restart or other work around. Recently found on Hudson Yards challenging/heroic.
7. Mobile cover and Ballistic shield Glitches, I know you did what you had to to prevent them being used to go through walls etc but now they are pretty much unusable.
8. Various invisible walls, collision Glitches etc. Especially in the underground, causing strange visual issues etc.
9. Random inventory resorting, when selling items order of gear seems to randomly resort which has caused accidental selling of awesome gear.
10. Various audio/visual glitches. Textures not loading, audio cutting out etc.

08-25-2016, 08:38 PM
1. Lags lags lags and delays
2. Server sync (DPS/toughness crazy values, backpack stuck to 46 because you use the police backpack before)
3. Smart cover destroyed by flashbang
4. Skills not working and requiring a hard death to reset (greyed out/Locked out skills)
5. Skills overriding each other or canceling each other out (eg. two immunizer boxes)
6. Heal delay, flashbangs destroying Smart Cover.
7. Stuck in ladder
8. NPC not coming out or shooting through doors
9. invisible walls in Undergrounds
10. place where you obviously can take cover but for whatever reason you can't... and die.

Clintonics X
08-25-2016, 08:42 PM
Skills greying out. Player has to die and be revived to fix.

Heals activating after being downed or killed.

Two Immunizers can sometimes cancel each other.

Reload animation playing but gun does not reload.

Flashbang destroys friendly Smart Cover.

GPS in the underground often leads in the wrong direction.

Player stats screen bugs when trying to view stats for primary and secondary weapons. Sometimes stats are combined or reversed.

PVE missions are still not starting with no ability to restart from the map or mission entrance.

XBox One: Pause button often brings up the Intel screen instead of main menu.

08-25-2016, 08:43 PM
Wish there were some of these that weren't on other's lists, but here goes.

1) The Xbox lag glitch.
2) The ladder/dead corner problem ... particularly in Underground it seems.
3) The worthlessness of scavenger abilities past lvl. 30, Nomad kits wouldn't be nearly as awful without it.
4) Poor and repetitive HVT drops
5) Lack of variety in underground drops
6) The lack of scaled loot in BoO
7) Clearer identification of 30/31/32 mod levels (kinda buried now)
8) Some method of at least seeing weapon skins before purchase or knowing if you already own.
9) HVT locations that don't require more than a .5k walk from a fast travel point (looking at the one way to the south of the BoO in particular).
10) Some way to get more than 30 credits MAX in the Underground in 24 hours

08-25-2016, 08:44 PM
1. Heal delay
2. Skills not working (not greyed out but not going off)
3. Smart cover destroyed by flashbang
4. Delta errors on login - certain servers give a random delta error, i.e. character logged off in DZ can login but character logged off in BoO cannot (or vice versa)
5. Players getting disconnected (experienced in Falcon lost and DZ)
6. PS4 sound dropping off
7. Footsteps coming directly from in front of you sound like they are behind you
8. Players glitching into unplayable areas (DZ06 extraction for example)

08-25-2016, 08:45 PM
XBOX ONE -- in no particular order

1) Sticky Bomb blows up Smart Cover
2) Heal Delay
3) Lag in the DZ and Underground
4) Stuck on ladders behind doors and boxes
5) NPC shoot through objects
6) Delta during Falcons Lost
7) Slow UI
8) Skills not working
9) NPCs stuck in wall and can't finish mission
10) ECHOs

08-25-2016, 08:48 PM
1. Getting stuck on stuff. Whether I'm stuck in freefall after jumping off of something, phasing into airducts on rooftops.

2. Sound issues. Not being able to hear enemy fire, or no sound from my own footsteps.

3. Lag. Like when you see and hear the skill animations but nothing happens. Sometimes you'll go to hit smart cover again because nothing happens and you inadvertently destroy your smart cover and the team wipes. Or when all the npcs hit you with a ton of damage all at once. Not because theyre super powerful but because you had 20 guys lighting you up for 3 blocks and the game just realized it and hits you all at once.

4. Matchmaking. Sometimes I'll downgrade DZ Brackets (not to greif but just so I can enjoy killing NPC's in the DZ) and even with a 160 gearscore I will still get matchmade with 255 guys...kinda awkward

5. Missions not starting. Obvious one here. Also I hate it when your halfway through a mission (lincoln Tunnel) and something just doesn't work. Like the door after you clear the tunnel. Also when you get to the end of an underground mission and you can't leave via doors, and everyone just has to quit the mission.

6. Arms breaking. It hasn't happened in a while so I'm not sure if it's been fixed or I've just been lucky. That glitch where your characters arms bug out and you just aim the weapon at your crotch...again, just awkward.

7. Repeatedly reloading. This kind of goes hand in hand with people getting stuck looking at their watch and sliding around or doing jumping jacks. However honestly those are funny and don't bother me...that constant reload though...that ones annoying. (unless your legs are doint jumping jacks at the same time...that excellent display of dexterity is kinda sweet lol)

8. getting pushed around by NPC's. Whether its getting pushed through the floor by JTF, that zombie lady by the recalibration table or the menu police in the TOC. I'm supposed to be a Division Agent...they need to know their place.

9. Hiding spots in the DZ. Glitching into a wall. I really don't think I need to go into depth on this one.

10. Sealed caches not showing up in DZ Pouch (contaminated stuff) It really sucks when youve got 9 gold caches and you have to leave set gear behind because you cant get rid of anything in your pouch.

08-25-2016, 08:59 PM
1. During dailies by joining a group and arrive at start/door/gate or whatever and will not open. Need to exist group and matchmake again.
2). Die and end up crawling around. Can't be healed by teammates and can't collapse. Need to exit group to clear.
3). Getting stuck at top of ladder/in corner etc. Leave to fix or hope dropping grenade pushes you into another area.
4). POV changes screwing up a shot or gets you shot.
5). Shooting AI opponent does nothing.
6). Lag causes getting shot when totally out of view by opponent.
7). Load time could be faster.

08-25-2016, 09:00 PM
On PC.

Inventory capacity randomly drops to 40 items after frequently changing gear (especially backpacks) and mods to compare different builds.

Main stats often do not accurately reflect your current build. DPS, toughness, and skill power may randomly display incorrect values, and will constantly change when hovering over different items in your inventory. The Character tab often seems to display more accurate values, but still does not appear to be 100% reliable. Related: Armor on gear may also randomly glitch and display 0 or negative values.

NPCs can sometimes shoot through solid walls, floors, doors, or from other positions where line of sight should be physically impossible. Possibly related: Instantly dying to NPCs like "Slinger" who are either invisible or simply nowhere to be seen.

NPCs standing in one position when idle, who then instantly teleport several meters to a different position when you attack and aggro them.

Map becomes inaccessible. This still happens from time to time in the Underground (and maybe still elsewhere in the open world?), seemingly when attempting to open the map while running forward or performing some other action at the same time. It usually seems to fix itself after moving your character into a different "zone" as outlined on the map.

The in-game waypoint system will often get confused and give you hilariously bad directions to the next mission objective, especially in the Underground. If you accidentally run past a doorway that you needed to go through, it will often direct you on an unnecessarily long path circling around a large area, all just to get back to the door which was only a feet behind you to begin with.

Getting stuck on objects. On top of ladders, on top of restock crates, on top of Division tech boxes, etc.

Players can glitch inside objects and walls within the Dark Zone, effectively making them impossible to kill.

Crafting materials in the Underground are sometimes obscured by another random object (like a wooden crate), making them inaccessible. Related: Some crafting materials in the open world either simply do not exist at their marked location, or are position/rotated in such a way that they are inaccessible.

The sound of a hitting a chain link fence can be heard when taking cover. Not exactly sure what triggers it, but the effect can linger for entire sessions.

08-25-2016, 09:04 PM
On PC:

1. Heal delay/inconsistencies between activation and proccing of first aid skill and medkits. First aid sometimes takes several seconds to activate after key is pressed. First aid sometimes bugs out and cannot be fired to target location. First aid sometimes causes all skills to bug out and be unable to aim or cast. First aid sometimes take several seconds to actually heal the player or their squad after it has been activated.

2. Ballistic shield bugs out in various ways: prevents use of primary weapons and skills but is not providing protection, does not deploy but prevents your primary weapons from dealing damage, prevents use of weapons at all but does not block fire, does not regenerate shield health when not taking damage even with master mod. These bugs can occur both singly and in combination but do not seem to have a consistent trigger other than "deploying ballistic shield."

3. Smart Cover is destroyed by friendly sticky bombs, grenades, and explosive rounds. Your squad's skills and weapons do not affect enemy smart cover.

4. NPCs in the DZ can aggro through walls and floors, triggering in combat state even when out of range and LOS of NPC. This also applies to NPCs you have purposely disengaged from or are not actively engaging but are within "earshot" of. If I am in a firefight in the subway tunnels, I should not be considered in combat with enemies on street level.

5. Being downed under certain conditions can cause you to be permanently in the downed state until you give up. Bleeding out and taking damage can reduce your bleed-out bar to zero but will not kill you. In this state, you also cannot be revived by your teammates.

6. Greyed out skills requiring death or being struck with CC to reset.

7. Inconsistent "lean" mechanic. Some barriers allow the player to lean over to fire down at enemies below (Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint - control center upper level) while in sticky cover on them while others end up making players shoot the barrier instead (Russian Consulate - server room).

8. Tactical Advance talent does not proc consistently. Sometimes it does not work at all. Evasive action talent only applies damage reduction for the first 1s of movement. Player talents in general are either inconsistent or worthless with very few exceptions.

9. Getting pushed through the floor by friendly NPCs. Best example is the JTF soldiers on the roof of the control center in Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint.

10. NPC enemies rubber banding to you to engage. Example: Cleaner heavies in the DZ can exceed their maximum movement speed (the run animation is sped up in a clearly buggy manner) to catch up to you if you retreat and engage from outside of their effective range.

08-25-2016, 09:08 PM
These are the issues that are on my list:

1) Healing delay of FirstAid and Medpacks
2) Randomly Unusable Skills
3) Survivor link that fires but you still take full damage
4) Downed players that can´t be revived. Sometimes you have to give up so that others can revive you again.
5) Ballistic Shield is bugged and is unusable at the moment. Would be a great asset, but has so many side-effects that it is just too risky.
6) Bugged Talents like One is None that still jam your gun in the wrong moments.
7) Stagger is not always working - is deadly against 34s
8) Ammo issue in Underground. With Waste Not Want not, you start a lot less ammo than what you should have and that is why you can run out of ammo very fast.
9) General skills problem like destroyable Smart Cover / support station that cancel each other out
10) Stuck on ladder

08-25-2016, 09:18 PM
1. All lag during general gameplay and in the UI
2. Skills breaking and becoming unusable until you die and are revived
3. Skills not deploying when they are used. Happens with all.
4. Downed players that can't be revived
5. ladder bug
6. Players getting stuck on random objects and unable to get free unless they die.
7. All Delta, Mike and etc errors
8. NPCs getting stuck behind doors/walls
9. Audio...could also just be due to the lag issues. IE when running around with a group I can here them behind me when they are actually in front of me
10. DZ sealed caches not showing in items to extract bag

08-25-2016, 09:27 PM
My list in no specific order:

1) Game crashing while in Underground, forcing you to restart the entire run.

2) Heal lag/ lag in general

3) Skills graying out, making them unusable. Have to die fully and be revived to fixed.

4) Getting stuck on ladders, some instances breaking runs in Underground.

5) Smart Cover being destroyed by friendly actions

6) Being insta killed after you are revived, giving you no time to react and take cover. A small immunity window would be nice.

7) Getting stuck with blind/deaf spam even when no enemies are around in Underground. Happens every screen reload while in Underground. Only getting hit with a flashbang sticky sees to fix it until next load screen.

8) Support station issues, like two immunizers canceling the effect in dragons Nest, etc

9) Too many irrelevant stats(no need for 4-5 different resists, make into one overall, etc). Makes re-rolling way harder/annoying then it needs to be with so many useless stats implemented.

10) lack of cover (in a cover based shooter) in specific areas in Underground, especially in tunnel sections.

08-25-2016, 09:30 PM
1. Delta Errors (Mike and Romeo errors to lesser extent)

2. Skill lag, specifically overdose.

3. Getting trapped by the map - has happened in multiple locations, but more frequently and specifically in the underground behind bathroom doors and on ladder.

4. Can't shoot. Sometimes the weapon won't fire. rotating weapons or deploying a skill can sometimes correct, or it's simply lag. But it's brutal.

5. Reclaimer lag - when teammates use reclaimer in undergound, the gameplay and audio seems to be affected dramatically.

6. Sound glitch - sound cuts out making it nearly impossible to survive.

7. teammates getting in the way of scope. they aren't blocking my weapon, but I can't see through them without moving. In the underground where space is tight, this is incredibly frustrating.

8. Skill Differentiation - would be helpful to know what heal is overdose, what heal is booster shot etc with different colors or blooms.

9. Saferoom transfer when leaving a party. Why do I need to go to a checkpoint? Most often I'd prefer to leave a group and then fastravel to a point of my choosing.

10. Menu lag - sometimes when i'm in my inventory or another menu, there is unbearable lag. When trying to quickly switch gear it's terrible. This happens quite a lot. At least once per session.

08-25-2016, 09:34 PM
1. skills not deploying or deploys but doesn't activate

2. skills staying gray

3. the gun pointing in the air while shooting

4. running down stairs does a animation where it seem like your falling down or jumping down from a high balcony but all you doing is running down stairs that not high. hope that makes sense hard to explain

5. diving ( double tapping x) out the way from fire only to get sucked into another cover area, where you wasn't trying to go to. haven't seen a lot of post about this so i'm bolding it cause i think its needs some attention.

6.4 piece gear set talents not working have to equip something else then re equip the armor to get it to work

7. the weapon crosshairs on the enemy target while sitting in cover like behind a car will shoot the car not where the crosshairs is at.

8. guns don't fire have to switch weapons then go back to it to fire

9. NPC's warping, slightly moving while getting burn,blinded or disoriented.

10. getting into cover and not able to look over or around some cover areas

sorry one more my honorable mention not sure if this falls in as a bug
11. getting kick from activates like falcon lost and UG without checkpoints is annoying.

08-25-2016, 09:35 PM
1. FPS drop and stuttering on high end PC's.
2. Cannot use skills until die.
3. One shoted from NPC
4. DZ balance
5. Heal delay
6. Loot system
7. Crafting 229 and 268
8. Accurate stats in inventory
9. Assault rifles no bonus in PVP
10. FPS drop and stuttering on high end PC's.

08-25-2016, 09:35 PM
1- skills stop working randomly
2- gear stats randomly change
3- gear mod randomly is removed from gear
4- skills not working properly ex immune support station is out but not making group immune.
5- when missions don't work ex the mission is set but it is not playable like Lexington event center mission loads but does not allow progress
6- not being able to kick a player that is disconnected
7- more accurate stats ex if I have assault rifle damage and it should just raise my dps for my assault rifle not all weapons

I'm a ps4 player. These 7 came directly to mind I'm sure I missed some but here you go!!!

08-25-2016, 09:37 PM
1. UI gets really laggy very often
2. Sound disappears especially when there is lots of explods.
3. Sound direction fails. Player front of you but still i hear like he's behind me.
4. Smart Cover gets destroyed by friendly fire, example Flashbang
5. Healing delayed and many times it disappears.
6. Skill using can be lottery many times.
7. No rejoining back in underground after game crashing etc...
8. Getting stuck in ladders in underground
9. Hitmarks disappears and don't do any damage to NPC
10. Mods are disappearing from gear slots. You have to re-install them.

Platform PS4

08-25-2016, 09:46 PM
From highest to lowest priority

1) 2nd skill cannot be used when smart cover is bugged
2) Server lag / Micro Freezes / Netcode - hits are not registered immediately + dying seconds after hit while being under cover
3) Sometimes can't start classic missions after matchmaking
4) FPS drops on PC (maybe not graphic issue but related to point 2)
5) Teammate sound delay - hearing his/her steps/action with 1sec delay or even more /or in wrong place
6) Stuck on ladder or in some places
7) NPCs getting stuck in rooms/behind doors on missions
8) Disconnection errors
9) Ballistic Shield bugged
10) Game crashes

08-25-2016, 09:52 PM
1. Lags (no damage to NPC and suddenly all hits show up, survival link delay)
2. Random Application Error (especially on Incursion Missions. This may be fatal.)
3. Random Delta Error for entire group member (especially during Incursion Missions and Underground, if this happens we have to do Incursion from start.)
4. Skill not be able to deploy (skill grays out or skill motion show up but does not get deployed)
5. Skill deployed but not affected to team members (I saw some occasions in Dragon's Nest where immunizer didn't affect to other team members)
6. Heal delay (long time issue that has never been resolved)
7. Sound lost bug (this may be PS4 issue but this makes game very difficult to play)
8. Get stuck on the ladder
9. Mods randomly gets removed from gears/weapons
10. Skill goes to different place even when aiming to a targeted location

08-25-2016, 09:56 PM
Downed players that can't be revived
Healing delay of FirstAid and Medpacks
Stagger is not always working
Level 35 NPCS oneshotting you, even when you have with 589k toughness with max mitigation
Survivor link that stills let you still take full damage
Sticky flashbang not working on NPC's
Let us have the same level of weapons the NPC's have and let the named weapons be actually worth farming for
Fix the sound turning off in the middle of an epic battle
Players being able to go to the 160- 201 DZ bracket with a gear score of 255
recalibration station giving more than four choices too many talents to be given just to have only four choices
(IM sorry I have to put at least one more) let the DPS BE ACTUALLY THE DAMAGE YOUR OUTPUTTING

08-25-2016, 09:56 PM
1. Overheal does not register when you shoot it underneath stairs
2. Smart cover breaking when shooting sticky bomb/flashbang
3. Skills greying out; have to go hard down to reutilize skills
4. Falcon Lost specific glitch... will not let you plant a bomb if a teammate has died by the APC. it will always proc you to res the downed player first.
5. UG specific NPCs not coming out of a door; unable to complete mission
6. Specific teammates have to revive you
7. Unable to be revived; circle turns full green but still crawling around and cannot be downed by NPCs
8. Cleaners have radomly spawned in a UG mission with LMB faction
9. DZ lag on X1
10. Unable to start a incursion; set the difficulty and not being able to start the mission

08-25-2016, 10:01 PM
My top 10 annoying bugs:

1) Random skill lock outs where you can no longer use any skills
2) Lack of tanking mechanics - poor ballistic shield performance in PvE
3) Healing lag
4) Ladder bug
5) Graphics lag - I notice this when trying to shoot a NPC sniper dropped stun mine and I need to aim adjacent to the target rather than at it to destroy it
6) Flashbang sticky bomb causing smart cover to drop
7) Support station immunizer not covering whole group (really annoying in Heroic Dragons Nest)
8) The DPS calculation seems very arbitrary and overemphasizes accuracy. It's possible to do more actual damage with less sheet dps on some weapons where accuracy is not important.
9) Teammates covering my sights when weapon scoped or shouldered even though the crosshairs are on the enemy.
10) Unreviveable teammates stuck in the down state.

08-25-2016, 10:04 PM
Love the Game ! but my two Cent's .
1. Skills bugged . Having to die to get them to work again .

2. What you see is not always what is happening . MPC's killing you and not even looking at you ."LAG ,netcode or what ever you call it ." Check with Dice same thing they delt with BF4

3. When ever i swap out gear My pack back will bug out to a 40 count bag .i have to log out to get it to go back again .

4. Unable to join back on group after a disconnection/crash during Underground

5. Drastic Frame rate loss going from DZ4 to D5 and 6 .

6. Getting Stuck on ladders .

7. Numbers on Stats getting all fubarred when swapping gear ." not a big deal but come on its math"

8. Heal Delays or going somewhere else .

9. Can't see Caches in items to extract any longer. Which means i can't delete one to make room for better drop .

Platinum Tyrant
08-25-2016, 10:15 PM
1. Xbox one Studder (Has gotten me killed too many times)

2. Delta Errors (Me and my friends have been victims of this in the Underground only to log back on and be locked out of the instance)

3. Defibrillator heal not reviving my allies half of the time.

4. Smart Cover being destroyed when I use a Medkit.

5. Stuck on latter.

6. Weapon refuses to fire even though I have ammo. (This usually happens right before a Delta Error so it could be some form of lag)

7. Emote animations are bugged. How many times I have seen people walking while doing Jumping Jacks are countless.

8. For some reason when I have the Shield equipped, invisible walls tend to form in the different missions. Even if I throw the shield away I cannot progress. This has happened in the Napalm Production Plant and the City Morgue.

9. This one is rare but its happened to both me and my friend before. Skills will sometimes become unusable and the only way to fix it is if the person who is effected dies and gets revived. Even then it sometime just happens again. It happened to me in the Underground with no Jammer anywhere near us and it happened to my friend 3 times in the same run of Dragons Nest.

10. Random Frame drops especially in high combat areas.

I am sure there are a lot more but these are the ones I have either personally experienced or seen someone experience.

08-25-2016, 10:21 PM
1- Enemies hit damage and points delay
2-Skills don't work bug in dragon's nest
3-Stucking on objects (such a ladders, concrete barrier, cars) bug
4-Laggy servers (when it's not my connection)
5-When somebody leaves the group we can't restart on heroic dragon's nest
6-Reload bug (when it shows like someone's reloading non-stop)
7-Scavenging is broken
8-When enemies in the underground shoot at you through the doors
9-You can't heal yourself and your group mates when you shoot the first aid on stairs
10- When you go start a mission in the UG and you can't see the train

08-25-2016, 10:22 PM
1. Skills and talents not proc'ing instantly.
2. Skills being used without actually giving you its effects.
3. Skills not landing where you shoot them, sometimes going underground as well.
4. Performance issues such as stuttering in DZ and the rest of the world.
5. Some skills destroying smart cover.
6. DPS stat changing randomly. (To be clear, I mean it changes visually in your menu.)
7. A lot of times, especially in Underground, I am aiming somewhere but my crosshairs will be grayed out as if I can't see the target when I clearly can. Happens when you're close to walls and other cover. Meaning I can't actually hit the enemy when I should be able to.
8. When pointing a skill it sometimes immediately goes back in while still keeping it held. It does not use the skill, however.
9. Enemies shooting you before they even look at you. The AI is so quick to react, a lot of times I see their guns point at me and start shooting me before they even turn around.
10. Enemies randomly teleporting. Sometimes the AI will be running together then all the sudden, one will just phase to another area a few feet away from where he was originally running.

08-25-2016, 10:39 PM
The main things and annoying bugs in games are,

1) The very most annoying thing the heal especially on PC (Also the heal delay).On pc sometimes heal isnt able to drown towards ground but sometimes it activates on single button click which is way annoying/

2) One is none talent - its the most important talent mostly used on pvp it just bugged sometimes it wont even reload which is annoying.

3) Rushing shot gunners which makes you one hit kill you even if you have good gears 255GS

4) Server sometimes gives you delta errors its annoying sometimes when you in middle of doing "Incursions"

5) BulletSponge enemies = Kinda like you need 1000ammo to kill one Heavys mobs

6) Flamethrower mobs = fun but != mostly rekt you way fast! BECAUSE when you on fire you cant run fast,you cant use skills (you CAN use medikits but it gives you like 20-50% total health)

08-25-2016, 10:40 PM
(PS4 Player)

1. Audio bugs: complete audio drop out after extended play sessions, chain link fence sound bug, positional audio bug (players in front of me sound like they are behind and to the left of me)

2. Enemies getting stuck behind doors. (happens often in S&D and HVTs)

3. Ammo resupply not completely filling in safe zones. (example: if I have 1/2 of a magazine left in a weapon I shouldn't have to leave a safe area to reload my weapon and return to the resupply box to top off on ammo)

4. Breaking teammate smart cover (shouldn't happen for any reason)

5. Invisible fire, cleaners flamethrowers able to damage me through solid objects. Giant cleaner flames damaging me beyond the visible stream of fire.

6. Healing delay / partial heal / no heal

7. NPCs in safe areas knocking you out your menu (very annoying in the UG mission setup area)

8. Sticky bomb deployment incorrect (happens a lot to me using flash sticky mod, I aim and shoot it forward it blows up beside or behind me).

9. While in cover and diving away from that area (to avoid mortar, etc) you get pulled back into cover to almost the same spot.

10. Enemy NPCs not being affected by sticky flash (happens with rushing shot gunners)

08-25-2016, 10:41 PM
PC player here

Disconnection errors (mostly Delta for me, just happens randomly)
Skills bugging out, have to die to get them back
Positional audio not working. sounds like someone behind me when they are in front.
Microphone icon of who's talking is different from the actual person speaking.
Getting stuck on the ladder.
Striker bug, switching weapons
NPCs shooting you thru the wall in Underground
NPCs getting stuck behind walls
Friendly fire destroying smart cover
Anything to do with the Ballistic shield

And a bonus one:

NPCs knocking you out of menus. I hate that one.

08-25-2016, 10:59 PM
1. Overdose (First Aid Heal) once shot on the ground disappears immediately

2. When navigating the cosumable's menu, agent is stuck in the menu and cannot move

3. Agent gets stuck on ladder

4. AI is looking the opposite direction yet is shooting at an agent

5. Certain times when shooting an AI or Agent the amount of damage is not shown nor does it seem that the AI/player is receiving any damage

6. Skills are unable to be deployed (Getting hit with a grenade fixes this)

7. Sometimes when deployed the first aid will lag to hit the ground

8. When quickly deploying the first aid it will appear somewhere else other than where it was shot

9. Going back to number 8, it also happens with sticky bombs

10. First aid heal goes through the ground

08-25-2016, 11:00 PM
Hi Massive, just watched the state of the game, what a brave move and delighted to see game developers make a decision like this is huge within the industry.

So my top ten bugs are

1. Mouse delay, when I go to shoot nothing happens. ( happens a little bit now happened loads on the first 1.3 patch.
2. Getting stuck on ladders.
3. When using the sticky bomb, and you can aim it but not fire.(almost like it jams)
4. The echoes being stuck
5.reviving people who are down, but sometimes I'm not able.
6.missing tools and electronics that should be there but ae not there.

Thats about it from me

08-25-2016, 11:01 PM
Delta Error 201082

Failure to log in (takes up to 30 minutes to finally log in sometimes), disconnect when joining random groups. all in all a bug that takes half my game time when i can be bothered to bare it.

08-25-2016, 11:04 PM
Getting kicked while in a mission, you lose your intel and get nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mainly happens in the UG but it has happened incursions

08-25-2016, 11:05 PM
Lag - stutter. delay, net-code and tick-rate (especially in the Dark Zone)
Skills - becoming unusable/greyed out due to trying to delay while under status effects and the delay of deploying them causes them to be accidently destroyed
Smart Cover - destroyed by friendly flash-bangs and explosive rounds
Character Stats - DPS, head shot damage, crit chance, etc all jump all over the place for no apparent reason while in menu
Dark Zone Caches - not showing in inventory, unable to delete
Gear-set bonuses - lose striker bonus when switching weapons/tacticians not working after switching around gear
Underground - getting shot by NPCs before doors open/while opening . getting stuck on ladders/chests. Not able to use elevator or exit mission, and the GPS leads us all over the place
Animation - players getting stuck in reload animation and stuck in emote wheel
NPCs - getting stuck in rooms/behind doors on missions and unable to complete mission without restart
Reviving - If you try to revive yourself with a support station and the station dies in the meanwhile, you get stuck in the revive state

08-25-2016, 11:09 PM
Getting stuck at stairs.

08-25-2016, 11:10 PM
1- Skills bugging out, requiring death or relogging to fix
2- Heal and skill delays
3- Gamepad aim assist should NOT work on PC, very unfair advantage
4- Sealed caches not showing in your DZ bag
5- Audio positioning bugs (things in front of you sounding like they're behind you, etc.)
6- Invisible weapon talent proc status (i.e impossible to know if/when talents like Capable or Competent proc'd)
7- Gear set talents not proccing occasionally (i.e. Tactician)
8- Deploying aimable skills (heals, stickies, etc.) often go nowhere near where you shot them, often missing their target by 20 or 30 meters.
9- DPS and Toughness figures changing for no reason, or showing wrong levels (i.e. toughness changing depending on what equipped weapon you are highlighting)
10- Inventory re-sorting itself after each operation

08-25-2016, 11:12 PM
I'm sorry for grammatical and syntax mistakes, I'm not a native speaker.

1. Skills not working.

1. A shortkey to use skill on yourself because double tap use to bug. In a general way, more keybinding on PC

3. Elevator not working in underground and missions doors closed.

4. hard transition between gs215-220 to higher gear.

4. wrong DZ brackets , a lot of players are in the 231+ while they're gs ~220

6. NPC's shooting through walls / shooting but not looking at you.

6. ladder bug

8. too few Social intercations, there's no guild/team or social event.

9. There is no medikit in ammo case at the start of an underground mission or in an incursion.

10. An option to show a timer of skill cooldown

08-25-2016, 11:16 PM
1. Heal skill delay.
2. Enemies not facing you but still getting shots off.
3. Enemies shooting through walls.
4. When an ally is right behind you in your field of vision but not actually in front of your gun, it still behaves like they are which blocks your shots.
5. DPS, Toughness, and Skill Power UI doesn't update in real time.
6. Critical Safe Houses do not show up unless you fast travel to another location after first login.
7. Massive (hehe) screen shake when using the Seeker Mine explosive skill.
8. GPS in Underground sends you all over the place.
9. Reload stuck animation.
10. NPC's getting stuck in rooms/doors not allowing mission completion.

08-25-2016, 11:25 PM

My top ten bugs:
1- sounds disappearing and have to relog
2- server lag/delay (switching to different server causing the game to have delay and lag specially in DZ)
3- infinite loop of stagger from reclaimers set when using explosive bullets (which u can triage the consumables)
4- heal not properly functioning ( either heal has delay or cannot use any skill) this problem causing by fire status effect and disrupt status effect
5- people going through walls (by using mobile cover and cover to cover methods)
6- RNG LOOT SYSTEM in underground
7- smart cover can be destroy by your party member and smart cover (trapper) will get the negative effect on non hostiles
8- can revive some1 even if your on fire, staggered, shock etc..... and reviving allies too fast
9- some high end talent not functioning properly like "Inventive" sometimes u have check once in awhile if your getting your skill power even if your full health
10-cannot see allies smart cover or pulse and Hostiles pulse or smart cover

just named the worst 1 out there for me and have more but rest of the bugs im not gonna name it cuz some ppl don't know this bugs yet

08-25-2016, 11:28 PM
1- Skill Jamming: deploying support station with double tap while in some effect is the most easy way to reproduce it.
2- Heal Lag-Misplacement: died thousand times due to the heal proc on myself. It takes one second to start healing, but in that second you died. Sometimes you point somwhere not so "plain" and the heal lands somewhere else...
3- Smart Cover fragility: nothing can break enemy's smart cover, but everything can break yours. Explosive rounds, Sticky bomb, grenades, etc.
4- DPS Formula needs a revamp because its totally meaningless right now.. Toughness is in there too...
5- One is None: weapon jam on very high rate of fire guns like mp7 + RoF mag. It has been "fixed" several times but, as long as the bullet is "added back" into the mag by a buff instead being not discounted it will remain on laggy/de-synced conditions
6- Missions not starting
7- Bug where your backpack is stuck at 40, no matter what backpack you use, relog need to fix
8- Smart Cover in PVP is very OP.. Maxed smart cover makes people invincible and one-shot you... and nothing cant get them out of there.. shocks, sticky, incendiaries, etc are useless in smart cover+inmu combo... "Nerf" or make it breakable with some very expensive skill (idk, sticky bomb, but with 1 minute cooldown or so)
9- Ladder bug in general.. UG is the most affected area.
10- UG Phases checkpoint and re-matchmake: UG is not being fun, not because of the way it works, but the way that people works.. 3-phase is the best rewarding.. but if an ******* gets out of the group in phase one you're practically screw.. even if the ******* is not an ******* and is someone that get's DCed and takes more than 2 mins to get online (i.e. ISP Problem) he can't join anymore.. UG should be open to joins in the same way that story missions are.. so, if someone gets out of the group you don't loose the intel/time you already invested in the operation; you just re-matchmake, invite a friend or wait till the DCed guy comes back online...

NOT BUG, but whatever: Falcon Lost checkpoint after second bomb wave (maybe third in heroic)... I could also suggest bomb-carriers to be named elites like the four horsemen, but that might de-balance the incursion (which in my opinion is already de-balanced by the shotgunners)

08-25-2016, 11:29 PM
PC Platform:

1. Missions not starting even after resetting. (eg. Russian Consulate doors not opening)
2. Skills not deploying in mission and gets reset at checkpoint (current fix is to completely die and get revived)
3. Delay/collision with deploying first aid skill at the ground
4. NPC's getting stuck behind doors during missions
5. UI Map bug
6. Backpack changing slot allocation
7. Unable to rejoin missions after getting disconnected
8. Unable to unequip mods
9. Getting stuck on ladders
10. Player in third person view has a broken arm while aiming

08-25-2016, 11:38 PM
1. DZ should not drop purple or lower gear than the score reads. 231+ or higher should not drop 164 or even lower than 204
2. NPC shot gunners bad killing from 50 mtres away or through their on bodies to kill players.
3. Cleaner need to check how the burning area cover as players are killed even when not hit by fire.
4. Big cleaner should not be able to climb containers as really to large to climb with their weight and what they carry.
5. Reward system for players who need a gears set and tried for long time to get but cannot get, Get a reward that players can choose for themselves by doing a task in a time or way that need to be really hard.( be it a Underground or HVt or time event) Great reward for serious hard task.
6. BoO venders need to sell only what the players ranking is to them. No use to have a green selling or blue when player is rank 255 and won't look at vendor. I have million of DZ credits nothing to buy.
7. non- used weapons need to buffed to equal level as the meta guns. No use looking nerf the meta guns does not work that way. The G36 was nerfed now noone uses it. SMG nerf noone uses it, to set the gun that is meta as benchmark and make the other guns as good ast the meta. Need a Dev to work on this weekly and update with game every weekly update. Non used guns need to be as tough as meta .
8. Need the community persons and Devs to play with the high ranked players in each country by looking up names in stats and playing with them and their playing hours being as mine for example is over 1200 hours and get feed back from the people who know the game back to front. Playing with friends and youtubes is ok for they may have a 100 to 200 hours but stat leadrs know what wrong.
9. be more pro active less reactive. I see this a lot in leadership if you are not above the curve you lose. Be more pro active in what you do. I see a time measure that may constraint with new games that lose huge group of players if actions don't happen before new games arrive in October.
10. Have more stuff for us as more means less. When we have to much we chose to keep good over bad but more seems to make you feel have heaps of stuff.Quality over quanity is what I say.

08-25-2016, 11:40 PM

skills not usable (grayed out) / not activating even though they're available
heal delay / first aid heals going below the floor / not where you aimed them / auto-locking on players
NPCs shooting through solid doors / walls / obstacles (mostly in underground)
smart cover being destroyed by friendly grenades/flashbangs/explosive ammo
immunizer effect removed from group when 2 immunizers are up and one goes down
missions not starting, usually after matchmaking - requires logout and login
DPS display in menu is completely borked / weapon stats in character screen are often mixed between primary and secondary
downed/revive indicator is often not displayed so you cannot see where downed group members are or if you're reviving them
sometimes when behind cover, you cannot shoot over the cover even though visually the gun is above the cover
ballistic shield

08-25-2016, 11:41 PM
1. Lag
2. Anti-cheat not working. Really; it's embarassing how many cheaters there are in this game on PC. It MUST be a bug because you claim there is in fact anti-cheat running.
3. Skill bugging out with immunizer... makes farming 4 horsemen suck
4. Heal registering too late (i.e. you pop your heal and then die even though you popped it
5. NPCs shooting through doors in Underground
6. /report not working. It always tells me I cannot do it, but there are so many cheaters I am tired of uploading video of them all.
7. Rubber banding on the map interface
8. DPS and other stats bugging out all the time even though nothing has been changed gear-wise.
9. Sound delay or no in-game sound registering at all.
10. Sealed caches not showing in extraction inventory.

08-25-2016, 11:53 PM
Now, the fact of the matter is that it isn't the bugs that are ruining our gameplay experience. As you have said in the very first sentence; "You know now that Update 1.4 will focus entirely on improving the core gameplay experience. "

The second sentence: "who best could help us identify the ones that should be on top of our kill list?"

Well to answer, that would be your userbase. We know the ins and outs of this game like nobody else (~60-70 days played), so for you to help make the game better we shouldn't be talking about bugs. Everyone knows about the bugs. My nan could list off a top 10 bugs list. So contrary to your rules, I shall give you a top 10 list of ISSUES. Make no mistake these are very different than bugs and THIS is what your userbase is getting frustrated at, NOT the bugs.

So first let's throw out rule #1: "Make sure to only list bugs and technical issues. Balancing will be discussed in other topics":
I will NOT stick to bugs. This is the first time you've given us a voice and I daresay it'll be the last. We won't talk about balancing later. You may, but then again you don't play the damn game.

I think after all the blood, sweat and tears I've poured into this game I deserve for you to hear me out. It won't take long and I won't harangue you over minor issues. These are the biggies.

#1. Where is this game going? Underground was just another set of side quests, very stealthily, you created a whole expansion by designing maybe one or two levels and people will play it for ages until it's finished. You found the knack at creating an addictive game, Congratulations.
If Survival is /anything/ like this I can see a great portion of your users leaving and never coming back so please; listen.

#2. Timescale. The game, if you were your character, looks exactly the same as it id on day one. The only thing that has been upgraded is the BoO. I mean there's /still/ two dead bodies lying outside in /plain view/. The weather is beautiful, the lighting is even more spectacular but are we stuck in some temporal loop of only one day?!
Mix things around a bit. Change material stores around, add in the occasional side mission or encounter. It doesn't have to be different than the usual but just make sure something is happening!! We have roaming patrols (still moaning about events that occurred months ago and talking about people that have been dead for months (i.e. Bliss)) and that's it. At endgame, it really is END GAME.

#3. As you mentioned, balancing is a serious issue but please, please keep in mind the solo player. It's not a solid multiplayer and YOU designed it to be that way, so why so much flack against us. We can't use the DZ due to Rogues, we can't play Incursions (even in groups!!) and Underground is catered in a similar manner. After level 20 you need your group!. So a simple suggestion to level the playing field: Solo player ONLY Mercenaries. They do maybe 10-20% of your own damage, have statistics relative to your character and revive you if you go down. If they go down you need to revive them too to keep them in the game.
I mean they don't even have to be human, I can imagine animal companions giving the same effect but it's a little bit Fallout for my taste (though Central Park Zoo /is/ quite close (*cough* Tiger *cough*!)

#4. Worthwhile Builds. Currently the only worthwhile builds are Striker and Sentry. Believe me I've tried to make the very most of every gear set you've made and in various combinations but the former dwarf any other play style, making it very tedious for most. Not me as I enjoy building them, searching for pieces etc but the vat majority just don't have the time for that unfortunately.

#5. SORT OUT THE DZ. Make it PvE only or PvP only. The mix is NOT working and as a result is incredibly frustrating and I'm not even talking about NPC stats. To save a lot of time and effort; make PvP similar to Battlefield or CoD and make PvE similar to a VERY intense version of the surrounding town (not quite as intense as it is now though). If you wish to keep the DZ's uniquity then be my guest but let it sit in a tertiary category.

#6. Sort out the crafting. One minute I can't get enough Performance mods for electronics, the next they're nowhere to be found. I realise you wanted to drift away from crafting, but then how are we meant to get mods?! You don't give us good BPs, you don't give us mods in the outside world, you only sell purple mods, the list goes on. Just have a brainstorm about it (WITH a player in the room!!)

#7. Recalibration is an absolute nightmare. It takes me a week to save up enough to recalibrate one item properly, not to mention weapon recalibration (with which you DEFINITELY haven't used the standard RNG!!! I'm spending 100PCs a pop and after about 10-15 separate rolls still haven't even seen what I need.Make it tricky but not impossible, please!!

#8. DZ items and solo players do NOT mix. I feel like I've missed out on half the game because I don't have friends to play with. This is almost virtual bullying to some and to others it's just cutting a HUGE portion of the game out.I hope you're proud of yourselves.

#9. We NEED more content. More weapons, more talents, armour, clothing, weapon skins, things like poison gas grenades like the Fumigators, things you'd be able to find in the dying ruins of New York, melee weapons, gadgets (like torches or throwable items to distract guards...I dunno but it all seems too thin. I mean you don't even havee Glocks; THE most common firearm in America!!). Personally I wouldn't miind a Desert Eagle and the MP5K. Also what's the deal with being unable to pick up enemy weapons, I thought this was supposed to be realisti...wait, nevermind!! It was never meant to be realistic. A posh Saint's Row is about on the money here!

#10. Finally: Loadouts, Weapon Skins takin up space, Cloathing limits, Stash size, character relative drops (i.e; if I've used an LMG for less than 0.1% of my entire play-time, then don't give me a damn LMG or at leat make it a bit more tuned in!!), Named weapons (make them worth something!), the MOUNTAIN of bugs and /Continuous Progression/.!! How long has it even been in game time since we started? Sure winter must have ended by now and if not that then at least sort out the character dialogues and/or environmental changes (due to events going on in-game such as abandonment wear and tear. I mean we killed every leader of every faction and they cvarry on as if they were still there. Do you not think they'd be choosing new leaders, rioting in the streets, gang warfare breaking out etc. You don't need to go the whole hog but at least think about the consequences of the character's actions!!

Sorry for being a bit shouty but this is the very first time you've given us a voice and as someone who has spent a long time and invested as much money as possible into this game, I don't think I/we deserve to be treated like this. At least hire someone to scan the reddit page each day and if good ideas come up then take them seriously. We love this game and it feels like you're dragging us down the garden path sometimes and yet we're so loyal we get up the next day and sing your praises. So for once can you at least feign an effort to get in touch with US; your fanbase because if you don't then soon you may not have one anymore. More and more are quitting each day and I know you don't want that to happen, I don't want that to happen either but as time goes by it gets harder and harder to ignore the blatant flaws in your game.

I can't wait for 1.4, I can't wait for Survival but if they don't deliver then I'll have to walk, I'm sorry but this is 2016. There are no excuses for such rampant sloppiness.

I wish you all the best in the next year and I sincerely hope you heed my advice.


08-26-2016, 12:06 AM
top bugs for me

Grayed/Unusable skills and requiring a hard death to reset.

skills overriding each other or canceling each other out

Skills/Talents not applying.(heal is so important)

delta errors

NPCs getting stuck in rooms/behind doors on missions

getting stuck on debris

Smart Cover being destroyed by friendly Flash bangs

multiple taps of buttons to get a skill to work

one is none weapon jam

tactician and sentry bonus not activating or you just cant see the marks

please do not take all my gear sets I have put so much time and energy into and change them around. Just leave them alone please. A dad that only has so much time on his hands.

08-26-2016, 12:16 AM
Top 7 bugs that you will notice every time you have a game session:

#. Category/type [why it's important]

- Specific bugs

1. First Aid [Vital for combat]

- May not or take too long to proc after bouncing.

2. Smart Cover [Vital for combat]

- Any friendly exotic damage will destroy friendly smart cover.

- Activating smart cover while aiming down while not in cover will destroy it.

3. Gear switching issue [Vital for combat]

- May sometimes not allow switch mask in the Dark Zone, unless in safe area (i.e. safe house). Sometimes it works outside of safe areas...

4. Sound related [Vital for PVP combat]

- Insynced sound of other players.

5. Skills related [Vital for combat]

- Skills getting locked.

- Skills that doesnt work on group members.

- Survivor link getting bugged when activating it along with First Aid at the same time.

6. Weapon related [Vital for combat]

- Weapon cannot shoot or reload in certain times [One is none bug?]

7. Map issue [Vital for combat and normal gameplay]

- Player may sometimes get stuck between objects.

08-26-2016, 12:40 AM
1. Getting delta and mike message after game crash with a blue screen on PS4.
2. Game crashing in missions on PS4.
3. Stiker gear set buff not working correctly after switching weapon.
4. Audio bug on PS4 sound cut out.
5. NPC shooting through wall in underground and normal game play.
6. Get stuck on a ladder in the underground.
7. Skill not working correctly.
8. Reviving teammate bug normally after a teammate dies I go for the revive but due to the fact the square button will not show up on a player to revive then they ever die die or it's a guess game to revive.
9. Revive bug 2, a teammate is dead dead sometime revive a teammate in the dead dead state well sometime not give the option to revive etc a teammate is dead dead I go to revive the person but they are to close to a wall or cover location so the display is block out to revive, so need to walk around till even it show the square button or a another player will need to revive the player sometime it can take up to a less a minture till the player is revive.
10. Weapon not firing after a reload and lag causing damage to NPC showing incorrectly.

08-26-2016, 12:52 AM
1. Heal delay.
2. Skills greying out requiring full death to reset.
3. When deploying a skill quickly it may fire off in a random direction (try to shoot heal at feet, instead it lands 20m to your right).
4. One is None still occasionally jamming your weapon.
5. NPC's facing away and still shooting you.
6. (don't know if bug but...) When covering next to a teammate, aiming is certain positions makes the game think you are behind your teammate. Your crosshair goes green and any bullets you fire do nothing because the game thinks your'e shooting the back of a teammate.
7. When running your footsteps sound like they are happening 5m behind you, resulting in it sounding like someone is chasing you.
8. "Cannot enter checkpoint while in combat" even after killing every living thing in a 300m radius.
9. Everything about the ballistic shield.
10. Deploying smart cover while ADS instantly breaks it, Friendly flashbangs break smart cover.

08-26-2016, 01:20 AM
1. when i join a group mission/incursion don't matter, i see team mates reloading their weapons nonstop, annoying.
2. floating weapons.
3. and why cant we hack enemy gadgets, and they can?

08-26-2016, 01:22 AM
1. Audio cutting off on ps4 (starts slowly then completely stops)
2. Skills becoming unusable/greyed out. Need to hard die to reset
3. Delta error while playing
4. Unable to start/reset a mission unless whole group disbands (mission prompt doesn't start when you enter)
5. Unable to start a mission due to team member not meeting requirements when they clearly do
6. Talents being greyed out on items even though meet requirements (need to usually restart inventory screen to fix)
7. Team member skills/bullets destroying smart cover
8. Gear mods leaving gear in inventory
9. NPCs getting stuck in rooms/doors unable to be accessed by players
10. Heal skill delay

08-26-2016, 01:25 AM
Sound Loss

08-26-2016, 01:26 AM
1. Player Model glitch where gun shows vertical position behind cover making character glitch out until death.
2. skill bug where they randomly grey out.
3. Shotgun Sentry's Call where players and one shot other players.
4. ladder bug.
5. NPC Scaling after endgame making Time to Kill too long.
6. Loot system not working correctly with player Scavenging percentage.
7 Cheaters.
8. Delta Errors.
9. Delays with heal, flashbang breaking Smart Cover.
10. game performance n the DZ.

08-26-2016, 01:29 AM
1. Healing delayof skills and medkit before they make any effect
2. Enemies shoot at you through the doors in the underground missions
3. Really Bad Drops in Underground
4. Getting stuck on ladders in Underground
5. NPCs too strong
6. Lag Problems
7. GPS in Underground is making us go crazy
8. Sometimes sounds disappear or are in delay
9. Sometimes after I reload I have to wait some time to start shooting again
10. Sometimes the game freezes (e.g. underground)

08-26-2016, 01:29 AM
01. Short time freezing gameplay.

02. Delay of First Aid heals, or going through floors.

03. Positional audio (Especially in the DZ.): When someone is running in front of me, they sound like they are running behind me and vice versa.

04. Wall glitching NPCs. I cannot shoot them but they can shoot me. Plus, they either stop the progression of my mission and I have to restart (This happen in an Underground operation.), or they drop loot that I cannot collect because it is behind a wall. (This happen with this week's high-risk HVT in Stuyvesant.)

06. Getting stuck on ladders, rubble or anything on the ground. (My brother got stuck on the rubble that players dropped down on in Dragon Nest during the last encounter. He engaged the entire incursion standing on that rubble, unable to move, while we revived him when he dies.)

05. Equipped skills becoming unusable until death reset.

07. Freezing (Unable to move, change weapons, etc.) or being stuck in the emote wheel, unless pressing the menu button on my controller.

07. Invisible sealed caches in my contamination bag. (FYI, this could be higher on my list post Patch 1.4 loot changes.)

08. Incorrect display of stats (DPS, Toughness, Skill Power.) when comparing gear.

10. Floating weapons.

I play on the Xbox One, own Underground DLC and installed the current patch.

08-26-2016, 01:33 AM
1-Getting disconnected in Incursion and UG

2- Shield not working at all

3- Flash bang destroying smart cover

4- Ladder glitch

5- getting stuck on environment

6- matchmaking and then starting on other side of map

7- marking people in DZ with pistol without them going rogue

8 - Skills not working and have to kill yourself to get them back

9 - Delays on heals

08-26-2016, 01:36 AM
Wow, you guys! Thank you for sharing in such concise detail.

08-26-2016, 01:53 AM
1. STRIKER"S GEAR SET switch weapon bug!

2. FL Heroic mode disconnection.

3. Inventory in UG will be interrupted by NPC

4. DZ box will not not display in inventory

5. UG not sound

6. UG stock in any where not just even at stair!

08-26-2016, 02:02 AM
PC user - UI designer/dev by day.

1/ I fast travel to BoO and I'm outside even though I want to be inside. I fast travel to safehouses and I'm inside even though I want to be outside.

2/ Missions not starting/ending -- Or in UG, I'm unable to go to the next phase because the elevator door won't open. Or when we've all completed the UG mission and we can't take the train back.

3/ When I climb onto a ledge, sometimes my character will immediately climb back down. Frustrating when NPCs kill me due to this.

4/ Lag, delays, and disconnections -- when you're shooting at an NPC & then you're instantly dead without them having made one shot.

5/ Ballistic Shield, Smart cover, heal and all the associated issues listed by MarcoStyle -- I group this into one category because these things were part of the game from the very beginning and has never properly worked correctly.

6/ Too much time spent in the menus -- I can press "I" to enter into my inventory, but I need to hit "ESC" multiple times to exit. As a power user, I don't need/want to see all the (nicely polished) fade in/out animations. I want to get in to the menu screens and get out as fast as possible. This is exacerbated by the fact that NPCs will bump into you and knock you out of the menu screen; you end up having to do everything again.

7/ Lack of audible cues -- My BLIND gearset bonus dropped a flashbang? Make a noise. My weapon talent kicked in? Make a noise! Not knowing when these features/bonuses proc makes me think they never work.

8/ Useless levelling mechanics -- Levelling up to 30 was fun because there was character/stats progression. DZ levelling had **NO** stat progression. UG levelling had **NO** stat progression. If I'm DZ99, I likely can handle 3-phase, 5-directive Heroic Underground -- but such content is locked out. I'm forced to spend time ranking up the UG's new levelling system. This is what makes levelling in UG feel as if it's an artificial chore. Does Survival have another levelling system?

9/ Too many different types of currencies -- HVT intel, UG intel, regular funds, DZ funds, Phoenix credits, Div tech, weapon kits... What's worse about this setup is that these currencies are not interchangeable. While I enjoy playing the UG's missions, it provides me with no PxC so then I need to go and do daily HVTs or Lexington (which don't provide me with much of anything other than PxC)

10/ Gear Score as a metric -- We know that GS doesn't show a player's true damage/toughness yet it's being used everywhere. It's a metric to gauge whether a player is "capable" of running Challenging incursions. It's a metric to gauge which DZ bracket you're in. It lulls unsuspecting players into assuming they can DO Challenging incursions and it matches terrible noobs with veteran rogues in the DZ.

08-26-2016, 02:06 AM
PS4 issues.

1, Missions not starting.
2, Skills freezing in UG
3, Killed by invisible grenade in UG
4, Lag
5, Sound dropping out

Couldn't think of 5 more actual bugs, so just take these and times them by two! ;)

08-26-2016, 02:20 AM
Firstly just like to say to the support crew and Massive... this is a great initiative you've started and my continued optimism of this game is bolstered yet again. Thanks guys.

1. Lag stutter 'worldwide' .5-4sec variable lengths

2. Heal delay

3. 'Resurrection' button same as 'pickup loot' (picking up friendlies loot by accident many times)

4. Enemy shooting through walls/carpark floors with bullets/flame

5. Analog dead zone in Game Controls does not save - reverts to 40% on reentering the game after restart

6. Invisible Sealed Caches in DZ (unable to view or drop)

7. Friends list not showing either myself, or other players, so unable to invite or join group, yet shows as playing in Xbox Live

8. News segment in GUI should not open Ubisoft Club (no hyperlinks in this area). Perhaps move this segment to the already existing Ubisoft Club segment in the bottom left of the GUI (streamline GUI - too many 'Back' hits to get out of menus)

9. Players hiding containers/walls

10. Audio - 'running' surround sound behind, when player is in front of you

Plastik Veteran
08-26-2016, 02:22 AM
1. Low server tic rate causes terrible hit registration.
2. Healing lag.
3. Flashbang stickies & grenades destroy only friendly smartcover.
4. Support stations cancel out when two are running at once and one expires.
5. Skills becoming stuck in cooldown, and only dying will reset them.
6. Riot shield is extremely glitchy, and can leave the player using only their pistol as other weapons do no damage.
7. During gameplay a player can get stuck in the emote selection screen.
8. When a flamethrower is shooting through a fence, the flame stops at the fence but the damage is still present after the fence.
9. If you are aiming a skill (eg. sticky bomb or first aid) and get staggered whilst aiming, the skill becomes glitched for a few minutes or until death.
10. Tactical Advance and Strike Back talents cease to work if interrupted.

08-26-2016, 02:23 AM
1. Dodge rolling and getting stuck in-between objects.

2. Seeker Mine not deploying.

3. First Aid not activating.

4. Ballistic Shield not deploying.

5. Unable to shoot gun with Ballistic Shield deployed.

6. Some skills remaining on cool down until death

7. Being hit by NPC (rushers) well after I've moved away from them.

8. Revive station not auto reviving.

9. Not being able to take cover on Mobile Cover

10. Auto canceling my Sticky flash

08-26-2016, 02:35 AM
Over 43 days played across 4 characters. Here's the top-10 bug issues.

1. Skills that are used while an agent is moving often flies off and lands elsewhere than intended by agent. This includes First Aid, Smart Cover, Sticky Bombs, probably all skills. This also includes ultimates, plenty of times I have popped my defensive ult when moving, I see it goes gray but don't get the buff.

2. The healing effect from First Aid takes between half a second to a second to actually heal agents. Thousands of agents have lost their lives because of this. They shoot down a heal on the ground, walk into the heal, and then die from NPCs before the heal could heal properly.

3. When you have Smart Cover next to you and your teammate shoots a sticky at an on-coming enemy, only to blow away your Smart Cover, wiping the whole team as a result. Explosive bullets, stickies, grenades, all seem to cause friendly fire to Smart Cover.

4. 25% of all the stickies I shoot just flies off and disappears into nothingness. This usually happens in conjunction with moving. You can clearly see the sticky fly off, the skill goes on cooldown, but instead of hitting it's target or a wall it just vanishes in the air.

5. Enemies in the UG and in other instances where they hide behind locked doors, sometimes can get locked in / jump through walls and hide somewhere without aborting the mission. Extremely frustrating when it happens on the third phase of a heroic mission. Here's a video of it happening, it looks like we shoot a healer NPC with explosive bullets and somehow he just passes through a wall and escapes. https://youtu.be/wQtp7OE4nLg at 1:42-1:47 you will see the bug live. Video is set to "Unlisted" for your convenience.

6. Elevator door sometimes does not open in UG.
Extremely frustrating when you've just finished phase 2 on heroic and the elevator door won't let you get to the final phase. There even is a button next to the elevator, maybe use it as "fail-safe" for everytime the door won't open automatically, you could activate it by pressing that button?

7. All the times I can not use skills for any of the following reasons; either all my skills goes gray and I can't use any, or it's not grayed out but I still can not shoot my skills on the ground, everytime I aim, agent pull out the skill thing only to holster it right after.

8. Gear set problems. Sentry's call not showing any marks, Tactician not counting friendly players damage.

9. Ladder bugs, and other bugs that cause your character to get stuck in ridiculous spots where no ordinary man would ever get stuck. For example sometimes when you open your consumables menu you get stuck and can't back out or re-take control of your character. Or you run into a corner behind a door, and you got 2 newspapers blocking your way back, and somehow the agent don't know how to step over news papers. Or like in this video (another Unlisted one), you just try to take cover and end up rolling into the object. https://youtu.be/Dp75hDY2qsw

10 . Fix the THREAT mechanic! It unlocks so much of potential for classes, or at least more specialization.

08-26-2016, 02:54 AM
1) skills being froze in an inactive state (soooooo annoying uggggghhhh!!!)
2)UI lag
All the other bugs I can tolerate but these two drive me crazy!!!

08-26-2016, 02:55 AM
1 overpowered shotgunners
2 lag in section of underground
3 DZ. Npc overpowered
4 no pve switch for dz play, cause getting killed non stop by ahole rouges when farming gear sucks
5 sentry / shotgun meta
6 mini map fast travel lag on xbox one
7 non stop server transfers on xbox one
8 matchmaking in underground and right near last boss before downing him to have 1 or more group members quit .
9 stash space needs improvement
10 HVT targets loot drop needs improvment( ie the loot they drop sucks)

08-26-2016, 03:12 AM
PC Player
GTX 970
Uverse internet 18mbs speed (advertised speed)

1) Invisible walls in underground

2) NPC's shooting through doors and walls in UG

3) Shooting an enemy in UG will result in only a few hits being taken (kinda hard to explain) Could be a partial invisible wall, could be something else.

4) Perma Ban cheaters after 3 strikes.

5) Skill healing duds, double tap skill on keyboard results in a dud, skill resets.

6) Healing skill shots are sometimes delayed heavily.

7) skills sometimes do not activate.

8) not enough room in Stash, should be 200.

08-26-2016, 03:16 AM
first things first: nice effort

in no particular order: (PC)
1. elevator for next phase in underground not opening (gamebreaking)
2. skills grayed out until death
3. ladder bug (gamebreaking)
4. NPCs shooting through doors (UG)
5. getting stuck in generators/small rooms with loot crates (UG) (gamebreaking)
6. smart cover getting destroyed by friendly skills
7. Overdose disappearing/appearing on some random place on the map
8. can't heal other players/can't be revived by other players
9. enemies warping like Banshees

most important:

10. Cheaters in the DZ are the most annoying issue for me today. I really like the concept of the DZ, but i won't enter it any more until i know this has been "fixed".

08-26-2016, 03:23 AM
1. Skills jamming/greyed out, especially in combination with shooting first aid and the heal-projectile not deploying (this forces your character to die in order to reset your skills)
2. weapons sometimes not working after reloading (one-is-none still bugged?!) (ps: I would love to see this talent be removed from the game anyway since it forces you to spec into it if you want to maximize your dps, and in theory there is no point in not using it - I would like to see it being replaced by something more interesting and less buggy)
3. first aid skills sometimes not working/healing the player when double clicking the skill - the skill is on cooldown, but the heal did not go off
4. hard to recap this issue, but random game crashes to desktop in a variety of situations - in almost all situation thedivision.exe is the cause (your sticky post "Crashing in The Division" could not alleviate the problem)
5. sometimes invincible NPCs/shots and dmg not registering
6. not able to restart missions when the leader of a new group has aborted the same mission with a previous group
7. scavenging stat and mechanic not working or at least unclear and intransparent for players
8. some echos in the PvE world are still not collectible
9. groups of NPCs in the DZ teleporting after getting shot/going into combat mode - usually only a few meters, and the members of the group teleport at the same time irrespective of which member got shot (latency/net-code issue?!)
10. in the underground after activating a lever - NPCs shooting through opening blast doors

08-26-2016, 03:57 AM
These are Specific to Xbox One

1/ Skills lagging or not woking during Incursions
2/ General game Lag
3/ Game randomly crashing
4/ Being shot by NPCs through Underground "Garage Doors" prior to door opening
5/ Rooms being "locked" once a HVT has been complete, therefore sealing any gear on the ground away
6/ Menu freeze on emots and consumables
7/ Getting stuck on random objects or being bumped during sprinting
8/ Invisible Caches
9/ Underground run couldnt be completed after being cleared, due to the leader/host being dropped or timed out. Group members then cant kick leader from game to finish the run
10/ Group members leaving an Incursion if a player/s are dead on the ground, waiting to be "revived". Unable to leave game or kick yourself.

Kobra Kahn
08-26-2016, 04:20 AM
1. Skills not being able to be used if a med bag gets stuck.
2. Shooting through walls in Underground
3. Phases 2 and 3 not opening occasionally
4. Mobile Cover bugs
5. 2 or more Placed skills (Med bag, smart cover) cancelling out each other
6. Getting kicked/ dropped and not being able to rejoin in underground
7. Fast travelling keeps you in the same spot
8. Darkzone in combat bug preventing you from leaving the DZ
9. Players not going rogue when shooting people in the head with a pistol
10. Players not going rogue when shooting other players

08-26-2016, 04:59 AM
Only a few major issues for me rest are pet peves or what ever it is called.

Playing on PC

1/ Running to a ladder and getting stuck
2/ Skills being used and not dropping where you aim / using the heal and it is placed in a wall or 10 meters away from where you placed it on the ground maybe in the open instead
3/ Lag spikes both in open world and Darkzone, even had it happen in underground and failing the mission due to no heals being accepted and no hit registration
4/ Got shot through walls in underground
5/ Still having issues from time to time with Challenge mode or Heroic mode not starting when using matchmake
6/ Darkzone bug with in combat and having to do a dance run a bit away from the door run back and able to leave the Darkzone
7/ Scan still not working as intended sometimes not getting my buff still happens in the pve map and in darkzone not getting Scramble buff

Pet peves
8/ The crates and such you can see on mini map and can bump into a invisible box 2 places one close to a uav drone on top of a building you can bump into it and see something is there on the minimap, the other one is were you had a side mission with a LMB officer and his 2 lieutenant's also able to bump into some invisible box marked on the map but unable to loot it
9/ Issues with the Vendors low item level items compared to a persons gearscore could maybe look into it scaling
10/ Tacticians gear sometimes the buff does not kick in right after i do a lone gear swap for ammo and swap back to tactician and people start to fight npcs would think it is a problem in regards to the damage being started before i get my 4th piece on

A few big issues in the mix but most i take it will be addressed down the line.

08-26-2016, 05:24 AM
1) Invisible Walls/blocks/holes in ground that keep you stuck in place until your killed.
2) "One is None" after reloading locking up weapon so it won't fire untl you swap.
3) Stuck climbing ladders
4) "Can't Target" skills/Invalid Target even though mob is only 5 feet away.
5) Trying to revive a team member & nothing happens.
6) Combat rolls that "Grab" cover next to you when you didn't roll towards it..
7) NPC's knocking you out of your inventory
8) Walking into BoO or down to TOC
9) Teleport to team member that "fails" then sent clear back to BoO
10) LS "autoload" failing

08-26-2016, 05:51 AM
1. unuseable skills
2. skill/heal delay
3. reload bug with LoneStar Set, when weaponswitching it won´t releoad yout full magazine but only standard capacity without mods
4. stuck on ladders or invisible walls
5. incorret display of stats like toughness after switching equipment
6. deployable skills getzing destroyed by teammates
7. map lag or moving map after releasing the mouse button
8. npc´s knocking you out of inventory
9. teleporting to other players sending you back to BoO if the other player did not finish loading its new location
10. npcs shooting through walls

08-26-2016, 05:54 AM
1. Active Skills locking up/ not being usable mid Underground mission.
2. "Tech Support" Talent not extending Pulse Duration.
3. Hit indicators/floating damage numbers disappearing when someone else joins party mid combat.
4. NPC's looking a different direction but shooting opposite. (most likely due to lag/ bad matchmaking)

5) Trying to revive a team member & nothing happens.
6) Combat rolls that "Grab" cover next to you when you didn't roll towards it..
7) NPC's knocking you out of your inventory
8) Walking into BoO or down to TOC

I'll just use these to finish out my list since they have all made me mad at some point in time.

I would also like to add about the reviving thing... sometimes the entire revive UI completely disappears even though the person is still 'downed' moving around.

08-26-2016, 06:07 AM
Like in the title, I'm on PS4, and I play on a physical disc copy of the game.

1. Sound glitching out.
-Sound starts to dull, and only bullets can be heard, then everything cuts out including people's mics.
2. Delta Error during Falcon Lost
3. Ally's skills destroying smart cover
4. Skills stop functioning and deploying, eventually graying out.
5. Sometimes matchmaking for incursions, the mission doesn't start up properly and the only solution is to leave your group and try again.
-This happens, I think, when you've started the mission in your instance, went through some of it, went back outside, and tried to matchmake again
6. Sometimes it doesn't let you change from Hard to Challenging or Heroic.
7. Enemies coming out of doors start shooting you before the door actually opens
-Happens in many places... Warren Gate, Falcon, etc.
8. Sometimes there's lag in the player menu.
-The button presses take a while to process.
9. There's an HVT daily or weekly or something where it's in this garage place.
There's one garage you enter from the outside, and a second garage on the inside. When the mission is complete, if you go too far into the area, that second garage will close and you are completely trapped in there. And if you're still in combat because of nearby mobs, then you'd have to reset your game to get out.
10. I don't know for sure, but the last time I used 'One is None' talent, it still jammed your gun.

08-26-2016, 06:25 AM
Hi all,

Here is my list of bugs, and there is no order of preference here.

1) Micro freezes on Xbox One
2) Sticky Bombs and Heals not deploying and the skill going into cooldown
3) Coming out of a load screen, to start running, just to be dropped back into the load screen
4) Early First Wave X-45 pistols uable to take grips
5) Graphics glitch were all highlights on screen are severly blown out
6) Watching textures slowly atchup with you while running

I'm sure that there are some more but i'm a little distracted here at work.

Hope this helps :)


08-26-2016, 06:29 AM
1) In-game voice chat on PS4 stops working in the Dark Zone. Everyone uses party chat so unfortunately proximity chat is virtually non-existant. This occurs despite all team members port forwarding as per your guide.
2) First Aid heal on team mates doesn't always work.
3) First Aid heal delay on self.

I hope 3 still helps as I couldn't think of 10. Most bugs I've encountered have been isolated and don't seem to reoccur so they're difficult for me to recall.

08-26-2016, 06:30 AM
Ballistic Shield: It's an easy one to test, just pull out a shield and start shooting.
Randomly your shield will disappear, at which point you can switch to other weapons, however only the pistol will do any damage.
Calling a extraction with a bugged shield? Fill the air with as many flares as you want, no extraction will come.
Shield protects against npc's but not players when bugged like this.
Can change skills, however you can't use whatever skill is in the ballistic shield slot until you load, whether by checkpoint, fast travel, etc.

Rolling out of a grenade or APC hit and still getting hit by it. Most likely culprit: client doesn't update your location until the roll is completely finished, so the server says you still got hit.

Ladder issue in the underground

NPC's not leaving spawn areas in underground and in incursions

08-26-2016, 06:37 AM
1. Skills graying out
2. Skills not deploying even after deployment animation
3. Random disconnect errors
4. Friendly skills destroying friendly smart cover
5. Gear switches not correctly displaying current stats
6. One is none causing weapon locks
7. Agent movement freezes i.e., friendly agent just skates across the ground
8. Main menu freezes
9. Gear disappearing from inventory
10. Caches not showing up in DZ bag

08-26-2016, 06:51 AM
1) GENERAL - Self-heal delay or healing dropping in wrong location
2) GENERAL - Being unable to use skills thus having to die - particularly annoying when playing solo or last person in team alive.
3) GENERAL - Ballistic Shield being totally unusable
4) GENERAL - Friendly players destroying smart cover with flashbang/sticky etc.
5) DZ - Sealed cache not showing in DZ backpack section
6) GENERAL - Support station revival failing or station expiring before revive completed thus leaving player unable to be revived.Seems the player who dropped the station can revive but painful if you happened to be the unlucky person who originally dropped the station.
7) UG - Stuck on ladders
8) UG - NPCs getting stuck behind a door if it closes too soon or they dont move due to players being to close.
9) GENERAL - Sound seems to lag behind and foot steps can be heard behind but the player is in front of you. Direction sounds out of wack
10) GENERAL - Stuck on UI when using the stash if for example you deconstruct a gear mod or attachment and having to exit out of menu then go back in.

08-26-2016, 06:56 AM
1. Heal delay
1.1 Heal delay
2. Unable to fire when shouldering after reload (mostly ARs), need to holster and shoulder again
3. Loading crashes at launch and login loading screens (GTX1070, latest nvidia drivers, beta Geforce Experience) - I sent several crash reports about this via Uplay
4. Grayed out skills (hard death to reset)
5. Sealed caches don't show up in DZ bag
6. Stuck on ladders
7. Long fast travel and launch loading times (the game could use more memory resources on high-end GPUs and systems with more than 16GB RAM)
8. DPS calculation/stat bugs
9. Visual inventory bugs / inventory partially/slow loading
10. Skills not compatible with each other (smart cover/sticky)

08-26-2016, 07:11 AM

MarcoStyle had made a video on the bugs. Thats my top 10.

Thanks Massive.


08-26-2016, 07:11 AM
1. Stutter in DZ
2. Getting stuck in objects
3. Skill Grayed out/ Non usable
4. Heal Delays
5. Disconnection in Underground Leads to removal from group
6. Smart cover getting destroyed by friendly grenades or explosive bullets or sticky bombs!
7. NPC's shooting through cover!
8. Exploits allowing players to run much faster, shoot through objects, and shoot at insane RPM!
9. Incursions or missions not starting after joining a group via matchmaking (relogin required to fix)
10. Insta-death after revive when shot at by NPCs!

08-26-2016, 07:17 AM
PS4 version:

1. Skills not working (graying out), can only be fixed by dying (or sometimes by switching skills).
2. Skill bugs in general (e.g. Smart Cover getting destroyed by some friendly skills or all the issues with Ballistic shield)
3. Disconnect / Delta errors
4. Lag / Performance / Netcode issues, especially in DZ
5. Heal lag
6. UI Lag (that can only be temporary fixed by leaving the menu / inventory and walk or wait some seconds)
7. Missions / Incursions not starting which can only be fixed by leaving the group (e.g. group leader fast travels to Dragon's Nest after already starting the mission from a safehouse)
8. Sound Bug (sound just stops working after a while, seems to be the case when using weapons with high RPM?). You can't even hear your teammates talking anymore
9. Caches don't show up in your DZ bag
10. Some enemies don't leave their spawn area (e.g. don't come out of the house they spawned in and have to be killed by using AoE Damage Skills/Grenades)

08-26-2016, 07:19 AM
1. Heal delay
2. Cannot use skill bug. Need to dead to reset it
3. Stuck at some place like ladder or rope
4. One is none bug
5. Dark zone lag unbearable
6. Too many loading in darkzone that prevent player to run
7. Vigorous chest with booster shot first aid can give damage boost and damage resistent to a rogur player. It not heal the rough but give benefit of the booster shot
8. Anything that can destroy smartcoverby accident like sticky flash bang, seeker mine, explosive bullet.

Shooty guy
08-26-2016, 07:35 AM
in order of most impact/annoyance to least:
1) Heal Skill deploy delay
2) Ladder bug (i was able to get out of this once by hitting "B" but only once)
3) "Stutter lag" or "micro lag" screen freezes for a second or two, but NPCs are not affected.
4) Heal (defibrillator mod) not reviving teammates when deployed at distance (or me when I am downed before my heal takes effect and the heal globe is just sitting above me.)
5) AI shooting me through cover and/or doors/walls.
6) Skills deploying at a distance without holding the deploy button to deploy that skill at range.
7) Not able to deploy skills at range unless aimed at a player (when aiming at walls/floors the cursor shows invalid target)
8) Underground: pathfinding leads us in circles when moving to the next area.
9) Underground: Mad skills bug: when holding the deploy button, if you cancel the held skill, the other skill goes on cooldown. (no skill used)
10) "Container dancing" (hold "X" to open container and just walk back and forth in front of that container, release "X" and hold again to open container)

08-26-2016, 07:43 AM
1. This bug happened to me twice. DZ funds zero out and funds wouldn't add to wallet. Lost over 800K Dz funds.
2. Delay healing.
3. Ps sound delays/cuts out.
4. Dz cachet not appearing in backpack.
5. Skills not working/grey out.
6. Stuck on ladders.
7. Scavenging never working right
8. Delta errors
9. Insta die while running around different map areas.
10. This may not be a "bug" but I think it is not being able to run Dz solo.

08-26-2016, 07:45 AM
1.Bugged skills/ Skills won't work and require full death to fix
2.Heal Delay
3.PS4 Sound Bug
5.General Directional Sound Bug
6.Ladder Bug
7.Players Glitching through objects in the DZ
8.Smart Cover destroyed by friendly skill
9.Load Bug between Dark Zone Areas causing my character to stop running
10.Shield Bugging out my guns
(Not sure if everyone gets this or not but) Visual Bug on PS4 character selection where outfits bleed through other outfits

08-26-2016, 07:49 AM
1. Frenquently (for sure) crash of one or more player in Falcon lost eroic on PS4 platform.
2. Skills not working, or not deployed, or accidentaly distructed by a single button press (change this please)
3. Stuck on ladders and/or obstacles
4. Npc/civilians walking close to u interrupt inventory inspection
5. Unable to re-join group after disconnetcion or delta errors (Ui say Disconnected but player is already on-line and can't join because of himself still in group)
6. Difficult in teleporting at DZ check point when a friend icon is over Check point icon
7. Gear set talents stop working... happens for sure in tactician, strikers, sentry and predator
8. wall-break is still possible with mobile cover
9. Ability destroyed by friendly fire but not by enemies (Sc for example)
10. Useless emote (remove them) and consumable wheel is hard to use during combat.... find a nother way to select consumables on console.

08-26-2016, 08:27 AM
1. Smart Cover being destroyed by Team Mate
2. Skills activation delay or not working at all
3. Getting shot by the ghost no AI but still taking damage
4. Enemies not fully coming out of spawn location unable to kill or collect loot.
5. Nomad gear not recharging health on fatal blow (why not just make the 4th piece 100% health)
6. Predators mark and bleed transfer does not work
7. No sound or surround giving sound of person in front of you but footsteps behind you (yes I do have my headphones on the right way round lol)
8. Randomly getting stuck in things like restocks or bins.
9. Stats changing when nothing has been changed by me (I always change things with no skills active but they do change DPS Toughness etc)
10. Revive Team mate wheel just keeps going round no revive or they crawl away and you get stuck in the revive position.

P333 EVS
08-26-2016, 08:41 AM
1. HEALING DELAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Skills getting greyed out.
3. When a team member gets disconnected and doesnt come back, you cant kick them. (maybe allow remaining members vote to kick)
4. Missions not starting correctly.
5. Xbox stutters in Dark Zone (makes it unplayable)
6. gear mods dropping off gear pieces.
7. Sticky bombs destroying friendly smart cover.
8. One in none still breaking weapon if it activates at the same time as you press reload button.
9. nowhere to match make for HVTs

08-26-2016, 08:47 AM
All on PS4:
1. One is None - While no longer having to swap weapons all the time, there is sometimes a lag of a couple of seconds before weapon will fire.
2. Still getting stuck on ladders.
3. Unable to rejoin group in Underground if disconnected or forced to leave due to getting stuck on a ladder.
4. Loss of in game chat in the DZ (does not happen elsewhere).
5. Invisible grenades and flames (usually when fighting cleaners).
6. GPS in missions sending you in totally random directions and circles (once in Underground it told me extraction point was at the start of the mission).
7. Sometimes passing through walls, etc into out of bounds areas when entering cover in combat.
8. NPCs seeming to get stuck in spawn rooms behind closed doors (you have to shoot through the door to progress).
9. DPS on weapons varying when no modifiers have been applied.
10. Occasional lag on healing effects(Deploy firs aid, nothing happen, pop and med kit, fist aid kicks in, wasted med kit).

08-26-2016, 08:56 AM
1. Team mates disconnecting during falcon lost (Delta error). Sometimes the whole team gets booted out the mission on the last round.

2. Skills not working at crucial moments.

3. When trying to view your characters clothing, the screen zooms out or sometimes goes gray and you have to back out of the menu and re-open it again to see or inspect your characters clothing clearly.

4. Jumping out the way of an NPC trying to hit you with a bat, golf club or axe and still getting hit even though you are nowhere near them.

5. Cannot fast travel to DZ checkpoints because team mate blips are covering the DZ checkpoint icon.

6. Healing circle falling through the floor

7. Re-rolling gear slots and getting the same things 90% of the time. The prices for the next re-roll then become extremely high for example 1 million and over which is a giant waste of hard earned coins.

8. ISAC sometimes won't shut his mouth and keeps repeating the same thing over and over again.

9. Anoying woman who keeps staring at you and invading your personal space every time you recalibrate.

10. Sticky bomb explosion sometimes Does nothing. No damage numbers appear, No damage to the enemy, no nothing.

08-26-2016, 09:00 AM
#1: Inventory UI bug where armor values bug out and go into negatives and give you incorrect overall readings on your toughness. This occurs randomly when you are swappiing around pieces of gear or gear mods when you are trying to get your desired build.

#2: Lag when accessing map, inventory and other UI.

#3: Micro stutters during gameplay

#4: Skills bugging out during gameplay. Only dying or logging out fixes it.

#5: Getting stuck on ladders and in other random places.

#6: Heal delay.

#7: Talents not working as described.

#8: Smart cover being destroyed by friendly actions.

#9: Scavenging not working.

#10: Unable to join back on your group after a disconnection or crash when in the Underground.

08-26-2016, 09:13 AM
1. Not being able to use any skill(mostly incursions and underground) and gets fixed when you restart game or after hard death
2. Getting stuck on ladder and sometime fall from maps in underground
3. once you get disconnected(delta error) you can't join the same group (underground, incursions)
4.Even though you're shooting at MPC(on their face) the damage is not being registered or LAG
5.Heal delay and sometime it drops somewhere else than targeted place
6. smart cover getting destroyed when team uses medkits or sticky bomb(flashbang)
7. While doing incursion you catch fire and get effected by gas thrownby MPC even when we're in immunizer range
8.When you leave smart cover the buffs stays for couple seconds (enough to melt someone)
9. Ballistic shield (whole shield skill needs re look it gets bugged every now and then)
10.MPC's or say AI when they are running Crowd control(flash, shock turrets) doesn't work

08-26-2016, 09:20 AM
Here is my Top 10

Platform: PC
1. Cheaters (yeah, they are back and destroying the community, at least those whom not left already, you have to speak with Blizzard/Activision to get their anti-cheat solution from Overwatch)
1. NPC balance (whose genius idea was that UG challenge mode should contain level 34 LMBs exclusively while they an order of magnitude more powerful than any other NPCs and they swarming like cockroaches while they are supposed to be an elite PMC also every NPC is ******* bullet sponges)
1. Netcode (yeah guys, your netcode sucks, terribly. Who the hell uses TCP only for a shooter when timely delivery is the key and you also put people together from different continents. Few weeks ago we run into a group of Chinese rouges, yes we live in the EU)
1. Gear (90% of the gear sets you have introduced are outright garbage, there is nothing outside of the few metas and the constant nerfing isn't helping either)
1. PVP (one of worst design, it only enforces paranoia and distrust, it should be advertised as: "Be a ****". While you can lose everything in Eve-Online if you pvp but you have the tools to identify potential hostiles)
1. Loot (as you mentioned in the SotG it sucks, to do CM/Heroic you have to get the gear from CM/Heroic also due to the zillion modifiers the loot you get is 99.99999999999% garbage making it impossible to gear up properly)
1. Weapon balance (most of the weapons are outright garbage, there is no reason to use most of them like burst weapons which have insane recoil which makes you miss 2 shots from a 3 round burst)
1. Ladder bug where you stuck on a ladder until an NPC shoots you and your team mates revive you, unless
1. Skills bugs (skills getting stuck, deployed to point where it wasn't intended, etc.)
1. Lack of content/game mechanics: Every single mission and incursion is just go there in kill that. There is a need for more variety like defense (similar to the encounters), hostage rescue, extraction (like to get a vaccine out of a heavily guarded compound but the carrier cannot die or the item will get destroyed)

Yes, all of them are intentionally number 1 as all of them are equally important.

08-26-2016, 09:21 AM
1) Healing Delay (especially in DZ)
2) Skills not working deploying - until you die
3) Smartcover destroys bug
4) mods suddenly unequipped when log in
5) mods cant be unequipped / weapon cant be stripped
6) revive team mate bugs and cant revive / get revived
7)cache not appearing
8)getting shot through walls/cover by npcs
9)dps / toughness / SP stats change wierdly while in inventory so you cant see the correct stats at all times (and no this is not cause of the equip changes. I can have the same set show different stats randomly and its super frustrating)
10) smartcover / sticky / support stations blowing up or disabling when double tap casted (deploy in position)

08-26-2016, 09:22 AM
Heal delay and deployment not where you aimed.
Skill grey outs and having to die to get them back.
Skills not working correctly (ballistic shield in general, smart cover destruction, etc).
Skills overriding each other or canceling each other out (eg. two immunizer boxes).
Stuck on ladders.
Weapon jams (one is none related).
Enemies not looking where they are shooting.
Lag issues (teleporting enemies once you shoot them).
Sound direction from other players (footsteps sound like they are behind you when they are infront).
Unable to re/start an incursion/interact with board for Search and Destroy in some safe houses

Fuz Fragstealer
08-26-2016, 09:25 AM
Platform = XBox One:

1. Bug - Stutter/lag/freeze

A: Dark Zone - When you enter a section of the map with other players, or other players enters your segment - the periodic stutter/lag/freeze gets significantly worse.
At worst, you are talking periodic 2-4 second freezes in which you have zero control and no screen updates.

B: Underground - There is similar stutter/lag/freeze in the Underground - although not quite as severe as in the DZ

2. Loot & RNG - The RNG driven loot engine does not peek at what I am already wearing (or have in my inventory) and/or what I have recently rolled, so every new roll is just as likely to be crap as the previous one. IMO, the RNG should take a peak at the gear rolled and compare it to the same set piece/gear I am wearing or have in my inventory, and increase the chance of improving one or more statistics compared to the current gear - instead of just rolling another piece of junk. Naturally, this has to be done carefully - so that you don't max out your gear too fast, simply by doing new rolls. This goes for High End or Emerald dropped loot, chest loot, cache loot, completion reward loot and crafted gear.

3. PvP - Wall/Box glitching - This is often seen in the DZ, where a rogue can hide inside a closed container or concrete box - and hence be invisible/invulnerable.
It seems you mostly have taken care of the PvE glitching, but it is still plenty of locations in the DZ which need a "You have been caught exploiting and killed with triple penalty" box.

4. PvP - Damage boost scaling or counter - The infamous shotgun is one, two or three shot kills when you have the right bonuses and skills applied, and your only counter is distance, which unfortunately is hard to keep - unless you are running away and even then you take a lot of damage at a fair distance. A suggestion would be that you take less damage in the back during PvP?

5. Bug - Heal delay / fail - when entering the last segment, and under heavy fire - using a medkit or self heal appears to trigger late, or not at all (too late?)

6. Bug - Set talents/bonuses are glitchy - Tactician, strikers, sentry and predator in particular. In addition, the ammo and medkit bonuses needs to be hard linked to actually wearing the pieces to achieve the bonus. Now, people equip the police backpack and two Lone Star pieces and load up on ammo, then switch to a different set. This removes the tradeoff between using a resource boosting combo (2 x Lone Star, 2 x Alpha Bridge), and using a damage boosting set (Sentry, Striker, Predator).

7. Bug - Getting stuck on ladders and other obstacles. If it is lower than knee height, I shouldn't get stuck on it!

8. Bug - The sound of others trailing their actual position (Someone running in front of me, sounds like they are running behind me).

9. Display Bugs - Wrong statistics showing

A: Displayed statistics are not always correctly updated after swapping gear/mods
B: Loot stats for weapons from caches does not show base damage
C: GS displayed is not the same as GS calculated for tier access. IMO, gear in your stash should NOT count for the tier access GS - as you don't wear it when you open that inner DZ door, or climb DZ fences.

10. UI Design - Confirmation
Serial operations should show a running log of confirmations, and not require you to press B to go back to repeat the operation.

A: Crafting - Show a log of what is crafted, and no dialog with B to go back to craft again.
You could still press and hold X to dismantle your last craft - and the dismantle probably need an undo, like for sales.

B: Selling - there should be a log of what you sell, and no B to go back to sell another piece. You could still press and hold B to buy back you last sold piece(s).

C: Caches - there should be a log of what you have received, but no B to go back to open another piece - note that there is a bug here too - if the last item you destroyed had an attachment and you needed to confirm it's dismantling, and your next item is a cache - the confirm dialog doesn't close

08-26-2016, 09:27 AM
Hello !

A the question is about bugs and not game improuvements or QoL, here is my list :
- all skills bugs (Smart Cover, Ballistic Shield, healing delay, Support station, greyed skills...)
- AI shoothing through doors
- Walking at very slow pace bug (need disconnect to fix)
- double jumping out of grenade area to automatically take cover on the closet cover
- GPS troubles in Underground
- Underground directives bugs (Waste not want not, Mad Skills)
- Invisible caches
- restarting a mission while it is not finished does notrestart it, must change difficulty
- locked out missions on matchmake
- Elevator doors locked in Underground


08-26-2016, 09:27 AM
The following are issues I experienced running on PC :-

1. Bug where a mission/incursions would not start and having a replay button for missions to restart
2. The first Falcon lost door coming down from street level to the tunnel would not open
3. When changing the gear sets, the inventory space were reduced and did not changed back when the gears are switched back
4. Lag in using first aid
5. cant go into safehouse or checkpoints in DZ due to aggro from NPC which are far away
6. skills not working halfway through missions or underground
7. an inventory button to safe gear sets equiped or configuration
8. Lag issues where players in a mission kept shooting at the NPCs but the NPCs does not register any damage
9. Smart cover being destroyed when a friendly player used a flashbang in close range or immediate area of smart cover

08-26-2016, 09:28 AM
1. Bugged skills/ Skills won't work and require full death to fix (it happens every day to me, probably because I’m alphabride with caduceus, so I use my skills too often)
2. Heal Delay
3. Skill delay (for example, when the inmunizer time is over u still have to wait 2-3 sec to putt he next one, even if ur skill is ready)
4. Missions not starting correctly. (also happens every day, not always, but EVERY DAY)
5. Randomly getting stuck in things like restocks or bins
6. NPCs seeming to get stuck in spawn rooms behind closed doors
7. DPS on weapons varying when no modifiers have been applied
8. When changing different gear, sometimes it appears a negative armor that won’t come off until u log off
9. Sticky bomb flash not doing anything when u use it just after the effect of the last one wores off (it happens always so u can reproduce this with a caduceus) if u plant the second sticky and detonate it just after the first one effects wears off the second one doesn’t do anything…so I have to wait 2-3 sec between them.
10. One is none causing weapon locks

08-26-2016, 09:31 AM
Great what you are doing here guys. I play on XBoxOne and here is my list of my most annoying bugs as follows.

1) Skills (specifically heal) delay - dying in a cloud of green not nice!
2) Getting stuck on ladders, and other stuff, and having to die.
3) Lag (XB1) or stutter every 3 seconds jumping forward making it hard to combat, or when hitting NPC's the damage numbers do not appear.
4) Skills getting grayed out, and cannot be deployed, during gameplay.
5) Audio repetition (An agent has......... over and over again) after dying and re-spawning in a safe house.
6) When putting mods in, sometimes one mod gets removed (usually from the chest piece)
7) Smart cover gets destroyed to easily after putting it down, i.e. When deploying smartcover it doesn't always go down first time so I hit it again, it then places it down and then immediately destroys it.
8) Revive wheel keeps going round, and round, and round, and round but not picking up the agent
9) Game crashes - specifically when in the dark zone (usually happens when rogue, or manhunt - ouch)
10) Not being able to open a container, dancing around it and having to move back and forward.


08-26-2016, 09:40 AM
1- UI Glithces
2- Friendly Smart Cover Destroy
3- Heal Delay
4- Skills not Working
5- Delta Errors
6- Negative Armor
7- Cant See Sealed Caches in DZ
8- Enemy Looking Another Way but Can Shoot You
9- Stuck on Ladder
10- Mission not Starting

08-26-2016, 09:40 AM
1. CC gas ball skill not functioning properly.
2. CC napalm ball skill not functioning.
3. Non-functioning cover especially UG corners and UG railing obstructed by floor articles (trash).
4. Support station gets destroyed by AoE attack while under overhead cover - Falcon Lost.
5. Getting fire damage behind cover after napalm grenade by NPC lands on opposite side of cover.
6. Gas grenades by NPCs have no visual cue.
7. Getting "stuck" to cover when you want to dodge/roll away.
8. NPCs hitting player (usually assault rifle npc) before pop up behind cover and in UG before vertical door opens.
9. NPCs not clearly marked in UG when player is above NPC with cuttered airspace (pipes, machines, subway car blocking 50%+ of view)
10. NPCs hitting player from angle that camera and reticle cannot achieve over the shoulder. (left shoulder touching cover, left shoulder hit, camera over right shoulder, cannot achieve a firing lane due to obstruction between right shoulder camera and NPC)

08-26-2016, 09:44 AM
1) First aid heal - sometimes when firing at feet it appears some metres away.
2) Since using my current alpha bridge build, when reloading ammo, my dps drops, when clicking into weapons in inventory it goes back up.
3) Don't know if PS4 exclusive but at extraction point in DZ1 (near gas station) players can glitch into the containers.
4) Sometimes when firing, my gun jams, only switching between primary and secondary, then back again will fix.
5) It's like ISAC is high most of the time. He wakes up every 10 mins for a catch-up. Important messages like "a player is leaving your team" need to be heard immediately. I once played a whole mission on heroic, then had to listen to him freak out for 10 mins afterwards as he described everything that happened during said mission.

Thanks for listening to the community.

08-26-2016, 10:02 AM
VANITY ITEM CAPS!!!!! FIX IT!!! I cant take any isaak operation item and i loose LVL 40 Underground close because of that!!! I will die if i have to wait for fix till october!!! ITS must be first priority!!!
Because i will loose all month vanity items !!!!!!!

08-26-2016, 10:04 AM
The most annoying and persistent bugs for me, on PS4:

1. Laging issues (when navigating the menus, as well as severe server lag that pretty much freezes the game in the DZ);
2. The sound glitch on PS4 (sound will break in the middle of a fight, making it as if the battle was being held miles away from the spot);
3. Skills stop working or don't activate despite being deployed;
4. Healing skill lags or isn't applied fast enough resulting in character's death;
5. Overheal doesn't work in the underground tunnels around The Pit, when deployed on the floor (it passes right through the floor);
6. Skills being destroyed by teammates;
7. Inability to sometimes perform revive to friends;
8. Getting stuck on supposedly solid structures, such as boxes, forcing us to log out;
9. Disconnection errors (Mike and Delta) persisting;
10. ISAC indications will repeat endlessly;
11. Damage indicators stop working, or we fire without dealing any damage to targets;

08-26-2016, 10:06 AM
Here i go:

1- Heal Delay and bad aiming
2- Pulse sometimes you press press and press and its not working
3- 75% of the door on underground are kinda transparent (you know what i mean)
4- Stuck in some stairs
5- With i high rate of fire when you spaming ammo is like you dont hit to nothing (is a visual problem?)
6- You're character move the mouth in underground when Paul rhodes speak you in the radio (at least in my character)
7- Sometimes when you're aiming the weapon and you are watching the red cross you hit the wall
8- invisible things on underground and other minor places
9- Ammo glitch on underground with directives on
10- Starting game on windowed screen (full) and if you change to fullscreen there is a 90% chance to use ctrl+alt+supr to close the game

08-26-2016, 10:10 AM
1. Delta errors / other crashes during incursions, underground, etc.
2. Sound dropping out
3. Smart Cover getting destroyed by friendly explosive rounds, etc
4. Skills greying out
5. Pumping rounds into NPCs but no damage registering (at all)
6. Pumping rounds into NPCs but delay to damage being dealt - probably when my connection is slow so not a bug, but you never know?
7. When group privacy is open, invitations just sitting there with the individual not actually joining. When you cancel the invite it just reappears so you end up with an incomplete group.
8. There's something weird with the ammo directive in underground where you seem to either start with a fraction of the ammo you should or it drops right down really early in the mission. Not just losing ammo when you reload as intended.
9. Heal delays.
10. Double immuniser cancelling each other out.

These are all PS4.

08-26-2016, 10:13 AM
1. The delay in healing -- if you heal whilst ADS it's instant, if you don't it can sometimes work right away but sometimes not. Sometimes you deploy, see the green mist go up, and still die because it hasn't triggered a heal. You basically have to pre-empt when you think you'll need a heal (ie when you are about to hit the final health bar to proc critical save) as if you wait the delay will probably get you killed.

2. Getting disconnected/game crashing in the middle of an incursion/manhunt

3. Sound cutting out

4.. Missions / incursion / UG not starting

5. Ballistic Shield issues -- unable to use skills or sometimes even fire when using it until you get downed

6. Skills greying out / not deploying

7. players still able to glitch inside parts of the DZ such as under the DZ6 extraction, or the crates near dz1 extractions.

8. Waste not want not consuming ammo when reloading an M870 -- you add shells to it not changing a magazine

9. One is none not working on the final bullet in a magazine

10. Getting a 30 second respawn timer when you die and are not rogue

08-26-2016, 10:42 AM
My Top 10

1. Heal not landing where is should and/or with a delay.

2. Friendly disabling of Smart Cover.

3. DC during missions (especially FL) and not being able to re-join straight away.

4. Vigorous not working via support station.

5. Tech Support not working on all skills.

6. Commanding not working on Survivor Link.

7. Missions not loading properly if you start before fast travelling there.

8. Greyed out skills.

9. Having to double-escape when closing stash on BoO.

10. Incorrect in game player stats.

QOL Suggestions

1. Standard amount of ammo for all. (Additional idea)


2. Thanks for the up-coming craft all feature :) (My own post below)


3. Rogue timers could stop near check-points, and lower at 50% less speed whilst moving.

4. Hard content should be hard for level 30 players.

5. 4HM farm should be removed prior to new gear sets and/or a higher GS.

08-26-2016, 10:47 AM
Platform = PS4
1. Audio fails - in game audio and voice chat audio as well.
2. 4 piece sentry mark not working even when multiple headshots are placed on enemies.
3. Getting stuck on ladders or behind doors.
4. Sticky bombs blowing up friendly smart cover
5. Gear mods don't stay on gear.
6. Missions not starting.
7. NPC not coming out from behind doors
8. Overall lag during gameplay as well as in menu while in safe house or BOO.
9. Enemies way to overpowered, especially for low geared solo players.
10. Enemies shoot through walls and ignore the player's armor, hitting directly the health pool.

08-26-2016, 10:54 AM
1) Ladder Bug: Getting stuck on a ladder and requiring a relog to continue is disruptive as a solo player, but when in a group it is often mission breaking when the stuck player cannot rejoin the group.

2) Skills greying out: Often when in a hectic firefight skills will glitch out and be unusable, this is either due to them being greyed out or something like smart cover not being able to fire, animation shows but nothing happens when you fire it or try to apply it, this continues you until you are revived from a down state. This can lead to wipes and a lot of lost time and effort.

3) Smart Cover removed by friendly fire/skills, flashbangs, explosive rounds, is it still happening with combat medic?

4) Enemies spawning in inaccessible areas and not coming into the players accessible zone. This can cause mission failure.

5) NPC apparent field of view not correlating with shots they take. If an enemy has their back to you they should not be able to shoot you. Happens most in the DZ.

6) NPC Aggro – is this working as intended? Shouldn’t + threat and reduced threat have a noticeable effect on NPC behavior?

7) Ballistic Shield - A working ballistic shield would be nice…

8) Underground Doors and enemy fire: Opening doors between sections in the Undeground, especially the large train yard sections, often allows the NPCs to start firing at players the moment the door animation is started. The player opening the door can often be killed before the door is even half way up and are unable to get to cover.

9) JTF NPCs block field of view/shots when they take cover beside you, very annoying.

10) Scavenging, has no effect when LvL 30 why have it roll on items? Or make it actually have an effect. Items found more likely to have stats closer to the maximum value as opposed to the minimum value in the range of possible rolls for each attribute?


08-26-2016, 10:58 AM
1. Pulse getting broken with high skillpower and Pulse duration gear attribute bonuses (unable to launch new pulse even though the cooldown has passed 7-10 seconds ago).

2. Skills getting locked completely when using immunizer support station.

3. NPC's shooting through walls and doors on underground.

4. Unable to cast skills even though they are not on lockdown/cooldown.

4. Friendly sticky flashbangs destroy smart covers.

5. Huge delay on revives and healing skills.

Can't think of anything else right now, will update if I remember.

08-26-2016, 11:00 AM
Hi, Devs

Probably my list isn't mostly about bugs but definitely about some oversights by the dev that can be fixed in the coming weeks or months.

1. There a lot of bugs that I don't need to mention as the community has already gone over that multiple times.

2. Can we have a locking system for our gears ? I know buy back is coming in October but I don't think that is a proper solution. Have you thought if you accidentally sold an item and forgot to buy it back and left that instance will it be still available in the vendors ? Locking system is a much better solution if clubbed together with the buy back option.

3. Loadouts? Can we have loadouts ? Can't emphasis this more any A+++++ dev nowadays have this feature.

4. Blind talent on guns make you blind and deaf in UG and incursions missions. Hope this gets fixed.

5. Reclaimer consumables sometimes don't proc.

6. We definitely need a postmaster( Destiny) sometimes due to your server issues (DELTA i'm talking to you) we lose out on our loots which is really painful in the incursions. I think PS4 users will definitely appreciate this feature.

7. NPC in underground spawning on top of you or sometimes you're caught between two factions. ( Kinda annoying when you're just about to finish the last part of your third phase and end up getting shotgunned.

8. Your GPS system in the underground is utter ****. (So many times I have gone to places where i wasn't suppose to.

9. A better gear sorting system than the present one. The infinite scrolling makes me kill myself especially on a console.

10. Can't you use the 13 or 15 odd districts for PVE Boss action instead of HVT's. The lvl 1-30 map kinda looks empty after you reach endgame. So much potential i see there. Being mostly a PVE player I don't have much of a incentive to go the Darkzone. Darkzone can stay as it's, considering the idea of DZ is utter lawlessness it's a fitting sandbox.(Still DZ needs lots of fixing).

But the districts that are on the map can definitely be used for a infinite number of combinations of bosses and events. If you've come across one such post on reddit who talked about the same feature that I'm rambling about I think you can get the idea. Thou the guy mentioned that specific bosses should drop specific item, i'm kinda against. I would rather have all the bosses drop everything instead of grinding for a specific boss. Also you can implement named weapons in this feature if you can.

Good luck guys but you'll need to haul your butt to get this work this time. Rise of irons, BF1, COD and lot of games are coming this fall. I'm sure lot of people in the community would want to come back but you know how attention works. :)

08-26-2016, 11:38 AM
1. Skill bug that wont let you use skills and need to die to get it to working.
2. Underground gives light zone XP
3. Level 29 light zone in dark zone chest's should give yellow level 29 gear and guns and not level 30 that are useless.
4. Delay on the first aid when used you get killed and see sparkles all over.
5. Med kit's are useless, as they dont heal much and give you few seconds of where you cant do anything. You cant roll over or run or shoot.
6. Not reliable status numbers on changing gears or guns.
7. Bots are to powerfull with there one shot kills or they show they are shooting something else then you but you get hits.
8. Lose the mobile cover cause it's only useful to glitch trough walls.
9. BoO takes to long time to load the inventory objects.
10. Changing map to underground or first login loading time's are to long. After reinstalling the game it gets shorter for a few days.

08-26-2016, 11:49 AM
Hi guys, I'm a casual gamer so can't comment on some of the stat based issues, I also don't venture into the DZ very often However, these are my top ten issues that I face nearly every time I play (usually daily) on PS4.

1) Skills delay - especially frustrating with First Aid activating when down or double pressing Smart Cover only for it to be instantly destroyed
2) FPS drops and Micro Freeze - I experience this on PS4 and am aware of it on the Xbox One [Reported Issue (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1478591-PS4-Micro-freezes-and-App-crashes?highlight=micro+freezes)]
3) NPC's facing the opposite way yes still hitting you/NPC's firing through spawn doors the instant they begin to open
4) App Crashes
5) Progressive and total loss of audio on PS4 [Known Issue (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1481777-Performance-Sound-issue)]
6) Sprinting onto ladders / other ways of getting stuck in the map or objects [Known Issue (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1473672-Gameplay-Sprinting-onto-Ladders)]
7) Repetitive speech of NPC's - "Small Arms Fire!", "Look we've both got 'stuff' to do right now, talk later", "I wish I could get out there myself"....
8) EMP grenades doing diddly squat to enemy gadgets, turrets etc
9) Lone star not taking +magazine size mods into consideration when reloading - io, only reloading the base magazine size (I've not managed to confirm this or capture a clip, however i'm sure it is happening
10) Gear re-shuffling and re-organising in inventory when trying to 'mark as junk'

Thanks again for listening to the community, this is a huge step towards this game being truly great again!

08-26-2016, 11:56 AM
1. Still getting stuck on the ladder in the UG, even if walking up to it - stopping and then stepping on. This is getting old. 8-25-2016
2. Turned on a generator in the UG railway tunnel area and immediately get sucked INSIDE of it. Couldn't get out. I was the tactician. Team Died. Mission over.
3. I don't like how quick the Matchmaking turns one into "the leader" in the UG. Sometimes I don't want to lead or choose the mission with an Un-Miked PUG.
4. When approaching an unopened door in the UG, I'm already taking damage as rounds are coming THROUGH THE DOOR. (They could be explosive, but still....let me open the door first).
5. This might be random, but has happened a couple of times. In the UG Railway... group has finished a section, and we're about to open the roll up Fire/Blast door with the lever... and just as soon as the door is up halfway we see the Named Boss standing RIGHT THERE, and he's slinging Napalm at our group. DEAD.

That's about it really. Love the game! Thanks for allowing me to contribute here. : )

08-26-2016, 12:04 PM
1/ Lags and delay, Server sync, Micro Stutter especially on DZ.
2/ Heal delay, flashbangs destroying Smart Cover.
3/ Show real Stats after switching gears and the shooting range.
3/ NPC scaling
4/ On PS4, directional audio is bugged when moving (my footsteps sound like someone running behind me in surround / on headset
5/ Grayed/Unusable skills
6/Scavenging i.e I need loot that more relevant to what I look for.
7/ Trade System trade with your friends anytime if not Used)
8/ Solo scaling: Hard is too easy, Challenging is impossible.
9/ Damage readouts stop working
10/PvE/ PvP Balancing

08-26-2016, 12:09 PM
Here's a few from me:

1. Inconsistent stats - DPS/toughness/skill power sometimes display different stats when browsing (not equipping) gear in inventory and stash (I don't mean the comparative stats IF the item was equipped, the actual stats of my equipped gear changes just by looking at other stuff!)
2. Heal delay
3. Gameplay stutters
4. Smart cover being destroyed for no reason
5. One is none
6. Getting stuck on the environment
7. Greyed background when in menu/inventory
8. Important enemies (bosses) getting stuck behind doors (unable to complete missions)
9. Weapon sound dropouts (xb1)

08-26-2016, 12:27 PM
1) disabled skills when too close to walls or near other deployed skills
2) heal skill not deployed at targeting location, can appear all over the place
3) NPCs getting stuck in rooms/behind doors on missions
4) Gear showing negative stats when close or over the armor cap when swapping gear mods/gear
5) Bugged cover and windows/walls in underground (can shoot through one side but not the other)
6) ladder animation bug/getting stuck on ladders/ropes/etc
7) Map and UI lag and slowdowns
8) Stats displayed in inventory UI, changes all over the place when gear/mouse is moved around
9) Gear Mods dropping off gear in inventory
10) Combat medic, Heal delay, flashbangs destroying Smart Cover.

08-26-2016, 12:28 PM
Hi Massive, here's a list of frequent bugs I come across whilst playing on PC.

Most notably is number one and two and ten and eleven, they happen quite frequently.

1: Skills suddenly not been able to be deployed requiring me to kill myself and rely on a team mate to revive me so they reset. Usually happens in Underground as I run that more than anything else. (also skills going off, but not receiving the benefits and the timers then reset)

2: Whilst being in cover, still being shot by NPC's through the cover and being killed, sometimes one hit even whilst smart cover is active. (And no, it's not flamers or anything, I can be sat 50m from a npc and they still shoot me through solid cover)

3: Guns firing but ammo not going down giving the illusion of unlimited ammo, however the bullets do 0 damage.

4: Getting stuck on ladders and having to hard crash the game to be able to move again.

5: Falling through the map on Underground (particularly on the section where you drop down a rope onto a metal platform, run around, up some ladders and back into a large door. The drop from the rope to the broken platform places your character slightly to the right, if you sprint at this point, you are very likely to fall to the right into the pit then the game auto re-spawns you either at the beginning of the map or in some cases in the UG Base whilst still in your group.

6: dps/toughness/skill power not showing correctly in the character screen, giving false readings.

7: Crafting parts disappearing from my inventory when crafting but the crafted item not appearing in my inventory ( doesn't happen often as I don't craft as the system is mostly pointless, as the gear is beyond shocking. (No offence)

8: Monthly Supply drops for Season Pass holders (only supply drops I get as I avoid the DZ like the plague) I have had numerous occasions where I have gone to collect the Supply drop, cleared the npc's then I cannot interact with or claim the actual supply drop. I re-log, come back in and its gone. I then don't see one until the following renewal dates of 1st or 15th, I have lost a few with this.

9: Infinite crawl of death, you die but cannot be revived nor finally K/O, you are just crawling around indefinitely.

10: NPC's knocking you out of your inventory screen in the base of operations.

11: In-game voice indicator on wrong player's name in a group. Meaning I sometimes Mute the wrong person if a guys got his ghetto music playing in the background.

Additional None Bugs:

Getting one shot at the entrance of DZ? :P I have never bothered with DZ on pc as there is to many grievers camping lately just make a pvp area for the e peen teens.. I would love to attempt clearing DZ5-6 npc's and bosses but when I'm constantly hunted by packs of wolves its not really worth the electricity bill. Do what some games have done and allow the player themselves to be able to turn on pvp (i.e u can be shot and shoot other players, or turn off pvp and people can shoot you but you don't die nor do they trigger rouge) problem solved. I primarily PvE, its what I got this game for, having moved over from Destiny, but with that game if I wanted to pvp I could and if I didn't want to I could without being harassed. (not a bug, but funny non the less)

I love this game, and for the most part I agree with you, I've recently just lvl'd an alt from 1-30 and I forgot how awesome the immersion was, but your right after lv 30 the game just seems to turn stale which is a shame as the mechanics and cover based shooting (which I will note, not many players even do as there is so many 700k toughness Rambo's who still get 2 shotted by npc shotgunners running about) is one of the best element of the game.

I'm sure there is more I could suggest, like weapon perks, some are just useless, some are OP, not enough variety and some of the skill requirements are daft, especially if your trying to do a support electronic build like me, I can barely use any weapon perks.

Anyway Keep up the good work Massive, I have high hopes for the future.



08-26-2016, 12:30 PM
Leaving a group teleports you to a safe house where instantly opening your map will result in the map being closed right away
NPCs in safe areas (definetly in the Terminal) walking their route and bumping into you forces your opened inventory to close
In-game voice output indicator on wrong player's name
Blocked / grayed skills, requiring a hard death to reset
Team mate's skills and the like (flashbang etc.) destroying own Smart Cover
Multiple support stations won't benefit team members properly unless you walk in and out of area of effect
Getting stuck on ladders
Tactician set bonus not activating when switching gear
Support station not overhealing with the chest piece vigorous talent
Random game crashing

08-26-2016, 12:31 PM
Skills locking up.
Skills (mostly heals) delay.
(Xbox) stuttering.
Extracted items disappearing after DLC hits (I'm an idiot, this has happened to me twice. Not the being an idiot, the disappearing part :) )
Minor annoyance, but still annoying, when changing appearance sometimes the character is obscured so you don't see him/her meaning you have to exit menu, move character, try again.

Not a super long list of bugs, I know, just my own.

08-26-2016, 12:32 PM
Most Annoying Bugs - TOP 10

1. Headshots not registering (might be a lag thing?)
2. Falling through the map (outside of playable area = death)
3. Server Lag (especially in the DZ)
4. Delayed healing (skill or medkit often resulting in agent death)
5. Inventory items randomly reshuffling/jumping when selling/trashing things
6. Buggy stats and very inaccurate DPS display
7. Ballistic Shield (basically broken)
8. NPCs in BoO etc “knocking” you out of the menu screen
9. Emote wheel popping up disabling movement or any other control inputs
10. Ladder Glitch!

I have grabbed a few other people's suggestions as they were exactly the same as mine... :p

08-26-2016, 12:45 PM
Hi there,
1/ Sometimes skills does not launch immediately (could lead to involuntary skill disruption).
2/ Sometimes skills are destroying deployed skill (i.e. sticky/smartcover)
3/ Sounds, sometimes your teammate are in front of you but still hearing them like they were behind.
4/ Stats in "Inventory"menu, sometimes when you are changing gears the displayed stats goes crazy and show you items with negative armor ...
5/ Stats in "Character" menu, sometimes the weapons stats you are looking are a mix of your two main weapons. Weapon damage comes from the primary, the rest from the secondary, or vice versa.
6/ Enemies firing throw the wall (mainly flamethrower).
7/ Invisible fire on the ground.
8/ Getting stuck on ladder.
9/ Double Esc to go out from the stash. When getting out of the stash pressing Esc, the stash is closing but you cant move at all, the character still being like in the stash menu, you have to click on Esc again to move.
10/ Can't always be able to open the inventory immediately after taking ammo, consumable etc. form boxes. Sometimes you cant immediately open the inventory by pressing the shortcut key, but you have to move a bit before being able to open it.

These bugs were noticed on PC platform.
Thanks in advance for the fixes ;)

08-26-2016, 12:53 PM
1. Stutter/Freezes since patch 1.3 (mainly in the DZ, I'm on PC)
2. Heal delays
3. Skills gray out, death to fix it
4. Skills/Signature skill not being deployed but getting cooldown
5. Shooting heals often not landing where you aim
6. Smart cover being able to be destroyed by friendly flashbangs / explosive ammo
7. Ballistic shield has so many bugs, it's not even worth using it
8. UI Bugs (displaying wrong stats when switching gear)
9. Not being able to be revived by teammates
10. NPCs stuck behind doors, unable to finish mission (rarely happens, but mostly in Underground)

08-26-2016, 01:06 PM
1. Healing delay/not hitting target location
2. Stutter
3. Skills not activating
4. Can not bring downed players back up
5. Death/washed screen when alive
6. Getting stuck on or in between objects

08-26-2016, 01:08 PM
I've Reported this Twice through support and it is still not fixed! Issue Is That Weapon attachments Have additional Attributes for the weapons, I.E. this Includes Reduced Threat, Weapons Stability, Bullet Stability, Range, and Accuracy. However these Mean Nothing when Switching from Main to 2nd Weapon, Example id My First Wave M1A Marksman Riffle, See The Video At the Link Bellow, Now What Happens is that When I Switch from my Main to my 2nd Weapon I loose All Weapon attachment Attributes, Same Goes If I Switch Back to my Main. This is a Game Breaker. I'm So Tired and Having to switch to y side arm back to main and or Secondary to Side arm 3 or 4 times to get the true States Back on that weapon. This is Really a Problem when in Battle.




08-26-2016, 01:10 PM
1. ladder bug

2. delta error

3.not able to reconnect to team after delta error or restarting the game because of any bug

4. endless skill cooldown/ skill animation shows after popping it but no impact (especiallly first aid)

5. getting stugged on/in trashbags,doors etc.

6. skills don´t deploy at aimed point or delay

7. sound issues/ bug from hearing not every sound to total muteness

8. buggy shield skill

9. smartcover getting destroyed by friendly (flash) sticky

10. sometimes I can´t open crafting part boxes in HQ (cooldown is over) need to reenter HQ

playing the game on PS4

08-26-2016, 01:14 PM
1. server lag
2. hit registration (shots not regerstering)
3. heal delay
4. skills stop working
5. stuck on ladder
6. NPCs getting stuck in rooms/behind doors
7. Unable to join back on group after a disconnection/crash during Underground
8. Misions/incursions not starting, unable to reset

08-26-2016, 01:20 PM
This is my list for my most annoying bugs on PS4:

1. Ladder Bug, especially in UG
2. Loss of all ingame audio, including game chat due to excessive FA firing (especially with the spongy NPCs this happens a lot)
3. Delta errors (especially lately in UG, I was not able to play on 24th Aug)
4. Random game crashes, especially in incursions and UG
5. Skill activation getting stuck and not resetable without restart
6. Skills activation delay (especially annoying on healing) or sometimes being shot somewhere instead of being just popped at your place (heal and smartcover) (I think those issues belong together and are some kind of lag problem)
7. NPC's shooting in the opposite direction but hitting you instead. Might be a lag problem as well. I once encountered a lag with a teammate of measured 7 minutes! We were in the same mission and he was not able to see me, but I was seeing how he was stuck running on the spot, then he moved a few meters again. I could literally tell him where he was 7 minutes ago. After restarting the game for both of us it worked again.
8. Flashbangs destroying smart cover.
9. Not able to start UG Mission for whatever reason
10. Problem of not being able to get revived by teammates (hapens rarely for me, but when it does it's really annoying)

08-26-2016, 01:23 PM
1 - Bugged skills (ie requires full death to restart or even ones that require you to take a status effect to use again)
2 - heal delay
3 - UI displays dps / toughness / skill power incorrently (oftens happens when changing gear and changes when hover mouse over primary and secondary weapon)
4 - Strikers set loses stacks when changing to another weapon
5 - backpack slots bugging out often limiting you to 40 or so slots when you should have much more (when changing backpacks)
6 - friendly skills / grenades / explosive bullets breaking smart cover
7 - gear mods removing themselves from gear
8 - Sickness directive causing weapon talent toxic to cause you to get flash banged status effect repeatedly
9 - missions often bugged when joining a group for a matchmade mission (ie. can not star the mission)
10 - getting stuck on ladders

08-26-2016, 01:24 PM
First I want to say Thank You for all these open words in recent weeks,still Love the Game !

But,please keep in mind the Solo Player.
The jump between " heavy " and " Challenging " is just too huge.
NPCs too strong.

-PVE Darkzone.
-Loot system.
-Healing lag.

Thanks for listening,have a great Weekend all !

08-26-2016, 01:25 PM
if you hold the "cancel action" button the character lets go of the ladder. that would be the circle button in PS4.

08-26-2016, 01:27 PM
Lag causing the hits are registered to late
Crashes during incursion
Stats not correctly applied when switching gear.
Fixing possible exploits – wallbreaches
Getting stuck on ladders
NPC's shooting thru the walls
NPC shotgunsnipers hitting you from DZ1 when you are in DZ6
Heal delay
Skills not working and requiring a hard death to reset
Trying to get out of DZ? – In combat!

08-26-2016, 01:28 PM
From 1 (Most Annoying) To 10 (Just Annoying)

1. Delayed healing (skill or medkit often resulting in agent death)
2. Game crash in Incursion, after a restart you stuck in your on own instance, unable to get back to your team & showed to them as offline. In consequence the incursion is broken, for you & them. In Past It Just Work To Come Back After A Restart Of The Game. The Same For The DZ + The Consequence Of The Game Crash Was, That I Loose All My Loot In The DZ Backpack.
3. NPCs in BOO Or Safehouses knocking you out of the menu screen
4. Inventory items randomly reshuffling/jumping when selling/trashing things. Selling Your Best Weapon With Your Best Mods Just Because Of This, Is So Hard! Happened To Some Of My Friends.
5. Weapon sound & controller-recoil dropouts
6: dps/toughness/skill power not showing correctly in the character screen, giving false readings.
7. Getting stuck on ladders
8. Zero Damage Lags: You Fire & Hit A Target But Make No Damge
9. Enemies firing throw the wall or closed doors in Underground
10. One is none!!!! reload every second Is so annoying for your team. you didn't see this by yourself, but the other players does! wait! This Is The Real No.1 :D ;)

08-26-2016, 01:51 PM
My Top 10 Most Annoying Bugs (in order)

. Framerate Stutter (Micro freezes on Xbox One)
Delayed Self Heal at low health = death; Self Heal activated with no effect on character (audio and visible green dots confirmed, skill on cooldown with no change in health)
Stuck Ladder (Sprinting onto Ladder)
Stuck in environment (sometimes after sprinting from cover to cover or rolling to cover) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI7WvMrDUeA)
Inability to Fast Travel to mission (when in a group) or teammate (sometimes happens after completing a daily or HVT)
Missing/invisable top line Weapon or Performance Mod (listing long enough to scroll)
Enemies stuck in walls,unable to progress (Underground missions)
Ballistic Shield glitched out; Unable to reactivate or invisible; primary and secondary deal zero damage
Delayed damage to NPCs (similar to Micro freezes); audio and visual of weapon firing directly in front of NPC with no damage dealt for a few seconds.
Looting glitching out without being at item cap (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV_UX16xtSw)

Stopped playing DZ shortly after 1.3; below are Dark Zone specific annoying bugs:

Rogues wall glitching (should be instant death like entering a spawn closet)
insta-spawn NPCs near the Pit
self heal delay
micro freezes

additional annoyances:
NPCs knocking you out of the menu screen (Underground, streets of Manhattan, etc.) yet being shot doesn't :mad:

08-26-2016, 01:55 PM
1. Heal delay
2. 10 tic rate server is causing bad hit registration
3. Skills not deploying and are going on cooldown
4. Skills being used and not reciving its buff/talents
5. In UG The Doors dont open.
6. 45 sloth bagpack bug when you pack can hold 65
7. UI showing - amor on gear
8. Explosive rounds blowing up smart cover
9. agroing npcs are bugged
10. npcs shoting at you when not even looking at you

08-26-2016, 02:17 PM
1) Failing of the sound (game and other agents mic), this happens often when using reclaimer and you have a lot of explosive bullets impacting at the same time
2) Logged out Mike or Delta error
3) getting stuck in game geometry
4) Same rewards for same activities (Example: Lone Star in HVT Missions)
5) DZ sealed caches not showing up (able to delete) in inventory
6) Over power NPC's (Scaling)
7) Rewards of Challenging Missions 204/240 not good enough to participate of Heroic Missions
8) Underground GPS is misleading
9) Unable to continue to next phase of UG Mission
10) The bloody Operations Center Stairs!!!!!

08-26-2016, 02:21 PM
1. FIrst Aid/ Smart Cover not consistently going where shot when quick fired on PC
2. Skill Cancel Triggering Cool Down on Mad Skills in Underground
3. Friendly Skills Destroying Friendly Smart Cover
4. Falling out of playable area in Napalm Production Site
5. Falling out of Playable area in DZ05
6. Falling out of Playable area in Underground
7. Falling out of Playable area in general, it sucks
8. Restored talent not working as intended
9. Pop in of low quality car models at random
10. Disappearing Graffiti and other Textures

08-26-2016, 02:39 PM
1. getting stuck on ladders (mostly in underground)
2. randomly the emote menu will popup and no option is selectable and we cant close menu unless we try random button combos
3. underground, if first group leader has multiple directives active and then makes a lower level player leader the new leader cant uncheck the directive he doesnt yet have access to
4. still people complain about missions not resetting properly when doing story missions in matchmaking
5. getting shot through the closed doors when opening the next objective area in underground

08-26-2016, 02:42 PM
#1. Sound in game bugging out and requiring a reboot of the game.

#2. Ladder bug

#3. Inventory page display bug - for example, wearing 4pc AlphaBridge and when I swap gear to restock and put the 4pc back on, DPS changes to 185k, but then I have to go to my weapons tab and swap the primary and secondary weapons for the supposedly 'true' stated DPS to show correctly (225k) due to the 4pc bonus of the AB set. One wonders what their true DPS is, 185 or 225.

#4. Materials in BoO. I've been logged out of game for over 8 hours and I log in and there are materials in every chest except one. This morning it's electronics, but it might be tools or weapons parts that aren't available either, one usually at random. While I'm unsure of the exact time between refreshes for materials I can surmise that 8 hours should be plenty of time for a refresh since I can return to BoO about every hour or two and see new materials ready.

#5. HVT bosses still getting stuck behind unopened doors with no recourse. Bosses firing their weapons and even landing on agents but can't be seen, they can be killed by magically shooting through closed doors though, but the loot if any can't be accessed.

08-26-2016, 02:43 PM
1. Skills locking up and having to die to correct the issue
2. Skill lag
3. Getting stuck on ladders
4. DPS numbers bouncing around (UI)
5. Tactician gear not working when switching out same gear with different stats (Stam gear for Firearm gear)
6. Doors not opening in UG when trying to get to the next phase
7. Skills passing through floor
8. Game studdering (Believe you have stated that is an Xbox issue)
9. PvE missions not opening up
10. Enemy facing the other way but shooting at you.

08-26-2016, 02:45 PM
1. Server sync issues leading to blocked skills.
2. Server lag leading to no heals (but used CD) or missed shots
3. Stuck in ladder
4. Skill not deploying when pressed
5. Random 30 fps drop on PC
6. Mobs shooting over their shoulder behind them
7. 4 set bonus randomly not working when swapping gear (cost me tons of consumables on Reclaimer...)
8. Sentry's Mark from players never expiring, despite dieing. You still take +50% dmg from everything even after dieing.
9. Own Flashbang/Explosive bullets instakilling smart cover and other deployable skills.
10. NPCs "clipping cheat". Shooting you through the engine block of a Deuce and a Half, or through a brick wall.

08-26-2016, 02:48 PM

Server lags and the resulting MIKE & DELTA errors on PS4. Couldn't play more than 15 min. without getting a DELTA or MIKE.

Since three days I'm totally out of the game. Every login to the game results in a DELTA error.

08-26-2016, 02:53 PM
1. When you pop up heal but it doesn't pop and your skills are locked
2. when you pop heal but it doesn't pop at all and goes on cool down and pops up like a few minutes/seconds later
3. when you go in a cover and get stuck on it while you can move alongside the cover you cant get out of it ( after a few tries of pressing space and trying to walk away it works but then it will be too late)
4. the strikers 4th gear set talent when switching weapons reset which is super annoying because i have been using strikers since it came out XD
5. when you make a team and try to start a mission but it never starts
6. npc shooting through walls or objects
7. cant heal downed ally but some other members in the group can
8. when double tapping the heal but instead the heal shooter thingy XD gets out and gets you killed instead cause you didn't heal
9. DPS, Toughness and skill power constantly changing in the UI although you didn't change anything in your equipment
10 NPCS follow you even outs side their range like walking NPCS climbing the shop in dz2 or and following you if they hear your gun shot or see you

08-26-2016, 03:00 PM
PS4 player here, commenting from my gameplay experience:

1) Skills 'grey out'
Remarks: Happens more often now based on how much less I've been playing the game yet am seeing a higher frequency of it occurring. Happened to me twice two days ago, even though I had logged out of the game after the first time it bugged out. It also occurred once to the entire team I was in, causing a wipe. All were within 3+ hours gameplay running Heroic Dragon's Nest Farm. Also maybe worth noting, it seems to happen when the Four Horsemen spawn.

2) Player animation/movement glitch
Remarks: Including (but not exclusively) stuck on ladder glitches, stuck between chairs/crates/objectsthatyoushouldbeabletojustblastoffwithashotg unatleast, and falling through floors/crates/whatonewouldthinkaresolidsurfacesonecouldstandon.
Occurs most annoyingly during missions, when you're with a team, and you have to log out to fix the bug (by it respawning you in the nearest Safe House), and after the first 5-minute loading screen, you'll then have to rejoin the team, be greeted with another 5-minute loading screen as you join the team, and hopefully they had the patience to wait for you before killing the Boss, so you'll get your share of the loot.
*Any calculation of time mentioned above is purely exaggerated and should not be quoted as fact. But dude, you get the gist of it.

3) Support Station 'circle of life' overlap
Remarks: Overlapping Immunizers in Dragon's Nest... Makes for good entertainment with the right bunch of clowns, but is still annoying when you wipe because one Immunizer was just a second too early. Preemptive measures shouldn't be so unforgiving.

4) Smart Cover destroyed by friendly Flashbang sticky bomb
Remarks: Because of this, my teams rarely make use of the Flashbang sticky bomb whenever running any Heroics, just due to the outweighing risk of accidentally destroying a Smart Cover in the middle of a firefight.

5) Unable to start mission
Remarks: Sometimes when matchmaking, you just are fortunate to jump into a decent, friendly team and you're all saying your brief, awkward, but proof-of-human introductions during the loading screen. Of course someone would always forget to restock on medkits prior to that, so we'll all be alright in waiting while he/she travels to and fro the nearest Safe House. All well and good, team's ready, you do your somewhat-wrong-game-kinda-war-cry, everyone gets to the Mission Start area ready to enter and then... you discover the Russian Consulate doesn't feel like opening its doors to you guys today. After a minute, everyone says a silent/not-so-silent curse word, and then starts leaving party and restarting the whole matchmaking experience.
*Post Credit Scene: As the gods would have it, you then match with 3 mute Rambos who are all running a Pulse and Overheal combo with Survival Link. Maybe it wasn't a good day to try a Heroic matchmaking session.

6) DELTA errors/game crashes (Underground)
Remarks: I know the DELTA/game crashes/disconnects occur globally throughout the game, but my bug comment is specific to the Underground (as to me it is the most annoying of the occurrence). Noticed that it usually effects the entire team if occurs, can occur anywhere within the first 5 minutes to the final room with enemies. Annoyance increases per Directive Intel wasted.

7) Skill use/deployment delays
Remarks: First Aid delays, Smart Cover (Sticky Bomb too, maybe?) not shooting off after aiming deployment, Support Station not deploying after aiming deployment. Hilarity/panic usually follows if NPC shotgunners included in the mix.

8) Invisible Mobile Cover
Remarks: My last attempt at using a mobile cover was in Heroic Falcon Lost and we decided to try out the Mobile Cover with Smart Cover strategy, in the pit. We got to Wave 2 before the Mobile Cover glitched on us, causing only half the team to be able to see and use the cover, while the other two get to play 'Dancing With Shotgunners'. Needless to say, Wave 3 was a dream. We even switched Mobile Cover carriers after the wipe. Invisibility Mod, anyone?

9) Sound
Remarks: Can't find out what triggers this, but my game decides on its own when it's time for some peace and quiet. Not a single sound in-game. Annoying when the only fix is to relaunch the game and be forced to think about the choices you have made in life to find yourself staring at a moving circle and ascending numbers.

And last but not least, since we're on the topic of 'Annoying'...
10) Friendly NPCs
Remarks: I was going to solely reiterate the comments of many who have mentioned about Friendly NPCs bumping into you in the Underground and causing you to leave your menu, but then I remembered experiencing some good ol' JTF officer bumping me out of cover, in one of the missions I was in, not too long back.
Also, still relevant to the matter of being annoying (and freaky)... can you guys do something about that lady that just breathes over your neck while you're at the Recalibration Station in the BoO? I suggest getting her a post-apocalyptic-Manhattan-husband.

08-26-2016, 03:17 PM
PS4 platform

1. Underground, blocking the stairs and consumables kits or backpacks, sometimes when trying to open another agent pushes and stay above them blocked.

2. Error Delta game, appears all the time and makes log into the game.

3. connection failures, errors or any other reason delta in the underground, especially when doing mission in the subway, you will log off and not allowed to join the squad to continue it.

4. By accessing options, look the part of character is not easy to select the weapon that you want to see data ... weapon damage attack, the likelihood of critical, critical damage weapon, injury to the head, etc. In many occasions the data is incorrect.

5. The range of the guns of the NPCs is very absurd, from far away you hit you and good health. Also in PVP shotguns they demaciado damage they added that in the ZO just pure gunsmiths you find that no matter one has health protection 138K and 6.5K, with two escopetasos kill you.

6. Certain times the bonus icon does not appear tactic authority, if it shows increasing values ​​skills but in the bottom of health is no icon.

7. Habiidad of overcuring takes forever to heal, I inject and after a second or two is that cure at this time wasted kill you.

8. Certain moments blocking skills, which can not use occurs, press the buttons are not activated. You have to completely die (die and give up) for you to relive a partner, or reappear at a checkpoint, safe room, safehouse, that can activiar.

9. In trying to add amendments to the slots of equipment and weapons, show value and shows you a different place.

10. After a battle with enemies in the ZO very delayed time to get out and notifies you that are in combat yet no matter they are away or already have time enough time undercover activity without waiting for the door to be enabled.

08-26-2016, 04:07 PM
1. Loot Drops.
2. By far the ladder in UG (map with repel line and "2" step ladder). I dread this one every time I come across it.
3. Same map as above, if you repel up, but mistakenly push down after clamping on line, HIGH risk of falling into pit, then the abyss.
4. Dieing in UG and getting locked in UG with no ability to escape to lobby.

PC User

08-26-2016, 04:15 PM
test the patch before you use it in the final game.

I think the Dark-zone class. The best part is you do not know who is friend or enemy.

cut the loot cable is a great idear.

I love the Dark-Zone.

08-26-2016, 04:15 PM
Here are my top 10 issues with game. It might be repetitive to some of the comments but here there are:

1.Skins taking space in inventory

2. Fast travel don't take you to mission or friend

3.Scaling scaling scaling both in challenge, heroic and in UG.

4.DZ one **** kill from npc's

5.Healing station with immune not working properly sometime

6.Named weapons. Played the game since beta never had one been dropped. Had to buy one from vendor. Match the Gs for them also.

7.Matchmaking of players with GS lower than 200 if you are at the 230+

8.Loot GS relevant to mission difficulty.normal 163-182 hard 191-204 challenge 204-240 heroic 240-268

Weapons above 229?

9.Bring back different mission to obtain different gear.

10.Make scavenging relevant. The higher your scavenging the better and higher GS and or talents will be.

08-26-2016, 04:51 PM
1. SKILLS get grayed out/bugged, get unusable

2. Armor/toughness rating calculation gets bugged,truly increasing damage taken

3. Striker’s Battlegear buff lost while changing between equipped weapons

4. Sprinting onto Ladder

5. Underground mission interaction
6. One is None
7. Heal delay
8. flashbangs destroying Smart Cover
9.Map bug when in operation at Undergound areas
10. DPS changes while not changing weapons or equipped items

08-26-2016, 05:06 PM
The top 3 are really game breaking : not being able to play after several minutes spent in match making, not having reliable "First aid" in hard missions, and not having reliable shots

1. reset bug in story mission / incursion
2. first aid lag / popping not where you aimed
3. Server lag
4. Greyed skills (disabled skills for some buggy reasons)
5. inaccurate character sheet and random bugs gears score (-140 armor value... etc)
6. NPC stuck behind doors (I do'nt remember if it's corrected or not)
7. getting stucked in some areas / bug in maps (can't pass throught decontamination gate in subways in LZ, or the game consider that you are ut of map and make you respaw,)
8. "out of combat" definition to be able to get out of the DZ
9. Player animation/movement glitch
10. Delta errors

08-26-2016, 05:14 PM
Some points from a UX point of view (as that is my profession) and some from the game (as gaming is a passion)

1. BUG - Running towards the ladder - this is a big known issue i face in the UG when i come running and try to get down the ladder and I am stuck.

2. SKILLS - We ran DN in Heroic and just when we were about to kill the last Horseman, our skills got glitches... we all dies and that happened 3 times in a row... ANNOYING

3. INVESTORY - I spend more than half my time, going through my inventory and there is no way where i can see all the gear sets in a single place... i would like to see all the SENTRY i got... improvement needed

4. TRIAGE - I am at my last health segment and use a TRIAGE... boom i am dead,... it takes too much time between my LB button and the effect to kick in and that is annoying.

5. FRIENDS LIST - At time, when i go to see which friends of mine are on division, the List Management only shows me my current group members and NearBy agents... no way to see my added friends. I need to fall back on the XBOX menu to invite them.

6. INVITES - when a friend is not in UG and i invite him, he cannot join because of map difference. Better will be to tell him that he would travel to UG is he joins the invite. That way he can just join and travel to UG together rather than manually going to UG.

7. DZ - at times i collect a lot of PURPLE CACHE from DZ just to get the funds. But then when i see GOLD sparkling and I cannot destroy those purple cache to make room for the gold... that is annoying. WHY can't I do that??

8. VOIP - at times, the voice indicator shows infront of the other person who is not talking. During a fight the person asks for Triage and i give that to a agent who was not taking because i saw the voice indicator infront of him... that is life threatening.

9. I maintain GearSets for my ALTs but most of us have some preferred Weapons which we keep swapping between Characters because weapons are hard to find. Is there a better way rather than un-equipping my weapons... moving to stash... logoff... login to alt... and equipping from stash.

10. I am at the tech center... restock my ammo... went to UG and i am down to 20 Markmen riffle.. so now everyone in UG travel to Mission with their AMMO gears on,. and change when they come out of the train... can we change that pls.

08-26-2016, 05:15 PM
1: Find a way to prevent the abuse of Sentry's Call without removing it as its still a great set for marksman rifles.
2: perhaps make it possible to rank up in Underground from killing NPC's as well as mission reward EXP as leveling in the UG is quite a chore especially if solo.
3: Perhaps a new, balanced gear set, using the positive aspects of the other marksman sets so us ranged players feel a little less useless.
4: Backpacks that have higher ammo capacity so we don't have to rely on the police backpack.
5: Perhaps being able to re-calibrate two aspects on gear to help fine tune build load-outs?
6: NPC's are too overpowered on harder difficulties and makes playing strategically pointless due to the whole getting one-shot by almost anything due to level gap.
7: Find a way to make our gear and rewards worth the time we have invested in the game. I have about 34 days worth on my main character and i have friends who have 60.
8: better range on marksman rifles so we have more combat versatility.
9: perhaps make explosive bullets not as strong for dark zone pvp.
10: make weapon skins count as a cosmetic so it doesn't eat up all our inventory space?

08-26-2016, 05:17 PM
1. Getting stuck in on or behind objects like doors in the underground or on the ladder
2. Lag in underground and Darkzone
3. Shots not landing or registering hits on npc causing you to holster weapon and re equip to have shots register again
4. Skills not activating or being greyed out even though you haven't used them and they are not on cool down
5. Losing sound in the middle of a long session causing you to restart the game

08-26-2016, 05:40 PM
This is a GREAT way to approach Issues, Have the Agents that Live and Breath the Issues Daily Work With you to Solve them. We All play the game and want to see it work Correctly. I think you will get some Major Results if you Focus on the Issues we Find are the Real Problems (I.E. Not the Upside down Moon)

1. First AID Delay - This is not Working when We need it the Most, but after we See our Body Crawl and Grasp at the Floating Healing Orbs that we Should have Acquired.

2. Tacticaian Set Bonus

3. Sound Not Working

4. Flash bang Destroying Smart Cover - Using the Flash bang to Destroy Smart Cover is a GREAT PVP element, but not Destroy Our Smart Cover. Make other Agents Try to Take Ours out with Flashbangs

5. Striker's Battle Gear Buff

6. Skills Delay - In a Fire Fight, Every Second Counts. Even More when Out Numbers and on Heroic, you are on rush where if Split Second Decisions could make the Difference between your Team Completing the Task, or becoming another name in a List Lost to the After math of the Green Poison Outbreak. So when Skill do Work in the same Real time agenda we have to be on to Survive, it Kinda Creates a Problem.

7. Invisible Sealed Caches

8. Skill Not Working Until a Death and Revive - One selling Point and Fun Factors to "The Division" is the Great Unique Skill allotted to Us for Cleaning up New York.But when one Of our Team Members Glitch Out. Your Team is Only as Strong and its Weakest Link. having to Let you agent die, only so you can put your Team at risk while Reviving them is not an Ideal way to "turn it Off and On again" Reboot.

9. First AID Collision

10. Weapon Skins Taking Up Inventory Space - 70 Spaces in your Stash and we Still need More for Our Equipment, but we are having a Paint Skin take up the Same space a M60?? ITS PAINT!! put it in the Apparel Spots and let us got Collect All the Paint we can Handle!

08-26-2016, 05:45 PM

1.) Game sound glitching out <---- THIS NEEDS TO BE A PRIORITY ON THE PS4!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) There needs to be some sort of scaling with regards to Hard/Challenging /Heroic. As it stands, getting new gear (upgrades) does not seem to make you any stronger. Even at 424K toughness, 200K DPS and 29K skill power, yet challenging and heroic mobs seem to melt me.

3) Lately I have been noticing my shots not registering damage on target. I am fairly confident I am hitting the target but my shots are not registering. Could this be server side lag?

4) I use a 4 piece alpha bridge set. My displayed DPS jumps from anywhere between 180K and 250K by simply equipping and equipping the same gun over and over.

5) Smart cover. I have smart cover bound to my top left button on my PS4. If I deploy it then immediately and unintentionally press the top left button again, it destroys the smart over.

Those are really the only two things that matter to me. I have been playing since the closed beta. I love the game. I hope you guys get all these things ironed out because this game has so much potential.

Davest Of Daves
08-26-2016, 06:02 PM
Hope these suggestions help to bring improvement of this game to fruition. In no particular order:

1) sound muffled by sticky bomb/flashbang
2) footsteps of players ahead of you sound like they're behind you.
3) grayed out skills
4) delayed heals
5) glitches into unplayable areas (made multiple reports. Same players still doing it)
6) DZ lag/stutter
7) delta issues are unbearable
8) in combat issues with checkpoint and saferoom entry
9) fast travel from outside DZ checkpoint to checkpoint unavailable due to NPC's too close to checkpoint in safe zone
10) ult procs but does not take effect (rare ocassion)

I have over 67 days played to date and spend the majority of my time engaging PvP in DZ. Not saying that should affect the merit of my feedback, only that I do have a good deal of time that's been spent dealing with the aforementioned. The majority of the issues are ones I deal with and that affect the enjoyment and success of my gameplay daily. Would love to see them fixed.

08-26-2016, 06:06 PM

1) Lag/performance/stutters
2) Heal lag / activating after animation
3) Skills "going grey" and unusable, usually until the agent dies.
4) Skills not grey but not able to be used. Agent can press the button but the skill doesn't register. Seems a result of using the skill while under a status effect.
5) Missions/Incursions cannot be started or re-started. Agents often need to log out and back in to make it work again.
6) Getting forced into and stuck in the emote menu even when you didn't bring the emote menu up.
7) Ladders: Getting stuck at the top.
8) Triage talent decreases cooldown of your allies' skills.
9) Sound muffled longer than it should be/indefinitely. Seems to be a result of a status effect and the sound module not registering it's worn off. I can often tear gas myself and it might start working once the effect wears off.
10) Tactical advance and Nimble (holster talent) sometimes stop working indefinitely when a cover to cover move is interrupted. The gear talent must be switched off and on to resume it working.

There seem to be several bugs related to status effects and what appears to be the system not registering that the effect has worn off. Hopefully that's an area that can be addressed to fix many bugs at the same time.

08-26-2016, 06:40 PM

Lots of the above but most important is Lag, especially in the LZ when MM.

08-26-2016, 06:40 PM
My G36 still does too much damage, please decrease it further
I have way too many crafting materials in my pouch, please make crafting more expensive
I still find good gear in the DZ once every 3-4 weeks, please increase the randomization of the loot
Some of the skills cannot get cancelled by our teammates. For example I can send out a pulse and my teammate cannot cancel the pulse with their flashbang. Please fix, for a good working example see the Smart Cover skill.
When I'm in the Underground teammates cannot leave my group, kill me and take my stuff
When I'm trying to kill a lvl 35 NPC and I'm on my 9th clip of bullets, the 6th bullet from that clip gets jammed due to the skill One is None
When I'm matchmaking in DZ6 sometimes I actually get matched with people from DZ6 which makes things so predictable and boring. Please make matchmaking just one big button so that if I'm matchmaking in DZ6 there is a good chance I'll matchmake for HVTs.
This one isn't easy to reproduce, but sometimes in DZ6 enemies have to use a 2nd bullet to kill me.
The only missions that drop 268 gear are impossible to do without 268 gear. This is wrong. Please change it so that they drop 240 gear instead.
Enemy AI will sometimes not stand there, out of cover, looking at you doing nothing

08-26-2016, 06:51 PM
1. Delta error during last waves of Falcon Lost on Heroic.
2. First Aid not healing, especially while taking fatal damage.
3. Skills suddenly unavailable yet not on cooldown.
4. Getting downed because you didn't know you were taking damage due to lag issues.
5. Weapons not reloading/shooting.
6. Getting stuck on anything.
7. Losing sound. Eventually, this is followed by an app crash with blue error screen.
8. Not being able to see the clothing item you have selected because the colors become too dark. You have to get out of and reopen the menu.
9. Enemies apparently not taking damage (no damage numbers pop up).
10. Members of your team continuously reloading.

08-26-2016, 06:53 PM
Getting stuck on leaders
Skills not deploying and are going on cooldown
Xbox Stutter
First Aid delay
First Aid Station Heal but not getting you up
Daily Mission are still not starting/opening correctly
Gear Mods dropping off gear in inventory
NPCs shooting through doors you have just opened (Underground)
Sound glitches

08-26-2016, 06:54 PM
Rated Bugs on console from Most Annoying to Least Annoying:

1. Jammed Self/Ally Heal Skill
2. Self/Ally Heal Skill Delay
3. Heal lands in a completely random place from where it was shot down.
4. Delay of damage or no damage at all to NPC's (server lag?)
5. Getting stuck on invisible walls/geometry
6. NPC's dealing damage to you when facing in opposite direction
7. (Daily) Missions that are activated do no spawn NPCs. Need to leave group and reactivate the mission.
8. Not being able to revive downed group members
9. Console micro-stutter
10. Sound cutting out

08-26-2016, 07:55 PM
- Heal Delay

- Getting Stuck On Underground Ladders

- PS4 people getting disconnect during Falcon Lost

- NPCs shooting or throwing a grenade away from your direction but the grenade/bullets hits you

- Not being about to start Story Missions

- Friendlies destroying your smart cover

- Getting Stuck on/in in animate objects: Behind Doors (ie Russian Cons), against walls (ie Russian Cons/Lex), or jumping down a hole (Last phase of DN)

- My gun not firing nor reloading (I think, 1 is none)

- Players Cheating the Bracket System in the DZ (to grief other players)

- Not being able to Revive your Allies

08-26-2016, 08:01 PM
1- Ballistic Shield - Disappears
2- Delayed First Aid Heal
3- Ladder Glitch - Getting stuck on the ladder
4- Skill Glitch - Wheres my skills, great time to die to get skills
5- Dragons Next - On the far Corner where the door is, if you sit on the second spot in from the door, skills grey out
6- 1 is none
7- Sinking through the world
8- Underground - When teammate dies at the end, they get teleported to beginning of map and then unable to continue to 2nd or 3rd phase
9- Underground Map scrolling to fast
10 - Underground NPCs shooting through the walls

08-26-2016, 08:15 PM
sorry this my second post on this thread but i have 4 more that i came across last night which i forgot about that are pretty bad as well

1. in the UG mainly NPC's shooting through the doors before you open them

2. can't revive downed teammates another teammate has to come and revive them

3.starting up missions sometimes doesn't start up. we stand behind the colored area and restart and it doesn't

4.the climb over button will show up but when pressed i don't climb.i have to slow down and get in the right place which can get you killed while running away from danger.

08-26-2016, 08:29 PM
1. UG GPS inaccuracy.
2. Stutter/Lag
3. Mobs/Bosses not spawning on HVTs and UG.
4. Skills shooting off into the distance on button tap - Possible user error or controller issue?
5. Skills bugging/greying out.
6. Hang up on ladders - Has only happened to me once.
7. No recalibration table in the hub or the UG TOC. - Has to be a bug right?
8. Stash selection moving to top of list. I can see if you remove or deconstruct the last item in the list but jumping to the top on the last item of any category is annoying.
9. Invisible walls/Funny angles in the UG.
10. Stats (Primary DPS, Toughness, Skillpower) not displaying correctly when switching gear/weapons.

08-26-2016, 08:43 PM
1. Heal delay
2. Ballistic shield not working as intended (Rolling and taking cover while having shield deployed)
3. Skills sometimes simply stop activating unless you hard die and are revived (often happening when rolling and taking cover) / Skills not deploying but going on cooldown
4. Teammates can destroy team’s deployed skills (Smart Cover)
5. Skill not deployed where aiming / falling through the ground
6. When activating a heal skill before dying you can’t be revived
7. Unable to join back on group after a disconnection/crash
8. Getting stuck on ladders, behind doors and on geometry
9. possible exploits
10. Skills from gear not applied as shown in UI

08-26-2016, 08:51 PM
My top 10 most annoying bugs

Skill delays specially healing and being unable to use any skills some times
Healing skill landing on different places or going through the floor
NPCs teleporting as soon as you open fire at them in the Dark Zone
Striker's bug when you loose the 4pc bonus if you switch weapon
Inconsistency or random changes in the character stats like DPS, toughness or skill power for seemingly no reason
Vigorous talent not working with support stations
Tactician 4pc bonus lost if you change to other Tactician pieces
Pulse most of the time requires multiple taps/button presses to enable it
Friendly NPCs kicking you out of the inventory or menu
Immunizer support station doesn't work sometimes when there's a second one functioning

08-26-2016, 09:10 PM

You know now that Update 1.4 will focus entirely on improving the core gameplay experience. As part of this effort, we want to make sure to fix as many bugs as possible; those listed in our Known Issues (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1450758-Known-Issues-amp-Exploits-Updated-August-18-2016) and many more! However, we want to make sure to focus first on the ones that you think are impacting your experience the most. After all, you have to cope with these every day, so who best could help us identify the ones that should be on top of our kill list?

In this thread, we would like to ask you to give us YOUR list of the top 10 most annoying bugs, based on your own gameplay experience.

Putting your top 10 lists together will allow us to draw a clear roadmap of the most pressing issues that we must make sure to look at for Update 1.4.

In order to keep this thread relevant and allow us to sort your answers efficiently, here are a few rules:

Make sure to only list bugs and technical issues. Balancing will be discussed in other topics
Please do not comment or debate on other members’ lists
Your top 10 must be listed in the answer (no link to another thread or video, etc)
One reply per member

Thank you all for your help!
The Division Dev Team <3

1 is none talent causes your gun to stop working .
Getting locked out of your skills
Ballistic shield does not work as intended
medkits and healing skills don't heal you fast enough and sometimes you don't get your over heal
Adrenaline talent not granting over heal to medkits
DPS, Toughness, Skill power , not displaying correctly
In the DZ getting put into combat for being near enemies without ever being spotted
Friendly sticky bombs destroy friendly smart cover
Fire crest and other gear sets cancel out the predator's mark bleed
All skills and Talents need to be debugged and make sure they work together , and work as intended
Thank you for reading

08-26-2016, 09:19 PM
1. Skills bug where you have to die to reset them

2. I aim at an NPC and start shooting, only to see the NPC disappear and reappear 5 meters away

3. I shoot at an NPC but he doesn't take damage, no damage numbers pop up and shield does not go down (where normally the amount of bullets connecting would take at least 3 bars)

4. Back pack bug - Suddenly I only have 40 instead of 65 slots

5. If I hit the wall my Smart Cover is deployed on it stops. (is this a bug?)

6. Unintuitive weapon stats under Inventory/Character related to in hand or shouldered weapon - I still don't know which it is without guessing. Also have seen bugs where none of the stats made sense (10K and 22K shown when I had a G36 10K and a M1A 38K equipped)

7. Very difficult to see Area of Effect of grenades - and it seems we get hit even when out of the red area before detonation.

8. Armor bug - showning much less than normal

9. Gear Mods missing upon logging out then in

10. Getting shot when pulling lever in Underground before door is open

08-26-2016, 10:02 PM
1. Lag spikes (XB1 at least)

2. Heal delay compared to medkits

3. Stuck on ladders, generators, other map areas (non-playable areas)

4. Character tab switching to Secondary weapon when you have Primary equipped and giving incorrect stats. For example, will have Primary equipped and character screen will show less than half the damage it does but will also show almost 400% headshot damage...on an assault rifle.

5. UI glitches on stats screen. Hovering over another piece of gear/weapon shows incorrect amounts for DPS/SP. SP doesnt show the correct amount when tactitian bonus is active.

6. Friendly flashbang/explosives/seeker mines destroying smart cover.

7. Skills graying out requiring going down/dying to reset them.

8. Hard freezes that crash the game (nothing in particular, could be mission, DZ, or incursion)

9. Sealed caches hidden in DZ inventory. Cant destroy or share them in case of accidental pickup.

10. Cant leave DZ due to combat when no one is actively shooting you, pulse shows no targets found, etc.

08-26-2016, 10:11 PM
1. NPCs shooting at you even if they aim in totally different direction.

2. Skills not working/working improperly under certain conditions (fail to deploy, deployed in an unintended place, keep falling from the stairs before they actually pop up).

3. Stats (Primary DPS, Toughness, Skillpower) not displaying correctly when switching gear/weapons (e.g. gear showing sub-zero armor level).

4. Unable to use skills, all are just greyed out (you can fix this by only hard death and revive or by resetting the game/relogging).

5. Smart Cover being destroyed by friendly sticky bombs, explosives rounds etc.

6. Missions sometimes do not start (e.g. you can't open the very first door in Falcon Lost). Can't really say why it happens, but forces people to leave the group and matchmake again.

7. "Unable to leave Dark Zone while in combat" - happens even when the enemy is too far and not shooting at you/not chasing you.

8. Random Delta error crashes forcing u to log in again.

9. Skills/gear sets bugs (e.g. Balisic Shield not working like intended or 4-piece Striker's bonus dropping when switching guns).

10. Other bugs like DZ sealed caches not showing in DZ inventory, wall stucks, friendly NPCs and players kicking you out of the inventory or menu, relogging which automatically kicks you out from group).

08-26-2016, 10:12 PM
1. Healing (skills) Delay
2. Server Lag
3. Weapon Jamming
4. GPS intermittently works
5. Skills not deploying or cooling down as designed
6. Getting stuck on ladders
7. Delta errors
8. Sound crash leading to crashed game over time
9. Unable to join group in Underground after a Delta error or getting stuck on ladder
10. Little or no shotgun stagger

08-26-2016, 10:15 PM
Can't think of 10 at the moment, but off the top of my head:

1. Server lags - not just in DZ, but even in single player PvE areas, it causes damage to be registered too late or sometimes even not at all.

2. Mission starting issues - I join a group and we can't start the mission, even if others leave and I'm the "host", it still often won't work.

3. Joining groups who are already in the mission - when I search for a team via matchmaking to play an Incursion, for example, if the team is already inside the "main" part of the mission, I can't go to them as I'll be teleported back to the mission start area as soon as I even try to enter the mission area. Only solution is to leave and find a different group.

4. Heal delay - my corpse will be healed. Yay! :nonchalance:

5. Navigation issues with the orange "pointer"... thingy - it's especially annoying in the Underground missions where it wants me to go to the opposite direction and when I reach the "pointer", it then tells me to go the other way around to the position I was already at.

6. Stats calculation issues - when I check the "Character" tab to see stats such as damage, crit chance, crit damage etc. I never know which weapon it refers to, sometimes I'm sure it always refers to the one that's NOT equipped, or when I select the primary weapon, I see "Secondary DPS".

7. Grayed-out background when opening the menu - not exactly game-breaking, but you've asked about annoying stuff and this does annoy me.

8. Missed ECHO can't be picked up - to this day I have this one ECHO which I can't pick up because it was part of a side-mission which I can't restart. I know, if I'd find someone who hasn't played this side-mission and join their session, I could get it, but so far I haven't found anyone and let's be honest - this shouldn't be a "solution".

08-26-2016, 10:17 PM
Heal lag with server round trip
Smart cover getting destroyed or disabled by allies
Using multiple skills at one time can lead to the skill not proc'ing and then skill goes into cool down.
Hackers - why do we still have hackers in the DZ?
Getting stuck on the smallest, most inane object (like chair legs) pulls you out of feeling like a bad ***.
Not being able to jump down off of certain objects. If I can climb on it I should be able to dismount. Related to pulling you out of the "bad ***" experience.
Net code / damage lag - going from full health to being completely down is not fun.
Server placement to help reduce lag for players in regions like Canada.
Being able to pulse when the skill is ready and not when the last pulse has expired. A high skill player should be able to pulse more often if the skill is not in cool down.
When a team mate dies in front of the APC bomb placement, pressing the action button should place the bomb and not try to res your team mate. i.e. bomb placement should take precedence over the res.

PS - In general any quality of life issues that make you feel like less of a "bad ***" should be examined. i.e. the game IMHO is a bad *** simulator and you should feel powerful. Thanks! L

08-26-2016, 10:18 PM
Delayed Heal
Skill bug
Ladder bug on UG
Being pushed on the corners when 2 agents try to acces reestock or some stash at same tipe
Locked elevator on UG
Max distance to receive loot on UG
Missions not starting\not able to reset

08-26-2016, 10:19 PM
whatever this is


08-26-2016, 10:49 PM

1. random crashes 2-3 times a day. already complete reinstall and followed the guide in the support forum. still randon crashes... totally sucks.
2. Skill delay, mostly first aid overdose. but general speaking deploying skills sometimes feel laggy.
3. DPS, toughness, skill power, negative armor, 40slot backback glitch. this damn UI ist buggy since the beta. get it done.
4. Getting stuck in corners after dodge rolling, ladders, etc.....
5. blocked skills, hard death or restart of the game necessary to fix it.
6. sealed caches in DZ. if it takes inventory space it should be shown in the dz backpack.
7. server lag in all areas.
8. unable to revive teammates lying next to loot, apc in falcon lost, or everywhere where you can interact with F
9. NPC shooting running/shooting trough doors. and shooting at you while not even looking in your direction.
10. the GPS leads you in circles, specially in UG

08-26-2016, 10:55 PM
Delta error 20001082, since the 1.3 patch this has become a real issue on the PS4.

08-26-2016, 11:06 PM
PC Player here

1) Sprinting onto Ladders (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1473672-NEW-Gameplay-Sprinting-onto-Ladders)
2) Ballistic Shield
3) Healing Delay
4) Dual Support Station Cancels - ie. two people have immunizer running at the same time. When the first one is lost, the second no longer provides the buff
5) Sealed caches not showing in inventory
6) Smart Covers getting destroyed
7) Inconsistent Skill behavior while firing. ie. I can trigger a self heal with first aid while I'm firing at a target, but I can't use a medkit
8) Weapon jams
9) Underground GPS targets jumping around
10) Skills activate for targeting instead for local use when double clicking (ie. First aid, smart cover, turret)
Bonus: NPCs that you have to kill getting stuck behind doors.

08-26-2016, 11:13 PM
1. Skills not activating when they should.
2. Double tap for self heal becomes ally heal.
3. Getting stuck on ladder, behind doors or other debris.
4. Invisible walls and objects that blocks you.
5. Enemies being able to shoot though walls and closed doors.
6. Missions/objectives that can't be completed (can't enter elevator to get between phases in underground, report not present after killing all enemies etc).
7. Waypoints in the underground, go home your drunk!
8. Audio indicator next to wrong group member.
9. Incoming shots hitting you after you've ducked back into cover.
10. If 2 group members are incapacitated next to each other and you go to get them back up it should prioritize the one that is downed before the one that is out cold.

08-26-2016, 11:40 PM
1. Heal delay
2. Heal thrown to ground taking up to 5 seconds to appear
3. Heal fired at ground appearing in a location where you were previously (usually a few metres behind you)
4. Dark Zone stutter (XBOX) and lag, audio lag in DZ (sounds like there are people running up behind me but it's my team mates in front)
5. Skills locking out until full death and revive, more noticeable on Dragons Nest and Heroic Underground as appears to affect the people running immune.
6. Not being able to fast travel to a DZ checkpoint if a friend is standing in the middle of it (If not in game party then can't ask them to move)
7. Not being able to start a mission if the host has started if from a safe house, only fix is to leave the group and start a new session
8. AI knocking me out of the menu screen, most prominent in the Underground
9. Underground navigation arrow inconsistent with directions
10. XBOX specific - When starting the XBOX from standby, the game has to be quit and fully loaded, will not resume back to the log on screen.

08-26-2016, 11:42 PM
1. NPCs firing and hitting you from behind cover before the animation shows them moving and firing.

2. Still getting stuck in the objects in the environment of the game on occasion. Like in a pile of trash or between a ramp and a wall.

3. The NPCs getting into a loop where they move between two cover positions.

4. Sound falling apart in the game to the point of not hearing anything.

5. Occasionally First Aid is consumed, but not deployed.

6. NPCs facing a different direction, but still shooting you.

7. Stagger not working against NPCs

8. In the Underground getting stuck or having a connection issue, and instead of appearing just where you were, you are teleported to the beginning or near the beginning of the level.

9. Delayed heals that end in your demise.

10. Quirk - Loot drops not helping you advance. It just drops for your current level if you are lucky. Particularly weapon drops. Then you are just stuck at a gear level.