View Full Version : Calling All Homemade Heroes! Create a South Park Superhero and Win!

08-24-2016, 10:10 PM
https://ubistatic9-a.akamaihd.net/resource/en-US/game/southpark/thefracturedbutwhole/cosplay-contest-article.jpg (http://southpark.ubisoft.com/game/en-US/news/152-262593-16/calling-all-homemade-heroes-create-a-south-park-superhero-and-win)

Are you good at cosplay? No? Perfect! Neither are the kids from South Park, when you think about it. When they want to play superheroes, like they do in South Park™: The Fractured But Whole™, they simply made outfits out of stuff they had around their house. Now we’re asking you to do the same thing in our Homemade Heroes contest, and we’re going to make it worth your while.

At special live events, as well as online, we’re challenging South Park fans around the world to create their own Coon and Friends superhero costumes. If Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and the gang can create great outfits from whatever they find lying around, you can too! Just get creative: re-create the iconic superhero costumes of the South Park kids’ alter ego by cleverly repurposing everyday objects, and you could win big.

We’ll be holding a live Coon and Friends cosplay contest at PAX West in Seattle. We’ll choose multiple finalists from the event and load them up with South Park prize packs. The grand prize winner will receive a South Park–style comic book cover printed on a gallery-quality art canvas, ready to hang on the wall of your secret lair for all eternity.

Remember that you don’t need to be a professional costumer to pull this off. In fact, the more it looks like what a fourth grader would do the better! Just look at what normal household items are at your disposal and come up with clever ways to repurpose them. Unleash your inner 10-year-old’s imagination and get creative on the cheap! That’s what the contest judges are going to value the most.

South Park is waiting for a hero, and the hero could be you. Good luck and have fun!

PAX West – Ubisoft Booth – Each day @ 12pm PT to Register. Contest starts at 1pm PT.