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08-24-2016, 02:06 PM
Hello Everyone,

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is going to end all services and shut down on 25-10-2016.
It has been more than two years since Closed Beta and in the time since then many thousands of castles were built and then (of course) savagely pillaged. Countless heroes were defeated by the bewildering array of defenses conceived of and deployed by the creative minds of Mighty Quest players from around the world.

Please be aware that in anticipation of this we will be closing the in-game and web shops. Players have 60 days, beginning today, to spend all their remaining Blings before the servers and forums are shut down.

Our vibrant and devoted community of players made developing the game a real pleasure and it is to you that all of us here at Ubisoft want to extend our most sincere and heartfelt thanks for all your enthusiasm and support in making the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot such a great experience.

By all means, please continue playing until 25-10-2016.

For more information please check our FAQ (https://www.themightyquest.com/en/blog/the-mighty-quest-for-epic-loot-closure-faq)

08-25-2016, 11:32 PM
Thanks Ubisoft! It's very good news. :) Because in this game is a lot of bastards, swindlers and cheaters. Main bastards-cheaters it's Skraal stupid ***ót with his second account Whóreacle, XaeroTheHero(known as XaeroFackíngHero) ****íng piece of shít and leader of CrappyOpus, and little boy YouNeverKillMe ásshóle.

And other shìtty swindlers.

Cheaters whitch use multiple accounts and fraudulent timers on castles.This timers is a real deception:
1)Skraal stupid ***ót with his second account Whóreacle.
2)YouNeverKillMe and his second account Lucy2001 and his third account reqyuui.
2)delpiero10 and his second account it's justina30.
3)WARPAINTER and his second account it's DukeNukem1.
4)Ur_castle_sucks! and his second account it's Bullullu.

Cheaters whitch use fraudulent attacks with "INVALID REPLAY" and fraudulent timers on castles.This timers is a real deception:
1)XaeroTheHero(known as XaeroFackíngHero) ****íng piece of shít and leader of CrappyOpus.

Cheaters whitch use other fraudulent attacks and fraudulent timers on castles.This timers is a real deception:

Cheaters whitch use fraudulent timers on castles.This timers is a real deception:

And this is not an exhaustive list.

In this game, only one player is honest and strong it's JonnyKing. It's me. HA HA. Other players it's weak honest players, weak swindlers-cheaters and strong swindlers-cheaters.

08-26-2016, 12:17 AM

At least I got some dosh and a sweet soundtrack out of it. :o

08-26-2016, 12:00 PM
Poor JonnyKing, he need 20 minutes to beat a castle, and everyone he can't 3 star is a cheater. HAHAHA Worst player in the world.

08-27-2016, 07:50 AM
Bye bye JonnySlow


-Poor JonnySlow, No skills to show.
-Want to be a hardcore gamer, Turned out to be a big sore lamer.
-My clan, my skills, google pays my bills. JK drama, no hassle, I just owned his castle!

-You're claiming you're gaming, but all you do is flaming and complaining.
-When you played my castle I had to snooze, it took you 20 minutes to lose.

-JK playing sniper mage and losing, My Archer I'm cruising.
-Block all the slow torches, in your lame copy fortress.

-You're not up to par, never saw a 3-star.
-Fast Avengers, that's ridiculous,
-You can't even compare to us, hilarious.

-I’m an entrepreneur, I own domains,
-Can’t stand your poop-sock odor, you’re jealous of my gains.
-Haters gonna hate, you type all your bullsh*t with google translate.

-My clan, my skills, google pays my bills. My rhymes, my lines, my castle getting kills.

08-28-2016, 05:07 AM
Can't say this is exactly shocking news.

It was a great idea, I loved playing the beta but between Turbo and implementing P2W I think these pretty much killed the game.

08-29-2016, 04:21 AM
Ah... finally the post I've been waiting for. I had awesome fun in this game back in closed beta and during the early parts of open beta - that period of the game to me is what I'll always remember fondly. Back then it had amazing potential. The strengths of the game were the complex castle design strategies (setting up hungerbot chain group shenanigans actually took hours, required a fair amount of tweaking and were far from a guaranteed event... but if that first hook landed hoHO! sit back and enjoy the show :) ) another strength were the replays (when they weren't constantly crashing/erroring). The replays were similar to a Tower Defense where you set up your towers each round and enjoy watching how your tactics hold up against the horde... it was immensely satisfying to take a break, chill and watch mine or my friends replays. The comments were GOLD also haha.

Or well. Thanks for giving existing players a heads up and countdown til D-DAY as opposed to just cutting the cord. Based on your lack of communication over the past 12 months I was expecting you'd just take the servers offline and be done with it all... so props there. Sorry you couldn't make this game work out for your business - but I do see potential for this type of game to succeed if done right. Thanks to some of the great players I've been around in Opulencia : Crystal-Ark, Skraal, Tabq, YouNeverKillMe, x-BlackKnight-x, Hereticide and TipToeDonkey from back in the hay day. Was a pleasure; best of luck and enjoyment to you all in the future. I'll be in PoE and LegionTD 2 when it's closed-beta launches.

08-29-2016, 09:47 PM
Well finally the day came we all waited for. Honestly,even i wondered why it took so long. i had a great time here with people i am greatful to know. thats the main part i sticked around for so long. i just ignore the poking from mr jasper here because the last months just was like bashing in the sandpit to get the biggest shovel. sadly that was the most interesting part ^^ neverthless i want to thank you all for the time we spent together,specially all of my clan (of course!), we had a great time together. also i want to thank magnum opus, specially xaero, vitez tabq. and ofcourse RMZ for giving me a hell of a fight wherever he is. i want to thank kaneli,for our awesome fights back then and grandvizir and aspres for beeing great guys. i want too thank irene for having so much passion for this game. i want to thank seriously_2.0 for beeing the most badass mage that motivated me, even if it was the hatred kind of motivation. Harrogath who helped me as i was a noob, even if he was in an enemy clan i want to thank lootbrotherhood for the clash we had. specially Crystal_Ark,Warpainter and well...even Youneverkillme. specially because he also gave me a run for my money ^^ Special shoutout on Uboras and Miakoenig for still sticking around with me....i guess we did fine :) Just so much memories i have from this game,i will not forget that! for all of you,i feel sorry this game went this way. we had a great time and i hope some of you will stay in contact with me (steam). last but not least i want to congratulate theblackknight for beeing right,you knew what we just didn´t want to believe,even if i didn´t always agree with the way you did it ^^ nevermind,kick some asses,mkey! so long,yours Skraal

08-30-2016, 08:44 AM
New JonnyNoob rap jingle up at www.jonnynoob.com

Sad JonnyNoob called me a cheater, can't beat my Chrono,
My Archers repeater, your brain going slo-mo?

Kid, you are nothing to me!
I beat your castle in zero-fifty-three!

I killed your mobs, I took your bling,
JK sobs: this game ain't my thing!

I wrecked your defense, I fu*king killed it!
You check out my castle, and you try to build it!
Man you are just sloppy, A b1tch a$$ copy!

Yo? What, you think you're a rapper?
Oh, say hi to your mom, that’s right, I tapped her!

Kid you ain't hardcore, all you have is slow-motion high score.
Blame your sh1tty laptop, I buy a new one every electronic store pit-stop!
Oh, you're broke? Lol, you’re a joke!

I count my stacks, banking bling,
No more attacks, soon this game is not a thing.

JonnySlow, Twenty-four, your fastest score,
And bang you're dead, now my castle is red!

You're right, I am a hacker, a cracker, a vicious attacker!
With a few keystrokes on my computer, I can end your pitiful future.

The time it took you to run one attack, I just sat back and made a dis-track!
I piss on your back, hey kid it’s raining, No training, will ever help your gaming!


08-30-2016, 10:09 PM
Well, farewell President!

I've finished to upload the musics on my channel, they will not be forgotten!

08-31-2016, 08:17 PM
"******s and blow", October 25 2016 at my place.

09-01-2016, 11:18 AM
JonnyKing, Nice DMCA copyright infringement you did on my picture. Google will send you the bill and legal papers soon. I like free money, so thanks! Hope you can afford it!

And if you think I'm kidding you, here's the official legal complaint: [8-4079000013381] DMCA Notice

09-06-2016, 09:04 AM
The THRID rap jingle in the JonnyJoke series is up at www.jonnyjoke.com

JonnyJoke listen up, look at me butter cup,
I'll tell you what is up, I hope you brought back-up

You looking for a rap battle? That is something you can't handle
I drop these rhyme lines so hard, compared to me you're a ret@rd

You try to pick on my physique and body,
Even though I'm ripped like an ancient Greek, I'm godly!
You fail kid, you better bail faster than the blink of an eye-lid.

I'm racking stacks, planning attacks,
My archers bow is loaded, step on me and you're so-dead

You think you got something on me,
But you see, you ain't like me, you will never be!

Sit your lame a$$ down boy, this crossbow I carry ain't no toy,
My traps I deploy, spike traps made of high grade alloy,
Your defense I have destroyed!

10-06-2016, 09:20 PM
Thanks to you all for all those good times playing MQ
Thanks o all those good players who help me improve my castle defenses and gameplay with your nice comments and advices. I cant list all names (afraid to forget one), but good MQ memberswere a memorable part of this game.
Thanks to Elfenlied team to keep me in the game while many players left, friends forever.

Thanks to JonnyKing for all your 12+ min replays and insults. I never get how the guy who probably spend the most time on this game never get some basics, especially on timers. But all your loses and pathetic comments always gave ma a smile at least.
Thanks to put me in your "cheaters" list, it's the best reward i could get for all my effort to improve my defenses and timers.
You'll stay the best gaming looser in my heart, forever.

Good bye all.
Quite sad to learn that Ubi won't go for a MQ2.
But many games are there, out of Ubi's world, to keep playing and have fun.

Grand Vizir

10-14-2016, 07:22 PM
I will miss the creative designs. These were, more often than not, easily beaten, but always made you stop and pause for a second at the gate and smile. It has been a pleasure, and an honor, to have lost to every one of you.