View Full Version : Why your country should be in alpha (just for fun)

08-17-2016, 09:37 PM
We all know how frustrating it is to have your country in the alpha tests' list.
So I started this thread so we outcasts can have some fun jokingly guessing why our nations were left out and why we should be included in the next test.

Brazil was left out. Now, we understand, "HUE" and all. We don't actually laugh like that. It's just a joke you see?
We like jokes. A bit too much, perhaps.
And all our peers that can't have a sound conversation in english... but they aren't the majority!
The majority of active, english speaking huelanders may instead hide the nationality under the safe blanket of anonymity.

But that's not the point, listen: a tiny minority of us may have an obsession with exploits and glitches, effectively creating a bad image of the absolute majority that plays fair and square but...
...isn't their geometry abusing, cheat sniffing powers what an alpha needs?

I rest my case.

DISCLAIMER: This was just a joke. If Brazil is to be included in a test, rest assured that a large number of us can propertly test a game and issue detailed glitch and crash reports