View Full Version : 60fps on PS4 now?

08-17-2016, 12:39 PM
I've been skimming through some of the new gameplay videos from gamescom and I noticed they've removed ambient occlusion, reduced shadows, and the internal resolution of the game seems to be scaled down to what looks like 900p. Resolution could just be an issue from the gaming networks side, though. Either way, these tend to be the things most developers sacrifice for better frame rate.

I'm personally pretty happy about this change because For Honor is the kind of MP experience that requires the most responsive controls. It seems like what they're doing on consoles is something similar to Uncharted 4, which has its SP campaign run at 1080p 30fps and then reduce its graphics in its MP mode for 60fps.

Gamescom gameplay footage:




08-17-2016, 06:11 PM
Well the Tech Test was just for PC, so for us to be able to test it on consoles they have to dumb it down. Ever since the GTX 1080 and TItan X came out. Majority of the Gameplay footage is ran on those cards. Which the consoles are no where near that amount of power. On the other hand, Both companies are releasing there newer powerful consoles soon.

So i think the experience will be a lot better on the newer consoles then the old. As for Multiplayer oriented. I see it as More Cooperative Oriented. Since we all have to cooperate in the multiplayer and have to do the same either against bots or in campaign.

Graphic downgrade is not a big issue but it will be a disappointment for sure. Like they did with The Division, RS Siege and The Witcher 3.

Which is another reason why I am going to get this for PC and PS4, regardless if Cross-Save is there or not. Got lots of friends on both who will be on this. But again we will see in due time.