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08-12-2016, 01:09 AM
how they are detroying the game...

the assassin still does what he wants the controls are still as gringy as before jumping on things i don't ask or the whole other direction i tell him to
the combat system now i understand the previous ones where a little easy but its just f up now half the time you don't see a person attacking you so you can't counter and if you're able half the time i does not work, dodging bullets does not seem too work as it should wheres the human shield? no more fighting with hidden blade? no stealing weapon from opponent? whats up with that? just walking over the a pile of dead body's holding b and loot them al? know you have to do them one by one. same with the chests if you where close enough you could loot them know you have to stand in the right position or it won't work they are killing the game by changing what was good and keeping the bad. i loved knocking the shtz outa people with a broom stop taking the fun and good things out and work on the bad stuff. i do like the more stealthy stuff like being able to take cover, crouching

10-29-2016, 08:19 PM
You do not specifically select your hidden blade anymore, but it is automatically used for any kill, which can be done as an assassination. Nothing wrong with this IMO, it is more streamlined this way. You can even force to use it, if you are near enough and throw a smoke bomb for example, this will enable your ability to assassinate the affected targets. This was even shown in the intro sequence to Unity - once with assassinations the other time just to escape combat. Using a smoke bomb or even a stun grenade is what automatically makes your hidden blade available for an assassination. Or think of when you jump on people from above using the attack key - air assassination - this automatically selects your hidden blade for the kill. I cannot see, where you see a problem in this.

With chests, it matters where you stand in relation to the chest, because you might not be able to open it unseen otherwise - the stealth element and the time it takes you to do these tasks, like looting your enemies, matters now, so you have to be more aware of what is happening around you. Same with combat, it is always a good idea to take a good look around with eagle eye before you engage in a fight. This is awareness what is happening around you and it is good as it is, because it makes the whole thing much more realistic. Take the time to investigate who is where and how likely it is that they will engage in the fight - especially your allies can be quite helpful, but they might as well cause trouble, if they engage in a conflict with extremists, whilst you wanted the scene to be more calm. So it is good to know, what eventually could interrupt your goals and for that you should take a good look around and be aware what is happening around you - this will help you a lot IMO.

Sometimes you can even use extremists to your advantage - like was shown in the intro sequence, the blue officers will always attack extremists first - and this takes time, in which they will be distracted and not care about you and what you are doing. You can use that to your advantage, if you are aware of your surroundings - so take a good look around.