View Full Version : I have an alternative time limit suggesting for TH classic/hostage rescue

08-10-2016, 02:30 PM
How about this...

Have no actual time limit but instead have the timer start at zero and go upwards with no upper limit on hard/realistic difficulty.

This would allow "elite" players to test themselves and see how quickly they can complete a mission, the game could display how long the player(s) took to complete the mission at the end on the results screen.

This could appeal to players who like to "speed run" games.

However for players who want to play slower etc and don't want to be concerned about the time limit this would allow us to play at our speed and not be concerned about the time limit at all.

Overall I would say that the increased amount of terrorists combined with how much less damage you can take is enough "challenge" for the higher difficulties for a lot of players and you don't need a time limit at all.

However to be CLEAR I am suggesting this as an option/something for pvt/squad only matches, maybe a custom mode not match making.

EDIT: Actually after considering this I don't see why this wouldn't work in match making overall because if people say it could encourage rushing well plenty of people do that anyway.

11-17-2016, 04:56 AM
To expand on your ideas: "Extract the Hostage" missions should have a different time-counter.

The clock should begin to countdown once the first enemy is killed or when they're first alerted to the breach— giving the team only 2 minutes from contact to secure the hostage before they're executed. Real-world hostage rescues are extremely time sensitive. You don't get to make a bunch of noise killing all the hostiles in the building while the hostage remains in enemy control. Once you begin the assault, that hostage runs the risk of being executed by enemy.

Once the hostage is secured, the clock resets to 6 minutes to get the hostage to the extraction point.

This would encourage more use of drones, specialized operator skills to plan an assault, suppressors to avoid tipping-off the enemy to the initial entry (giving you more time to get in position before the 2 minute timer begins), and communication to time the assault.