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08-09-2016, 08:56 PM


CyberNeX (CNeX) Is a new gaming community that plays a great variety of games. Our main games right now are: Rainbow six siege, ArmA 3 (Mil-sim), league of legends, Counter Strike and many more. We are a tight group of players who like to play team oriented, highly tactical and still have fun. both Casual and competitive players, are welcome to join our teamspeak to come and play with us.

- Age 16+
- Fluent English
- Team Player


We are also looking for high skilled players who would like to start playing in ESL open ladders with us. If you think you have the skill and attitude to play on Esports with us. join our teamspeak and send a message to: [CyberNeX] M. Green. or add me on Uplay: CNeX_M.Green

- Age 18+
- Fluent English
- Good Stats
- Located in the EU
- Team Player

If you are interested or have any questions feel free to join our teamspeak or visit our website

Teamspeak: ts.cybernex-gaming.org
Website: cybernex-gaming.org