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08-09-2016, 02:35 AM
Hey Ubisoft and Limbic!

First off this is mainly some suggestions I have for your game that I think would add a great more deal of depth to your already fantastic game. I have Trial by Fire and the Original game. I love this game its the best Heroes out there and Im not running into many bugs like other people so my sympathy for those who cant even play the game. (That was me for the first 2 months after release on a pre order :P) However the two bugs so far I found is the Dwarven Town Hall building/Capitol etc doesnt seem to be showing up graphically in the dwarven town interface but thats alright just something that would be nice to have in there. Also it seems after playing the adventure game mode or quitting to start a new one and getting back into choosing a map it randomly selects one as opposed to the one I am choosing to select. Its fixable by restarting the game but still a little annoying. Now as for the suggestions I have. This isnt Ubisofts first go around at Heroes of Might and Magic so I hope you arent struggling with keeping this game going at all. You folks have had some great ideas in the past and some not so great too but thats okay. Heroes V used to be my favorite but Heroes VII is easily there now. I have played every game tin the franchise too. Now first off the skill tree. I love it I like the variety of choice and the way you can build a hero you kind of prechoose to build. Kind of like a class system and I like that. Now to add up some variety I think itd be great if once this new skill system is implemented if its still a plan to give us a choice between the two before entering a skirmish or multiplayer game. That would be fun and we can use your new innovation skill tree as well as the traditional Heroes of might and magic skill leveling system. Additionally maybe let us choose the main 3 skill trees on our heros with the tree or maybe even all of them? That way we still use your skill tree but people wont be complaining any longer about not having "fully customized heros from the start" something I never had a problem with. Also Inferno. You better have one more expansion release with these guys in it or so help me god Ill be a disappointed fan. We need our bad guys. True evil. Even if the campaign has to be a past experience or something of that sort as to not ruin the lore. Better have that one. Hard to have Ashan without that in many many players opinion. Even if this is a way way out expansion I dont care. It just better happen. Also Sanctuary. Not required but you might think about it. You folks have the opportunity to make the largest Heroes of might and magic game ever with the amount of factions to choose from if you add them as well. You would set the new record. Another thing i have noticed is the building choices. I love it. Its wonderful to have choices and have two players playing the same faction with entirely different towns and capabilities of those towns its wonderful. As of right now you only have Champion units choices for units. In Heroes V you ladies and gentlemen did something I never even could have dreamed of when it came to creature variety. Armies would be entirely different from one another even if everyone was playing Haven and it was mind blowing and crazy fun. Adds a ton of replay ability too. Now it could be an upgrade choice again or be entirely different units like you did the champion units. For example you could give the choice between the Silverback or the Imperial Griffin to the Haven faction and boom youve got one player playing the griffin dynasty with his griffins and celestials and another playing the wolf dynasty with his silverbakcs and landsnechts. It would give a ridiculous amount of different playstyles and feel to the armies the Heroes are creating even if its not every unit. Just tier 3,5,and 7 as a choice or something along those lines. You could also resort to the upgrade choices you gave if Heroes V which Im sure Heroes players wouldnt mind either because that was awesome. Overall you guys are doing great despite the flak you are receiving. Keep up the good and hard work getting those bugs implemented and fixing up this wonderful game and it will definitely sky rocket in popularity. Dont give up on it yet. Other than that theres some ideas as a long time heroes fan and player you may be able to or even should implement in the future. Thanks for hearing me out.

Very Respectfully


08-09-2016, 09:55 AM
Hi Aiborne82 and welcome to the forums, thank you for your suggestions.