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08-08-2016, 09:46 PM
Dutchiesgaming is hosting a European tournament for Rainbow Six Siege on PS4. The rules are as followed:

-The number of members in your teamís roster is unlimited. You cannot however submit multiple rosters.

-Between maps and matches it is allowed to substitute players if so desired. A substitute during a round is not allowed
No shotguns allowed. No pump action, no semi automatic and no full automatic.
Nitrocell and Riot Shields are allowed.
A round last 3 minutes.

-Each team will host a map. If need be, the first team will host the deciding map.
All matches will be in tactical game mode.

-All matches are a best out of 5.

-When an disconnect occurs, the player will have 90 seconds to return and then the round restarts. If it takes longer, the round is played as is. The disconnect has to happen within the first minute of a round. If it occurs later, the round will be played as is.
Before a match, the game mode ( Secure Area, Hostage or Bomb ) will be random as well as the maps. We will use a randomizer for this.

-Similar to PPL, a referee will be watching via spectator mode aswell. If there is any complaints about hacking, glitching you can contact this referee by using the chatbox on our site at the tournament page. Any decision made by a referee will be final. Although we hope we wonít need a referee even once.
All matches will be streamed via dutchiesgamingclan ( twitch account ) and we will provide commentators. ( English or Dutch depending on the clans playing ) You can share this stream if so desired. We will put on the maximum delay while using this stream so no Streamsniping can occur by the other team. If you want to stream yourself you can do so on your own risk.

-Depending on the amount of clans participating we will use knock out right away or first a group style setup of the tournament. Preferably we will have multiple 4 clan pouleís. The top 2 clans of each poule will proceed in the tournament. And then will proceed into the knock-out stage of the tournament.

-The winner of the first DGL can submit 5 names to us. Those 5 players will receive a PSN Card as an reward. ( This is our first attempt at a R6 tournament, if it is a success, more lucrative prices will follow in the future )

If you are interested in this league go to www.dutchiesgaming.nl/dgl and register on the form.